Best RV Toilet Paper (Don’t Flush Your Money Away)

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Search the internet for the best RV toilet paper and you will find several brands selling RV-specific toilet paper. These RV papers are always costly, but are they really the best solution for RV bathrooms? (I’ll give you a hint, the answer is no). Read on to learn which brand really makes the best RV toilet paper and how to test if toilet paper is really RV safe.

The Best RV Toilet Paper

Package of Scott 1000 toilet paper. The best RV toilet paper.
The Best RV Toilet Paper: Scott 1000

After living in an RV for over six years, we have tested several RV-safe toilet papers and there is one clear winner. Scott 1000 is the best RV toilet paper. Scott 1000 toilet paper is the winner because it single-ply, but still durable and affordable. It also passes the RV toilet paper test, which we detail later in this article.

What to Look for in RV Toilet Paper

Below are the reasons we believe Scott 1000 is the best RV toilet paper. RV owners can also use this criteria to evaluate if other brands of toilet paper are appropriate for use in an RV.


Woman holding the best RV Toilet paper. She is sitting on RV steps with dog.
The Best RV Toilet Paper is Always Single-Ply

All RV toilet paper should be single-ply. Double-ply and other thicker toilet papers do not breakdown quickly enough for use in an RV. Thicker papers will end up sitting in the bottom of your black tank causing clogs or even a dreaded poo pyramid. The toilet paper test we detail later in this article demonstrates why double-ply toilet papers will not work in an RV.

When shopping for RV toilet paper, avoid any brands that use words, such as “soft” or “ultra.” These adjectives imply the paper is too thick to easily dissolve in an RV tank.

Septic Safe

Septic safe logo on a toilet paper package.
The Best RV Toilet Paper is Septic Safe

One easy way to check if toilet paper is RV safe is to look for a septic-safe emblem, like the one shown above. Not all toilet paper advertised as septic safe will pass the RV toilet paper test, but toilet papers that are not septic safe are definitely not suitable for use in an RV bathroom.


Dollar bill on fire.
Don’t Waste Money on Expensive RV Toilet Paper

The main reason we choose Scott 1000 as the best RV toilet paper over brands made specifically for use in RVs is price. Shopping on Amazon, a four-pack of Camco RV toilet paper sells for $6.99 or $1.75 per roll. While a 32-pack of Scott 1000 sells for $29.99 or just $0.94 per roll. That 81 cent difference on every roll of toilet paper adds up quickly. If you buy 300 rolls of toilet paper each year, buying Scott 1000 instead of RV toilet paper would save your $243 per year!

Available in Large Packages

Rolls of toilet paper stacked on top of each other.
The Best RV Toilet Paper is Sold in Bulk

Another reason regular toilet paper is more affordable than RV-specific toilet paper is the package sizes. Many RV toilet papers are only sold in four-count packs, which have a much higher price per roll than larger packages. Pick an RV toilet paper brand that is available in at least 12-count packages to save money and have the ability to stock up before off-grid trips.

Availability in Stores

Close up of woman's arm holding groceries, including toilet paper and vegetables.
The Best RV Toilet Paper is Available at Most Stores

When selecting the best RV toilet paper for your family, it is also important to consider availability in stores. RV-specific toilet paper brands are only available online or in RV camping stores. On the other hand, we are able to find Scott 1000 in grocery and convenient stores all over the country. Selecting a toilet brand that is widely available is a simple way to make RV travel a little easier.

Passes the Toilet Paper Test

Woman inside RV holding empty jar and a roll of toilet paper.
All Toilet Paper Should be Tested Before Use in an RV

Finally, all RV toilet paper must pass the simple RV toilet paper test. The test involves submerging a few sheets of toilet paper in water to see how quickly they dissolve. Detailed instructions for the RV toilet paper test can be found in the next section of this article.

How to Test Toilet Paper for Use in an RV

Use the following test to confirm if any toilet paper is safe for use in your RV. If a toilet paper does not pass the test, do not flush it down your RV toilet!

Step 1: Put Toilet Paper in a Jar

Putting sheets of toilet paper into jar in RV.
Step 1: Put Toilet Paper in Clear Jar of Water

Find a clear jar with a lid and fill it half full of water. Add a few sheets of toilet paper into the jar.

Step 2: Simulate a Flush

Woman's hand shaking jar of water.
Step 2: Shake Jar to Simulate Flushing

Next, shake the jar once or twice to simulate the flushing of an RV toilet. Do not shake the jar more than twice as that will make the test ineffective.

Step 3: Wait

Jr with dissolving toilet paper inside.
Step 3: Let Sit for 1 Hour

Set the jar down, and do not move it for one hour.

Step 4: Check Results

Jar with dissolved toilet paper inside.
Step 4: Check Results

Examine the toilet paper in the jar. If the toilet paper has fully dissolved into tiny pieces, it is safe for use in your RV. If there are still large, undissolved pieces of toilet paper, the paper should not be used in your RV.

RV Toilet Paper FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about RV toilet paper.

Can I Use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV?

Yes. Regular toilet can be used in an RV as long as it is 1-ply, septic-safe and easily dissolves in a jar of water. Scott 1000 is an example of regular toilet paper that is suitable for use in an RV.

Does RV Toilet Paper Dissolve?

Yes. Toilet papers made for use in an RV and other RV safe toilet papers should easily dissolve in a jar of water.

What Happens if You Use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV?

When thicker, non-septic safe toilet papers are used in an RV, it will not dissolve. The paper will build up in the black tank. Over time, the black tank will become clogged and difficult to drain.

What is the Best RV Toilet Paper?

Scott 1000 is the best RV toilet paper because it is single-ply, septic-safe, affordable and widely available at grocery stores across the country.

What Ply is RV Toilet Paper?

RV toilet paper is single-ply, as the toilet paper needs to easily dissolve to prevent clogs in the RV’s black tank.

Thanks for reading our guide to the best RV toilet paper. We hope we answered all of your questions about RV toilet paper. If you have any lingering queries, drop them in the comments section below.

While we are on the topic of bathrooms, check out our guide to the best RV toilets and the best RV toilet paper holders. Also see our beginner’s guide to RV holding tanks for instructions on properly dumping and cleaning your RV’s black tank.

Happy Camping!

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