RV Tip Tuesday Resources

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Every Tuesday, we share RV travel and maintenance tips on our Instagram stories. Below is a complete list of products and tools that have been mentioned in each episode. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram.

For a detailed recap of all of our RV camping and maintenance tips, click here.

Bug Screens

  1. Insect Screens

Air Conditioner Maintenance

  1. Coil Comb
  2. Coil Cleaner
  3. Compressed Air

Week 44: Slide-Out Maintenance

  1. Slide-Out Dry Lubricant
  2. Kwikee KwikLube for Schwintek Slides
  3. Slide-Out Seal Treatment

Week 42: Sealant Types

  1. Self-Leveling Lap Sealant (Roof)
  2. Cap Sealant (Windows and Doors)

Week 40: Changing Trailer Tires

  1. Trailer Aid
  2. Warning Triangles

Week 39: Navigation Tips

  1. Road Carriers’ Atlas

Week 37: Clean Water

  1. RV Water Filter
  2. Brita Pitcher
  3. Water Refill Locator

Week 33: Plumbing Connections

  1. PEX Metal Clamps
  2. PEX Crimping Tool

Week 31: Sewer Hose Set-Up

  1. Sewer Hose Support

Week 29: RV Height

  1. Road Atlas

Week 28: Propane Leaks

  1. Metal gas appliance connector

Week 26: Removing Snow from RV Roof

  1. Telescoping Ladder

Week 23: Water Pressure Regulator

  1. Pressure Regulator with Gauge

Week 21: Black Streaks

  1. Reliable 1 Cleaner

Week 20: Child Locks for Travel

  1. Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Week 19: Surge Protectors

  1. Surge Protector for 50 Amp RV
  2. Surge Protector for 30 Amp RV

Week 17: Condensation

  1. Mini Dehumidifier
  2. DampRid Buckets

Week 15: Mud Daubers

  1. Circular Insect Screens
  2. Long Vent Insect Screens

Week 13: Re-Sealing Doors and Windows

  1. Dicor Cap Sealant
  2. Caulk Gun
  3. Painter’s Tape

Week 12: Travel Day Tire Tips

  1. Tire Gauge
  2. Air Compressor
  3. Torque Wrench with Sockets

Week 11: Black Tank Handles

  1. Lubricant Spray

Week 4: Black Tank Tools

  1. RV Waste Valve
  2. Reverse Flush Valve

Week 3: Check Valve Issue

  1. Check Valve Replacement

Week 2: Servicing an RV Water Heater

  1. Water Heater Rinser
  2. Air Compressor 
  3. Anode Rod (Suburban Water Heaters only)

For full instructions, please see our full article on cleaning and servicing an RV water.