30+ Best Gifts for RV Owners (Ultimate 2024 Gift Guide)

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RV camping, has become a popular way for Americans to travel. Unfortunately, RVing requires a significant amount of specialized gear and supplies. While gifts for RV owners do not need to be utilitarian, they should be practical. Below are the 30 best gifts for RV owners that any camper will be delighted to receive!

I have lived in an RV since 2016, and I can vthese are gifts RV owners will truly love. If you are searching for a more custom gift, check out our list of the best personalized gifts for RV owners. Also, see our gift ideas for RV Moms.

Best Gifts for Retired RV Owners

Looking for the best gifts for RV owners who have recently retired or RVing grandparents? These five gifts are great for older RVers who spend the winter season camping in Florida or Arizona.

1. A Personalized Yard Sign: Every snowbird needs a custom sign to introduce themselves to their new winter neighbors. This unique, metal sign is sure to help them make a great first impression.

2. A Traveling Spice Rack: Gneiss’s magnetic plate and spice jars are the perfect solution for a traveling chef. The base can easily be installed in an RV kitchen, allowing for easy access and compact storage.

3. Durable Camping Dishes: Every snowbird needs dinnerware for their RV. Camp Casual’s fun RV-themed plates and bowls make the perfect gift. The dishes are made of durable melamine, so they won’t break while driving south and are appropriate for outdoor dinners at the campground.

4. Comfy Outdoor Chairs: Every camper needs a comfy seat to relax in at their campsite. These zero gravity lounge chairs, available in several colors, are the perfect gift for RV owners who love to lounge outside.

5. Polaroid Snap Camera: The Polaroid Snap camera is a fun, retro way to capture adventures in the sun. The modern version of a Polaroid still prints pictures directly from the camera, but now features a digital display. It is also much more compact than the original design.

Best Gifts for RV Owners who Travel Full-Time

Full time RVers prefer practical gifts that do not take up a lot of space. When shopping for families or couples who live in their RV, always consider the size and weight of the gift. Smaller is always better!

1. Harvest Hosts Membership: The gift of a new adventure is one of the best gifts for RV owners. Gift new experiences with a Harvest Hosts membership. Harvest Hosts members can camp for free at wineries, breweries and farms throughout the country. Purchase a membership using this link and receive a 15% discount. Read our complete guide to Harvest Hosts to learn more about this awesome RV membership club.

Best Gifts for RV Owners : Harvest Hosts

2. A Water Saving Shower Head: Water pressure and long showers are luxuries not available to most full-time RVers. The Oxygenics shower head is designed to amplify existing water pressure while using less water, making it the perfect gift for full-time RVers.

3. Compact Tripod: It can be difficult to capture family photos while you are traveling on the road. The MeFoto Travel Tripod is lightweight and portable, but stable enough to take quality photos.

4. Tire Pressure Monitor System: Give the gift of safety with a tire pressure monitoring system. This tool tracks tire pressure in real time, and alerts RV drivers of any changes in pressure so they can fix the issue before an accident occurs.

5. Road Atlas: Route planning is a big part of full-time RVers’ lives. Gift them an old school road atlas so they can plan routes without internet service. The Road Carriers’ Atlas includes low clearance routes, so RVers know which roads to avoid.

6. Electronic Bike: Many full-time RVers tow their trailers with large pick-up trucks or drive a cumbersome motorhome. These large vehicles are not ideal for daily errands and exploring new towns. Bicycles are a great options for travelers who want to explore towns with smaller roads, but all that pedaling can be a lot of work.

A foldable electric bike give RVers another method of transportation without requiring they buy a bike rack for their RV.

Best Gifts for Weekend RV Campers

Many weekend RV owners put their camper in storage for the winter. The following items on our list of the best gifts for RV owners will get weekend warriors excited for the approaching camping season.

1. Compact Adventure Bag: Packing for RV adventures can be a drag, but it is so much easier with the Pillowpak backpack. The Pillowpak is an ultra light, large capacity backpack designed to roll and stow in a minimal stuff-sack. Campers can stuff the bag full of everything they need for the weekend, but after unpacking the pack can be rolled up and easily stored out of the way!

Backpack for RV owners

2. Inflatable Kayak: Inflatable kayaks are a great solution for campers looking to get on the water without the hassle of transporting the boats. For adventurous couples or families, the 2-person Intex Explorer is a great gift.

3. Christmas Ornament: For RV owners who are stuck inside during the winter months, the gift of an RV-themed Christmas ornament is great way to remind them of fun memories and future camping plans. This motorhome ornament includes free customization with the year and recipients’ name. A small gift, such as an ornament also makes a great addition to a DIY RV gift basket.

4. Fun Coffee Mug: This adorable enamel coffee mug is the perfect gift for RV owners. The bright design will bring back happy camping memories while sipping warm winter beverages. The lightweight material is also perfect to keep in the camper. Combine the mug with one of our favorite compact RV coffee makers to create the perfect gift package.

5. The Ultimate Smore Sticks: It’s a fact that smores are the best part of a camping getaway. Jolly Green’s telescoping roasting sticks are easy to pack and use to cook marshmallows and other campfire treats.

Best Gifts for New RV Owners

For friends and family who are new to RVing, practical gifts are the best gifts. Owning an RV requires purchases tons of specialty gear for comfort and safety. These pragmatic gifts will truly be appreciated

1. Portable Air Compressor: An air compressor is a super important tool for RV owners. Compressed air is used to correctly inflate tires and to clean RV appliances. The VIAIR 450P-RV air compressor can be powered directly by the RV or car battery.

2. Telescoping Ladder: Regular RV maintenance often requires climbing on the roof or reaching high spots, like the top of the RV’s slide outs. Telescoping ladders are tall, but fold down for compact storage which is why they are one of the best gifts for RV owners. A 15 foot telescoping ladder will allow RVers to reach everything they need to on their RV.

3. United States Travel Book: 50 States, 5000 Ideas is the ultimate travel guide for RV owners. The book published by National Geographic has 100 fun experiences and attractions in each state. With its great travel ideas, this book will keep on giving year after year.

4. Anderson Levelers: Leveling an RV can be one of the most frustrating parts of camping with a trailer or motorhome. When the ground is unlevel, it can be very difficult to get the RV even while also keeping it stable. The Anderson Levelers makes the process super easy, and the recipient of this gift will be thanking you for years to come.

5. weBoost Signal Booster: If the RV owner will be working from campsites, a weBoost is a must have item. The signal booster helps prevent dropped calls and makes the data speeds for phones and mobile hotspots more consistent.

Best Gifts for RV Owners’ Kids

Forget the best gifts for RV owners, its more fun to shop for their kids. These gifts for little campers will keep them happy and occupied at the campground. For more gift ideas for RV camping kids, check out these adorable toy campers, travel trailers and RVs.

1. RV T-Shirt: This Happy Camper” t-shirt is perfect for kids who love RVing with their parents or grandparents. The colorful design is available in a variety of colors.

2. Camping Journal: Give your favorite little RVer a camping journal to record all their awesome adventures. This adorable journal has prompts for kids to write about each campground they visit. See our full list of the best RV travel journals for kids and adults to find the best diary for your friend or family member.

3. RV and Tow Vehicle Toy: Give traveling kids their own fifth wheel and tow truck. This adorable set is sure to entertain RV lovers of all ages. It is small enough to pack up and take along on their next weekend camping trip.

4. Road Trip Games: This Road Trip Kit is the perfect way to keep little RVers happy on long travel days. The kit includes multiple games and geography cards to track the progress of the trip. The best part is that many of the games use dry erase markers, so they can be use reused on the next trip. Read our full guide for more ideas on how to make road trips fun.

5. Yahtzee National Park Edition: National Parks are a great way to teach kids about our beautiful country. The National Park version of Yahtzee is a new twist on a classic game featuring images of animals and landmarks on the dice. A portion of the proceeds benefit the National Parks foundation.

Best Gifts for RV Owners’ Pets

Last but not least are the best gifts for RV owners’ pets. Many campers choose to travel by RV so there dogs and cats can join them on vacation. These gifts will keep their pets safe and happy in the RV.

1. Temperature Sensor: Many RVers worry when they have to leave their pets alone in the rig. The RV Pet Safety Monitor provides peace of mind by monitoring temperature, and alerting you if the RV is to hot for your dog or cat.

2. Outdoor Pet Bed: An elevated bed is the perfect place for a traveling dog or cat to rest up at the campground. Outrav’s comfy bed folds up so it is easily stored away for travel.

3. Collapsible Food and Water Bowls: These extendable water bowls are the perfect solution for travelers with pets. The bowls collapse for easy storage, and can be clipped onto a leash or backpack. The portability makes them awesome for travel days or day hikes with your dog.

4. Dog TV Subscription: Dog TV is a perfect way to keep dogs relaxed while left alone at the campsite. The station plays programs created just for dogs to help them feel happy and calm. You can play Dog TV on any device as long as you have a WiFi connection. Gift a subscription for your favorite travel dog.

Dog TV

5. Paw Cleaner: Dogs are the best travel buddies, but they can dirty floors and furniture in a hurry. The Dexas MudBuster is a portable paw cleaner that is a perfect solution for RVers. Simply fill with water, insert the dirty paw and twist. The gift of clean paws will be appreciated for years to come.

Always remember the best gifts for RV owners are lightweight and portable, so they are easy to take along on camping trips.

Do you have other awesome gift ideas for RV owners? Leave your best ideas in the comments below.

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