10 Dreamy Fifth Wheel Campers with Front Living Rooms (2023)

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Many campers prefer fifth wheel RVs because of their homey layouts. However, some campers and RV dwellers wish they could have more separation between the living room and kitchen spaces.

Front living 5th wheel RVs maximize living room seating space, while still allowing room for a large kitchen. Below are the 10 best fifth wheel campers with front living rooms, listed from shortest to longest.

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Grand Design Solitude 3460FL

Length: 37 feet, 11 inches

While its the shortest RV on our list of fifth wheel campers with front living rooms, the Solitude 3460FL still has tons of cool features. The living room layout is the reverse of most front den floorplans.

Instead of having the TV and entertainment center in the nose of the fifth wheel, there is a couch in the nose and the TV is on the opposite wall. The large kitchen is well thought out with tons of counter space, pull-out trash cans and a large pantry.

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Keystone Cougar 354FLS

Length: 39 feet, 4 inches

Like most front living room fifth wheels, the Cougar 354FLS has 3 couches, including 2 sleeper sofas. Campers will love the wraparound kitchen, which features great counter space, a residential-style refrigerator, modern white cabinets and a white tile backsplash.

However, one of the most unique features on this fifth wheel is found outside. At the rear of the RV is a pull-out storage tray that provides awesome and accessible storage space.

Keystone Montana 3761FL

Length: 41 feet, 0 inches

The front living room space in the Montana 3761FL fifth wheel features a front windshield and a telescoping TV, so campers can enjoy the view when when not watching television.

Other notable floorplan features include a half-bath off the kitchen, a double vanity in the main bathroom and a large closet with washer and dryer preps in the bedroom.

Like many Montana fifth wheels, buyers can choose to upgrade the interior to include Cottage White hardwood cabinetry. Click here to see more RVs with white cabinets.

KZ Durango Gold G387FLF

Length: 41 feet, 11 inches

KZ designed their Durango Gold fifth wheels for full-time RV living. Like most front living room campers, the G387FLF offers comfortable seating for six in the living room.

Aside from the space, features full-time travelers will appreciate include a stainless steel dishwasher, an optional built-in desk in the kitchen slide, a walk-in laundry room and pantry and a double vanity in the bathroom.

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CrossRoads Cruiser 3841FL

Length: 42 feet, 0 inches

The CrossRoads Cruiser has an inverse front living room with a couch in the nose and the TV between the kitchen and living room. One of the best features of this fifth wheel is the kitchen peninsula, which offers an absurd amount of counterspace.

With pullout barstools built into the peninsula, the area also doubles as an eat-in kitchen. The spacious rear bathroom has a double vanity and a closet with washer and dryer preps.

Vanleigh Vilano 377FL

Length: 42 feet, 6 inches

Vanleigh is known for manufacturing luxury fifth wheels, and the Vilano 377FL is one of the best high-end fifth wheels available. The front living room features a telescoping TV, which goes down to reveal views out of the large front windshield.

Other opulent features include beautiful hardwood cabinetry, a half-bath with laundry preps, stainless steel farmhouse sink and appliances and an innovate multiplex wiring system designed to reduce issues.

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Forest River Arctic Wolf 3910SUITE

Length: 43 feet, 6 inches

Another awesome camper on our list of front den fifth wheels is the Arctic Wolf 3910SUITE. The front living room has plenty of seating with two tri-fold sofas and two theater seats.

The rear of the RV also has several great features, including a huge main bathroom with dual vanities and room for a stacked washer and dryer. The bedroom has a king-sized bed, and there is an another half bath off the kitchen.

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Forest River Heritage Glen Elite 36FL

Length: 43 feet, 9 inches

The front living room in the Heritage Glen Elite 36FL features a front window with a pop-up TV. In addition to the front window, the floorplan maximizes views and natural light with three panoramic windows in the living room and kitchen.

Other interesting features include a breakfast bar in the kitchen, a half-bath, real porcelain toilets and an outdoor bar with a griddle, fridge and ice maker.

Jayco North Point 382FLRB

Length: 44 feet, 0 inches

The Jayco North Point 382FLRB is a large fifth wheel camper with a front living room and a rear main bathroom. With full-size couches in the living room, this floorplan offers comfortable seating for eight people.

The kitchen offers stainless steel appliances, a large hutch with tons of storage and an extra large oven. Other notable features include an optional outdoor TV for tailgating, a built-in drinking water system and a double vanity in the main bathroom.

Heartland Milestone 370FLMB

Length: 44 feet, 2 inches

Last (and largest) on our list of fifth wheel campers with front living rooms is the Heartland Milestone 370FLMB. This unique floorplan is a great option for large families who want to maximize sleeping space.

Between the kitchen and the rear main bedroom is a bunkroom with sleeping space for two kids. Above the bunkroom is a loft with sleeping space for two more kids. Of course the front living room also offers plenty of space for the entire family to hang out.

We hope you found the perfect RV on our list of fifth wheel campers with front living rooms. If none of these floorplans completely meet your needs, check out our guide to the best RVs for full-time living for more homey floorplans.

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Do you have any questions about how to select the best RV? Drop your questions in the comments section below.

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