17 Dazzling 12 Volt LED Lights for RVs

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12 volt LED lights are the best type of fixtures to use in RVs for several reasons. 12V lighting runs off of the battery, so it can be used when shore power is unavailable. LED lights also use less power than regular bulbs, so they help prevent battery drain.

12 volt incandescent bulbs consume 1.6 amps of power, while a 12 volt LED light in an RV consumes 0.12 amps.

While these types of light fixtures are obviously the best choice for RVs, it is extremely difficult to find decorative fixtures that aren’t outdated or just down right ugly. Fortunately for you, we’ve scoured the stores and found 17 dazzling 12 volt LED lights to jazz up your RV.

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Ceiling-Mounted 12 Volt LED Lights for RVs

Most moderns RVs have pendant lights or ceiling fixtures hanging over the kitchen and/or dining areas. The below LED 12V lights can add some pizzazz to your RV’s main living area.

Dream Lighting Black Pendant Light

This modern pendant fixture is sure to elevate any RV interior. The solid metal fixture is durable for travel and everyday use. This pendant is definitely one of the sleekest 12 volt LED lights on the the market!

Dream Lighting Pendant with Cage Shade

This unique cage pendant light is a perfect statement piece for your RV dining room or kitchen. The brushed nickel shade really shines when the light is turned on. The built-in LED bulb is included.

Dream Horn Shade Pendant

Also made by Dream Lighting, this modern pendant light with an acrylic horn shade is perfect for a minimalist RV remodel. The clear shade will seamlessly blend with any design. The lamp shade is adjustable up to 180 degrees, so it is easy to adjust the lighting direction.

RecPro Textured Black Pendant

These elegant, black pendants provide the perfect contrast for RVs renovated with all white walls and cabinets. Buyers can purchase a single pendant or a two pack.

RecPro Iron Sphere Ceiling Light

This simple, but eye-catching 12V light fixture is perfect for tiny living. The unique, elongated LED light bulb is included. If you prefer hang as a set, these lights can also be purchased in a two pack.

Dream Lighting Double Black Ceiling Light

For an industrial-inspired design, this double bulb light is the perfect fixture to hang over the RV dinette table The fixture comes with two vintage-style LED bulbs. The light does not include a switch, so it needs to be connected to a wall switch in your RV.

12 Volt LED Reading Lights for RVs

Since RVs have limited or no bedside space, wall or ceiling mounted reading lights are a must have in every camper bedroom. All of the below reading lights can be moved, so you can aim the light directly on your book or journal.

Thalassa 12V Warm Reading Light

We bought these warm, retro glass reading lights for our RV bedroom. In addition to being beautiful, they feature a dimming touch switch and the option for a USB port.

Thalassa 12V White Reading Light

If the above glass reading lights don’t match your décor, they are also available with a frosted, white lampshade and silver hardware for a more minimalist aesthetic.

YiLaie Portable Reading Light

These LED reading lights aren’t actually 12 volt, but the battery-powered design also works well for RV living. Since the light is connected to a magnetic base, it can easily be detached and used as a handheld light.

RecPro Black RV Reading Lights

These solid black, contemporary, 12 volt LED reading lights are a great addition to any RV bedroom. The swivel design allows the lights to be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling.

Maichis Edison Bulb Reading Light

These fun, black lights with LED Edison bulbs make perfect RV reading lights. The lights have swivel heads for readers to easily adjust the light position. The fixture includes a built-in on/off button, so there is no need to install an extra switch.

Wall-Mounted 12 Volt LED Lights for RVs

Sconces and wall lights are great for adding extra light and a little décor to RV halls and bathrooms. These fun RV wall lights will add a classy feel to your RV interior.

Dream Lighting Glass Wall Sconce

This white, minimalist wall sconce is perfect for areas of RV where you need strong lighting, but do not want a statement fixture. The sconce has an on/off button built into the fixture.

Dream Lighting Rope Detail Wall Sconce

This matte black 12 volt LED light fixture is one of my favorite options on the market. The rope detail on the base of the light adds a special touch to this wall-mounted fixture. This light would be a perfect addition to any RV dining or living room.

Joy-Now Double Wall Light

Like the above sconce from the same brand, this gold-brushed wall light comes equipped with Edison LED bulbs. The cage lights can be swiveled up to 180 degrees so you can adjust the lighting direction for work or just to change up the look.

Facon Wall Sconce

These traditional wall sconces would work with any RV interior décor. The sconces are available in a variety of metal finishes with round or square shades. Easily customize these RV lights by changing out the shade.

Dream Diamond Faceted Glass Sconce

These classic-style wall sconces have a simple, but elegant design. They feature a matte black base with a carved glass shade. The lights are easily turned on with the included button switch.

Dream Lighting Dinette Wall Sconce

For RVers looking for ultra-modern 12 volt LED lights, these sleek wall scones are a great option. The lamp’s base is made of durable steel and finished in matte black. However, the real showpiece of this light fixture is the included crystal acrylic column bulb.

These 17 12 volt LED RV lights are the most attractive ones that can be found on the internet (Trust me, I have spent hours researching them)! If none of these options are the right fit for your RV remodel, consider painting a fixture or replacing an outdated lampshade to create your own custom piece.

Once you’ve selected the perfect interior RV lights, don’t stop your upgrades there. Check out our bedroom remodel for other easy and affordable RV renovation ideas.

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