RV Holding Tanks Explained for Beginners

RV Holding Tanks

Let’s start with the basics for beginners who need RV water tanks explained. All RVs, fifth wheels and travel trailers have three types of RV holding tanks: Gray water Black water Fresh water RV black tanks and gray water tanks allow you to use the conveniences of your own kitchen and bathroom …

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Top Snowbird RV Parks for Young People

Young RV Snowbirds

This is a guest post by the Outdoorsy Content Team. Outdoorsy is the most comprehensive platform for outdoor travelers to rent RVs in the United States.  Check out their site for RV rentals and great destination recommendations.  When we first started looking for winter reservations, we had trouble finding any …

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Internet for RV Living: 3 RV Internet Options Explained

Internet for RV Living

Having quality internet in your RV is essential for digital nomads who work from their computer while they travel.  The three RV internet options with reliable service are public Wi-Fi, satellite internet and mobile hotspots.  Below, we reveal the pros and cons of each option. Keep reading to discover how to get internet for …

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