Booking Date Calculator (When Can I Make a Reservation?)

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Many state park campgrounds and RV camping clubs, such as Thousand Trails, have set booking windows when reservations can be made. For example, many Thousand Trails memberships allow campers to book reservations either 60, 90 or 120 days in advance.

For many RV campers, this means slowly counting days on a calendar and then double-checking their math. Fortunately, we’ve created a booking date calculator that does the math for you!

Simply enter your desired reservation start date and the booking window, and the calculator will tell you what day your reservation can be made.

Booking Date Calculator

Booking Window Calculator

Your booking can be made on:

Who Should Use the Booking Date Calculator?

Booking date calculator on phone

While we designed the booking date calculator for RV campers making campground reservations, it can be used for any travel reservation with a set booking window.

For example, travelers booking dining and activity reservations at Walt Disney World or on Disney Cruises, also have set booking windows.

Thousand Trails Booking Windows

Woman with Thousand Trails RV Park sign

All Thousand Trails membership levels have a set booking window. If you are using the booking date calculator for a Thousand Trails reservation, consult the table below for your booking window.

Also, see our complete guide to Thousand Trails membership options.

Membership LevelThousand Trails RV Parks Booking WindowTrails Collection Booking Window
Zone Pass60 days60 days
Escape90 days60 days
Elite Basic120 days60 days
Elite Connections180 days60 days
Adventure180 days90 days

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