18 Modern and Delightful RV Decorating Ideas

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Many RV owners design their RVs with a modern minimalist aesthetic including white walls and clean lines. However, even with a simple design, it is important to have a few key pieces that reflect your unique style.

If you live or travel in an RV, it is also important that these items are lightweight and practical for tiny living. Below are our 18 favorite pieces of modern RV décor to elevate your RV’s interior design.

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Modern RV Wall Décor

Magnetic Poster Frame: We use these simple, magnetic frames to hang wall art in our RV.

The frames come in several sizes, and are so lightweight that they can be left up during travel. The magnetic design allows you to change out the poster without damage as frequently as you like.

Modern RV décor letter board

Letter Board: Every renovated RVer needs a letter board for their Instagram pictures.

Even though these boards have become a bit cliché, they also are a practical piece of modern RV décor. Change the words up to set reminders or note your next destination.

Coat Rack

Coat Rack: This minimalist wooden coat rack is a simple, but aesthetically pleasing way to help organize any RV.

The rack can be used in the main room to hold coats and umbrellas. Alternatively, hang the rack in a bathroom or bedroom and use it as a towel rack.

RV décor clock

Funny Wall Clock: Just because your RV has a minimalist design, doesn’t mean it can’t also have a sense of humor.

This modern RV wall clock is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the camping life. The clock is solid oak and will fit well with most modern RV décor.

Chalkboard Sticker: Chalkboard walls are super fun, but painting with chalkboard paint can be a pain.

This chalkboard sticker can be cut to create a small chalkboard area in your RV. The sticker’s surface is also magnetic.

Modern RV Furniture

Pouf Stool: This classic faux leather pouf doubles as an ottoman and a storage space. To work as designed the pouf must be filled with your stuff.

This beautiful piece can be used to store stuffed animals, extra bedding, towels or any other soft items.

Folding Computer Desk: This folding computer desk is perfect for tiny living and travel.

At just over 20 pounds, this desk is light enough for an RV, and it even folds so it can be stowed away for travel. The included hooks are great for hanging keys, headphones, and other everyday items.

Sleek Folding Chair: This beautiful butterfly chair is an elevated version of a folding chair.

It does fold for easy storage, but it also adds a beautiful design element and extra seating in any RV living room. While the design looks luxurious, the fade and stain-resistant seat is crafted for everyday use.

Vanity Stool: This small vanity stool is the perfect piece of modern RV décor. It works great as an ottoman or extra seating in a tiny space.

For storage, the top of the stool lifts off and there is open space inside. If black does not match your RV’s décor, the stool is also available in pink and emerald green.

Modern RV Storage Solutions

RV Kitchen décor

Fruit Hammock: Practical and pretty, a handcrafted, macramé fruit hammock provides extra storage and frees up counter space in any RV kitchen.

Hammocks are available in a variety of neutral colors. During travel, the hammock can be left up, but the fruit will need to be secured elsewhere.

Shelves: Floating shelves are an easy way to add storage space. With no screws required for installation, these simple, floating wood shelves are a great addition to any RV bathroom or living room.

For travel, décor displayed on the shelves would need to be secured with museum putty.

Woven Laundry Basket: RVs have limited closet space, so some everyday items need to be out in the open. This small, modern laundry basket hides dirty clothes in a simple, but beautiful container.

These baskets could also be used to store everyday items, such as yoga mats or kids’ toys.

Rattan Baskets: These woven rattan baskets are the perfect solution to maximize RV storage and secure knickknacks, kitchen, and office supplies for travel.

The classic design and color will match any minimalist RV interior décor. The hand-woven baskets are available in several different sizes.

Other Modern RV Decorating Ideas

Area Rug: An area rug is a piece of décor that will make your modern RV feel cozy. RealLife makes machine-washable, durable rugs that are perfect for RV interiors.

Rugs are available in a variety of patterns and sizes.

Oven Mitts: When you live in a tiny space like an RV, your décor also needs to serve a real purpose.

Hanging oven mitts in the kitchen is a fun and practical way to add a pop of color to a modern RV kitchen. These yellow chevron mitts will make your kitchen feel fresh and sunny.

Throw pillows modern RV décor

Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are a great way to add personality to any space. You can find handmade pillows with any design you can imagine on Etsy.

I love these Ocotillo desert throw pillows that feature my favorite plant.

Kitty Condo: For RVers traveling with cats, finding a way to create dedicated space for them is super important.

This simple cat condo provides a space for your cat that won’t distract from your modern RV design. For more tips, read our guide to RV living with cats.

Hopefully, if you’ve made it this far, you have some great ideas for modern RV décor to elevate your traveling style. What is your most treasured piece of RV décor? Share your favorite items in the comments below!

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