5 Awful Pieces of RV Camping Advice You Shouldn’t Follow

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We recently asked our social media followers, “What is the worst RV camping advice you’ve ever received?” Some of the answers were silly; others were shocking.

Without further ado, here are five pieces of awful RV camping advice you should never follow!

Don’t Do It

Couple at RV Park by Lake
Worst RV Advice: “Don’t Buy One, It’s Too Much Fun”

The most popular response to our question was also the most ridiculous. Many campers replied that they were told not to buy an RV in the first place.

There are certainly downsides to owning an RV (it’s expensive, and there is a lot to learn about proper maintenance). However, RVing can also be one of the best and most affordable ways to travel across the country.

RVing isn’t for everyone, but most people who love camping and travel also love RVing. Odds are if RVing sounds appealing to you, you will love it. The few campers I have spoken to who regretted buying an RV were talked into buying it by their spouse and were never really interested in the first place.

If you are nervous about RV ownership, don’t fret. Sign up for our course The Beginner’s Guide to RVing. We’ll walk you through how to select the right RV and what to do once you buy it!

Leave your Black Tanks Open

Arrow pointing to closed RV waste valve
Worst RV Advice: “Leave the Black Tank Open and Stink Up the Campground”

I am always shocked at how often we see this rookie RV mistake at campgrounds. Some campers insist on leaving their black tanks open, and they are sharing this advice with other campers.

Leaving your black tanks open will accomplish two things. First, your neighbors will dislike you because your campsite will smell. Second, your black tank will eventually clog with a dreaded poo pyramid because you are not emptying it efficiently.

To properly dump your RV black tank, a layer of water should always cover the bottom of the tank. This will help solid waste dissolve, so it can flow out of the tank when dumping.

The more water in the tank, the better. If your black tank is always open, there is never any water in the tank!

An F250 Will Pull Anything

Fifth Wheel Hitched to Truck at RV Park Campsite
Worst RV Advice: “Don’t Even Check the Towing Capacity”

An F250 can pull most travel trailers, but it has limits. The maximum towing capacity of an F250 depends on the exact model, but it ranges from 13,800 to 22,000 pounds.

There are 5th wheels that weigh over 13,800 pounds, especially when filled with stuff. For example, the largest Heartland Torque toy hauler has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 21,000 pounds.

When purchasing a travel trailer or fifth wheel, it is super important to understand the weight ratings. Know the total weight of your RV, and make sure your tow vehicle can pull that weight. Also, know your cargo carrying capacity (CCC) and do not overload your RV.

“Pour Bleach in the Tanks Before Moving”

How to Sanitize an RV Fresh Water Tank
Worst RV Advice: “Pour a Gallon of Bleach in Your Tanks”

RV campers can use a small amount of bleach when sanitizing their fresh water tank. However, this camper was instructed by someone at the dealership to pour an entire gallon of bleach into her tank on travel days.

This is terrible advice for many reasons. This advice is also an example of something I see all the time. RV salespeople often present themselves as RV experts even though they do not personally camp.

Before taking advice from anyone on the sales side of a dealership, ask them about their RVing experience. It is more common than you think for workers at RV dealerships to have no experience camping and no professional certifications related to RVs.

Don’t Go in the Rain

Woman entering RV on rainy day
Worst RV Advice: “Stay Home if There Might be Rain”

I hate this advice! A little water should never ruin a weekend camping trip. For RVers, camping in the rain is even easier. Instead of hiding in your tent during a downpour, you can sit on the couch and watch a funny movie.

As long as there isn’t lightning or strong winds, campers can hang out under their awning or go play in the rain. During hot summer camping trips, a walk in the rain can be quite refreshing.

If you see a little rain in the forecast, pack your boots and jackets and head to the campground anyway! If you decide to skip your camping trip, the odds are the weather forecast will be wrong and you’ll miss a sunny weekend in nature!

We hope you enjoyed reading the worst RV camping advice ever! If you are ready for more laughs, take a look at these original RV camping memes.

Happy camping!

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