Brinkley 5th Wheel RV Review: Do They Live Up to the Hype?

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While shopping for RVs recently, I got a chance to tour a new Brinkley fifth wheel. While I am not currently in the market for a fifth wheel (we’re planning to downsize to a tiny travel trailer), I was super curious if this new brand lived up to all the hype.

Overall, this new fifth wheel was well-designed and beautiful, but there were a few features that I did not love. Keep reading for my full review of Brinkley Model Z fifth wheels.


Before I dive into my personal thoughts on these rigs, here are a few facts about Brinkley’s Model Z fifth wheels. This line of mid-size fifth wheels ranges 32 feet, 11 inches all the way up to 41 feet, 9 inches.

The largest floorplan, the 3610, includes a bonus room that can be used as an office or a bunk room for kids. The two smaller floorplans, the 2900 and the 3100 are designed to be couple’s RVs, though they do have sleeper sofas in the living room.

Some unique features of this new line of fifth wheels are exteriors built with the latest automotive-grade materials, connected gray tanks for a true 90-gallon tank capacity and high-quality interior construction and craftmanship.

This review focus on Brinkley’s Model Z fifth wheels, but Brinkley also makes Model G RVs, a line of fifth wheel toy haulers.

Brinkley Fifth Wheel RV Review

I recently toured the Brinkley Model Z 3100 fifth wheel. I was super impressed with the design and quality of this RV, and Brinkley will definitely be at the top of my list the next time I am in the market for a fifth wheel.

First Impressions

Interior of the Brinkley Model Z fifth wheel RV.
Brinkley RVs Have Beautiful Residential-Style Furniture

My first impression of the Brinkley fifth wheel was that it is gorgeous. The modern design starts on the outside. I loved the frameless windows and the clean black and white exterior design that is free of swooshes and other outdated decals.

Stepping inside, I was blown away by the interior design. I have toured thousands of RVs, and many manufacturers have modernized their interiors. However, Brinkley has taken RV design to a new level.

I was especially impressed with the furnishings, which looked like high-end residential pieces instead of mass-produced RV pieces. A real tile backsplash, sleek, black appliances and oversized cabinet hardware all contributed to a great first impression.

And, Brinkley has the done the impossible and produced a fifth wheel without a single window valance! Instead, the windows are surrounded by simple trim and have integrated screens and insulated blackout shades.

Attention to Detail

Paper towel holder and trash drawer in a Brinkley fifth wheel RV.
We Love All the Built-In Storage Solutions in Brinkley RVs

While the beautiful residential interior was impressive, what really sold me on the Brinkley fifth wheel were all the thoughtful details. I’ve lived in a fifth wheel for almost 8 years, and almost every feature of the Brinkley was designed to make life on the road easier.

The kitchen includes many travel-friendly storage solutions, including a built-in spice rack and a utensil drawer built into the dining table. A pull-out cabinet on the island, has a paper towel holder and dual trash bins.

There is also shoe storage under the stairs, pop-up outlets on the end tables and even a multi-purpose ottoman with a desk inside! In the bedroom, a sliding-top dresser provides hidden storage and motion-sensor lights under the bed keep campers from tripping in the dark.

My husband who is 6-feet, 7-inches tall also appreciated the 79.5 inch ceilings in the upper deck and bedroom area. He did not have to bend down at all!

After touring this RV, it is clear that Brinkley Model Z fifth wheels were designed by campers for campers. An equal mix of beauty and practicality makes these amazing RVs for full-time families.

They Thought about Pets

Dining area in a Brinkley Model Z RV
Brinkley RVs are Carpet-Free

As a full-time RVer who travels with a dog and a cat, I love when RV companies consider pets in their design. Brinkley incorporated a few elements especially for our furry friends.

First, they built pull-out water and food bowls into the bottom of the kitchen island. The pet bowls easily slide back under the island so they are secure for travel. The entry door also has a screen defender to protect it from claws.

Model Z fifth wheels also have ductless flooring and flush floor slide outs making it easy for pets to run around inside the RV. They are also 100% carpet-free, so messes are easy to clean.

Underneath the RV

When I shop for RVs, I always get on the ground and take a peak at what is under the RV. Looking under the Brinkley, it was well-equipped for traveling long distances.

All the Brinkley fifth wheels have heavy duty 7000 or 8000 pound axles, Road Armor suspension equalizer systems and H-rated tires.

Notable Exterior Features

Integrated city water hose on Brinkley fifth wheel RV.
The Integrated Water Hose is a Super Unique Feature

In addition to the well-built chassis, Brinkley RVs include several unique exterior features to make camping easier. First up is a feature, I have never seen before: an integrated city water hose!

Each Brinkley fifth wheel comes with a built-in 65-foot, retractable water hose. The hose easily pulls out, then retracts back into the RV for easy setup and breakdown at any campsite. The built-in hose also frees up more basement storage space.

Other notable exterior features include electric waste valves that are released with the push of a button, heated holding tanks, on-demand water heaters, 370 Watt solar panels and pre-wiring for generators.

Things I Didn’t Love

While, I clearly think Brinkley Model Zs are awesome fifth wheels, there was one thing I didn’t love about them.

Open Shelves

Open Shelves in a Brinkley fifth wheel RV
Everything in the Brinkley RV Makes Sense, Except These Open Shelves

While Brinkley got 99% of the design details right, I am not sure why they chose to put these open shelves in their bedrooms. Every RVers, knows that trying to secure everything for travel is a time consuming process.

Anything placed in this open shelf, would need to be taken down and secured elsewhere on travel days. While not a huge deal, it is one aspect where the needs of campers weren’t fully considered.

And that’s it! Despite searching for flaws, both while touring the RV and reading reviews from Brinkley owners, I couldn’t find anything else I didn’t like about these fifth wheels.

How Much Do Brinkley Fifth Wheel RVs Cost?

Brinkley RV kitchen.
Brinkley RVs are Expensive, But Include Tons of Upgrades

With an MSRP starting at $102,659, Brinkley Model Z fifth wheels are not cheap. However, when you consider all the upgrades that are included in these RVs, the price seems more reasonable.

The brand is affordable compared to other luxury fifth wheels. For example, DRV Mobile Suites start around $175,000. Even the MSRP of Keystone Montanas is higher than Brinkley at $116,693.

However, Brinkley Model Zs are more expensive than other popular fifth wheel brands. Full-size Grand Design Reflections have an MSRP starting at $78,154. Jayco Eagle fifth wheels start at $72,153.

Thanks for reading our review of the Brinkley Model Z fifth wheel!

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Happy Camping!

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