10 Absolute Best Summer RV Destinations

Best Summer RV Destinations

Winter RV trips are limited to a few warm destinations, mainly in Florida, Arizona and Texas. However, the widespread hot summer weather brings endless options for RV travelers. After over six years on the road, we’ve found some amazing destinations that are perfect for summer vacations. In this article, we …

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RV Renovation Cost: 8 DIYers Reveal How Much They Spent

RV Renovation Cost

Spend a few minutes browsing RV Life hashtags on Instagram and you will be bombarded with beautiful images of stunning RV renovations. However, very few renovators share how much they actually spent to create a modern home on wheels. We are pulling back the curtain and sharing the real RV …

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RPI Membership: An RVer’s Guide to Resort Parks International

RPI Membership and RV Club

There are several different RV camping memberships that offer discounts on RV campsites. It can be confusing understanding the benefits and cost of each RV campground membership. In this article, we breakdown everything you need to know about an RPI membership. We detail the membership levels, benefits, purchasing options and …

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27 Super Cheap RV Parks in California

Cheap RV Parks in California

RVing is an amazing way to travel, and for many, an amazing way to live. However, rent at campgrounds in popular destination states is often upwards of $50 or even $100 per night! Fortunately, great camping deals are available in California for those who are willing to do their research. …

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