10 Tasty S’mores Variations for Your Next Campfire

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Classic s’mores are tasty, but could they be better? Absolutely! Here are 10 tasty s’mores variations. These unique campfire desserts will be the talk of the campground.

Tasty S’mores Variations

Banana S’mores

S'more recipe diagram using banana and dark chocolate.

Don’t like marshmallows? No problem. Roast a banana over the campfire instead. Cut off a marshmallow-size piece of fruit and roast it over the flames until the outside caramelizes.

Then, place it on top of a dark chocolate piece between two graham crackers. This recipe is vegetarian (and can be made vegan with the right brand of graham crackers).

Peanut Butter Cup S’mores

S'more recipe diagram using peanut butter cup.

A simple way to upgrade your s’more recipe is to swap out the traditional Hershey bar with another type of chocolate. My favorite swap is a peanut butter cup.

Minty S’mores

S'more recipe diagram using peppermint chocolate.

While I love replacing the chocolate bar with a peanut butter cup, my husband loves adding a chocolate-covered peppermint for a fresh twist on the traditional s’more.

Peeps S’mores

S'more recipe diagram using Peeps candy.

Add some color by replacing a classic marshmallow with Peeps, bright marshmallow chicks and bunnies sold around Easter. Kids will love these bright campfire desserts.

Cracker-Free S’mores

S'more recipe diagram without crackers.

Are you not a fan of graham crackers or just not super hungry? A cracker-free s’more is the perfect bite of toasted goodness. Roast your marshmallow over the fire, then push a single piece of chocolate inside.

Chocolate-Free Lemon S’mores

S'more recipe diagram with lemon curd.

This unique take on s’mores ditches the chocolate and adds a fruit twist. Start with two vanilla wafers, spread lemon curd on one, and then toast a marshmallow to place in the middle.

Sweet n’ Savory S’mores

S'mores variations recipe diagram using goat cheese and dark chocolate.

These sweet n’ savory s’mores do not require a campfire. Spread goat cheese over buttery crackers and place a dark chocolate bar in the center. You can heat the crackers on a grate over your campfire if you want the chocolate to melt inside.

Cookie S’mores

S'mores variations recipe diagram using chocolate chip cookies.

A simple but super tasty s’more upgrade? Replace the graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies. The hot marshmallow will melt the chocolate bar inside and the chips on the outside. It is messy but delicious.

Croissant S’mores

S'mores variations recipe diagram using croissants.

This may be the ultimate s’mores variation. Place the classic fillings (a toasted marshmallow and a chocolate bar) inside a croissant. Smush together. Then enjoy the buttery, melty goodness!

S’more Cones

S'mores variations recipe diagram using waffle cone.

Our final s’mores variation is a less-mess recipe. Instead of the classic graham crackers, place the roasted marshmallow and chocolate pieces inside of mini waffle cones.

Tips for Making the Perfect S’more

Whether you are trying to perfect the classic recipe or create innovative variations, here are some tips for making the perfect s’more.

Woman roasting marshmallow for s'more.

Be Patient

Many campers are eager to get their marshmallow cooked, so they can start eating dessert. However, your s’more will be so much better if you are patient. Marshmallows toasted to a golden brown on all sides will be gooier than one that is quickly burned in the flames.

Bring your Own Sticks

To avoid getting dirt in your s’mores or dropping your marshmallow in the fire, buy a set of roasting sticks instead of gathering some from the woods. MalloMe S’mores Sticks are made from food-grade stainless steel and have double prongs to secure your marshmallows.

Warm Up the Chocolate

Place the chocolate on one of the graham crackers on a grate over the fire for a few seconds before assembling your s’more. The chocolate will melt faster when you put the hot marshmallow on top.

Double Up on Chocolate

Instead of just one piece of chocolate, try using two pieces per s’more sandwich. This ensures that every bite has plenty of chocolatey goodness.

Happy Camping

S’mores are great, but you’ll need to eat more than dessert on your next camping trip. See our favorite RV camping breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and our list of the best camping taco recipes for more ideas.

Happy Camping!

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