20 Creative RV Crib & Nursery Ideas for your Baby

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Planning on taking your baby on RV trips or living in an RV? Turning a camper into a baby-friendly space can be tough. But don’t worry! We’ve got great ideas to help you. From making it safe to keeping it fun, we’ll show you how real travelers created amazing RV nurseries.

In this article, we showcase 20 practical and adorable camper crib and nursery ideas. Get inspired to create your own cozy and functional RV nursery space.

Camper Crib Ideas

Use a Pack ‘n Play as a Crib

A Pack ‘n Play is the easiest crib to use in an RV or camper. These playpens are easily folded up with a simple push-button fold, so the nursery space can double as play space during the day.

Kailey of Believe and Budget, converted her RV dining area into a nursery on wheels with a few simple renovations. She removed the dinette and added a Pack ‘n Play and some simple nursery decorations.

Graco also makes a Pack ‘n Play Travel Dome, which has even more features for RV babies. The Travel Dome is an entire nursery in a portable package. It includes a removable bassinet and a changing table.

Let the Baby Sleep in a Bassinet

A bassinet is another compact sleeping solution that works well for RV babies. A small bassinet can easily be placed in the RV bedroom or the RV living room, and can be moved around as needed.

The Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet is a great option for RVers. It is lightweight and includes a quick-fold mechanism so it can easily be collapsed down and stored for travel.

RV parents with open floorspace near the bed can also use a bassinet to keep baby close at night. Brooke of @villacheyennevalley bolted a swivel bassinet to the floor of her closet so she could easily swing the baby over to her in bed.

Replace the Lower Bunk with a Crib

If your motorhome or trailer has a set of bunk beds or a full bunk room, the lower bunk area is the perfect place for an RV crib. Simply remove the lower bunk and place the crib on the empty floorspace.

The Colby Convertible Mini Crib is a perfect small crib to use in an RV. It will easily fit into the space of typical RV bunk bed, and includes a built-in drawer for extra storage.

Convert a Bunk into a Crib

If you do not want to remove a bunk bed, it is also possible to transform a bunk into a crib by adding rails or a gate that extends the length of the bunk bed. Once baby is old enough for a toddler bed, simply remove the barrier and use the original bunk bed.

Renee and Shaun of @theflippintilbys turned their client’s mid bunk room into a beautiful combined guest space and nursery. They added a crib rail to the upper bunk to make it safe for the client’s one-year old baby.

Madilyn of @madiroseofficial also added a custom barrier to a bottom bunk in her RV’s bunkroom to create safe crib space for her babies. There is also another set of bunk beds in the room for her older kids.

Place the Crib in a Slide Out

A slide out area is another RV space that can be easily converted into a nursery. Many RVs have slide outs that house dining tables or small couches. Simply remove the built-in furniture and add baby gear to convert the space into a baby room.

Amber of @amber.in.wanderland created a beautiful nursery space in her fifth wheel RV. She removed the dresser that was built into the slide out space, and added a crib and some custom decorations.

Put a Crib in your RV Closet

RV closet converted in a nursery.
Photo By: Amanda

Many modern RVs, especially fifth wheels, include a walk-in closet in the main bedroom. This large closet space can easily be converted into a cute nursery cove. Putting a small crib in the closet keeps the baby close to you while leaving your bedroom floorspace open.

Amanda converted her RV closet into a nursery by placing a bassinet in the space. She used the rod in the closet to hang a bird over the baby’s bed, and filled the built-in shelves with all of the baby’s clothes and accessories.

Give up the Master Bedroom

Nursery in renovated RV.
Photo By: BBandtheRV

Some RV parents also choose to convert their entire master bedroom into a nursery. Using the bedroom as a nursery creates a private room, where baby can easily sleep without interruption. It also means parents can use the kitchen and living areas while baby is sleeping.

Professional RV renovators, BBandtheRV, created this stunning travel trailer nursery for one of their clients in the space that used to be the primary bedroom. With the bed removed, the nursery easily fit a crib, a rocking chair, toys and floorspace for a baby play area.

Parents who give up the main bedroom to baby will need to find another spot to sleep. Depending on the RV, parents could sleep on a pull-out couch in the living room or convert a toy hauler garage into their own private bedroom.

Convert a Bunk Room or Garage into a Nursery

RV bunkroom nursery
Photo By: @irisonelmstreet

Bunk rooms and toy hauler garages are two other RV spaces that can be used to create a private nursery. Buying an RV with one of these rooms allows you the flexibility to create a fully customized room for your baby.

Serena of @irisonelmstreet turned the RV bunkroom in her RV into a kids’ room and nursery. She used one side of the room as the nursery with a small crib, a dresser and comfy carpeting to keep it cozy.

Collage of Toy Hauler RV nursery.
Photo By: @rvwithrvandc

Cait and Russ of @rvwithrandc also created a private nursery for their full-time RV baby. Their toy hauler travel trailer features a front garage area, so they removed the bunks in this room and transformed it into a stunning nursery on wheels.

If you are not into remodeling, you can also place a Pack ‘n Play or a bassinet in these rooms, so baby just has a quiet place to sleep.

Transform a Half Bath into a Baby Room

RV nursery built in half bathroom.
Photo By: @sela_luna

One final (and very unique) RV nursery idea is to turn a half bathroom into a tiny bedroom for your baby.

Isela of @sela_luna did just that. After gutting the half bathroom, she added a small crib, cute décor and a bookshelf to create the perfect compact nursery.

Other RV Nursery Ideas

Once your have figured out how you are setting up a crib in your RV, check out these other RV nursery ideas to complete your baby’s first room.

Changing Table

Having a full-size changing table is not practical in many RV nursery spaces. Instead, use a Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad, which packs lots of features into a small package. This changing pad includes a tuck-away toy bar, a safety belt and a non-skid base.

Lightweight Wall Art

These simple, magnetic frames are the perfect solution for hanging wall art in an RV nursery. The frames come in a variety of sizes, and are so lightweight that they can be left up during travel. The magnetic design allows you to easily change out the art as your child grows.

Wall Decals

Removable wall decals are another easy way to decorate your RV nursery. This “Adventure Awaits” decal set with trees and forest animals is perfect for your little adventurer.

White Noise Machine

Campgrounds and RV parks are often noisy. A compact white noise machine, such as the Dreamegg, can help drown out the noise so you your RV baby can sleep peacefully.

Play Area

All babies need a cozy play area on the floor, but most RVs have limited floorspace. That’s why soft foam interlocking tiles are a great solution. The tiles can be connected to create a soft area for playtime, but easily come apart to store when playtime is over.

Travel High Chair

In addition to sleeping, babies need a place to eat. The OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat is the perfect portable high chair for feeding RV babies. Appropriate for kids 6 months and older, this folding seat is easily stored away after meals.

Collapsible Bathtub

Finally, don’t forget about a solution for cleaning your RV baby. If your RV does not have a bathtub, consider buying a MoreFeel Baby Bath that collapses down for easy storage.

If you prefer to have a real tub for your kids, check out these RVs with bathtubs.

Thanks for reading our guide to camper crib and RV nursery ideas. We hope you found the perfect solution for your traveling baby.

Whether you are living in your RV or just taking a short camping trip, traveling with your baby is a memory you will never forget.

Happy Camping!

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