Honest RV Toilet Reviews: 8 Best Camper Toilets

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RVs require special toilets that are made to work with an RV’s water supply and black tank. There are several similar RV toilets on the market, which makes it difficult to know which toilet is best for your RV.

Fortunately for you, we have reviewed all of the RV toilets available at Camping World and ranked the best toilets. Below is a complete summary of RV toilet reviews. Read on to find the best RV toilet for your family.

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RV Toilet Reviews

We read all of the RV toilet reviews on Camping World’s website. Below is a summary of the RV toilet reviews for the top 8 RV toilets.

If you are looking for the best RV toilet, the first 3 on this list have the best RV toilet reviews from consumers. If you are interested in portable or composting toilets, skip ahead to the next section.

Dometic 310 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet

Rating: 4.5 stars from 164 reviewers

The Dometic 310 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet is the highest rated RV toilet available on Camping World’s website. Technically, two other RV toilets have the same 4.5 star rating, but this one has many more reviews.

This Dometic model has several upgraded features that make it more desirable than the average RV toilet. There are several factors that make this toilet feel more like a residential toilet than other RV models. The upgraded features include an 18-inch tall seat, ceramic bowl, slow-close wooden seat and a long, full-size seat.

Dometic RV Toilet with Best Reviews
Dometic 310 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet

Many reviewers who gave the Gravity Discharge Toilet a 5-star review mentioned how easy the toilet was to install using the included instructions. Positive reviews also mention that the toilet is stable and does not squeak or wobble while campers are sitting on it.

Finally, reviewers also loved the attached hand sprayer that makes cleaning easy an efficient.

This toilet replaced the one in our Everest 2003 Fifth wheel. It took about 15 minutes to remove and install this toilet. I was very surprised by how easy it was. No leaks. The directions were easy to follow. The seat height is perfect. I am a happy camper.

Typical 5-Star Review on Camping World

While this Dometic model is the highest rate RV toilet, there were a handful of negative reviews. Almost all of the 1-star reviews focused on issues with leaks. It is not clear if the toilet’s design is causing the leaks, or if these customers did not install it properly.

Below is an example of one of these negative RV toilet reviews.

I have had two of these, and they both leak into the inaccessible body of the toilet base. This creates a disastrous odor within a couple of days. The seal between the bowl and the insides of the structure is ineffective.

Typical 1 Star Review on Camping World

Bravura Toilet

Rating: 4.5 stars from 18 reviewers

The Bravura is tied for the highest RV toilet reviews of all the RV toilets sold by Camping World. It has also received 4.5 stars, but has significantly fewer reviews.

The removeable front shield gives the Bravura a very different look than the Dometic 310. The style of this toilet also makes it easy to clean and allows for the large single-pedal flush.

Bravura RV Toilet
Bravura RV Toilet

Bravura’s 5-star RV toilet reviews mention several important features. First, many campers said the Bravura uses less water to flush toilet paper and solid waste, allowing them to dry camp longer before the blank tank has to be dumped.

Other features frequently mentioned in the positive reviews were the easy installation process and comfortable height and seat.

I bought the Bravura to replace the high-end china bowl toilet that came with my motorhome because that toilet simply did not flush properly. The Bravura has a strong flow of water – sort of like a Jetstream -that easily cleans out the bowl and pushes paper down the hole. Before with my old toilet, the holding tank would fill up in about 5 days because it used required so much water. Now, with the new Bravura, we’re gone as long as two weeks with two adults using it full time.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

Currently, there is only a single 1-star review of the Bravura toilet. The negative reviewer was not happy with the toilet’s design and thought the seat was uncomfortable. The reviewer also complained about the toilet being noisy when flushing.

Bought this 3 weeks ago. Very disappointed. Feels like you are sitting on a rim of a bucket. Can’t change out seat, very uncomfortable. Petal has a clicking sound when flushing. Wakes up spouse at night.

Typical 1 Star Review on Camping World

Aqua-Magic V Toilet High Profile Foot Flush

Rating: 4.5 stars from 16 reviewers

The Aqua-Magic V Toilet High Profile Foot Flush is the last of the toilets with an outstanding 4.5 star average customer rating.

At 18.5 inches tall, the Aqua Magic V Toilet is one of the taller RV toilets available. The toilet features a single-pedal flush, full bowl flush coverage and a lightweight all-plastic design.

Aqua Magic RV Toilet
Aqua-Magic V Toilet High Profile Foot Flush

Positive RV toilet reviews for the Aqua-Magic V Toilet mention a variety of reasons for their 5-star rating. These customers appreciated the easy installation, as well as the easy to use foot flush. The comfortable, high seat height was also mentioned by several buyers.

Looks and works much better than the old toilet. And I love the height on the new one. Really updates the look of the bathroom.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

Like the Bravura, this Aqua-Magic toilet has only received a single 1-star review. However, this reviewer did not post any context to help other buyers’ understand their critique.

A reviewer who gave the Aqua-Magic V Toilet 3 stars noted that the toilet was missing a blade seal an required him to purchase additional parts to properly complete the installation.

After installation it would not hold water in the bowl. This brand new unit did not have the blade seal installed. I had to buy a blade seal in Phoenix. I was not impressed with the completeness of this new product. This omission required the toilet to be removed to install the blade seal.

Typical Negative Review on Camping World

Dometic 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet

Rating: 4.4 stars from 186 reviewers

The Dometic 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet is about $50 more expensive than the company’s 310 model, but it has slightly worse RV toilet reviews with 4.4 stars.

The 320 Series Toilet is very similar to the 310 Series, but the 320 is heavier and features a larger bowl and an elongated seat. The 320 also has a low-flush system that is designed to use less water.

Dometic 320 RV Toilet
Dometic 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet

Positive reviewers love the sturdiness and height of this RV toilet which is comfortable even for bigger campers.

Buyers felt this toilet, with its residential look and ceramic bowl, was a major upgrade from the plastic toilets pre-installed in many RV and trailers. Reviewers also said the toilet was easy to install and use.

Had the toilet installed into our 5th wheel. Installed easily, fit great. Installer indicated “this is a real nice upgrade”. We were happy to upgrade to an elongated style. Very comfortable, seems almost like a regular house toilet. Very nice, heavy quality.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

Overall, there were very few negative reviews for the Dometic 320 Series Toilet, but a few reviewers had complaints. The criticisms included very loud noises when flushing, weak water flow and difficulty installing due to design differences from other standard RV toilets.

We returned it because it didn’t fit with the plumbing. Thought it would be a little more like a residential toilet. It doesn’t have a strong water flow when you flush.

Typical Negative Reviews on Camping World

Aqua-Magic Style II Toilet

Rating: 4.3 stars from 96 reviewers

The Aqua-Magic Style II Toilet is a china toilet that is still lightweight. The high profile model weighs only 26.5 pounds even though the bowl is porcelain. Style II toilets also have a single flush foot pedal and a residential-size seat.

Aqua Magic Style II RV Toilet
Aqua-Magic Style II Toilet

Most of the 5-star RV toilet reviews for the Aqua-Magic Style II mention that this toilet was easy to install as a replacement for other RV toilets.

Campers also appreciated the porcelain bowl, which is easier to clean than plastic RV toilets. Other positive features mentioned, include a powerful flush, quiet operation, good seat height and a comfortable seat.

I could not be happier with this purchase. The ceramic bowl is very nice to have as far as ease to clean, and ability to trap odors, although the lid itself is plastic. Feels like more durable plastic than a stock Thetford toilet. The flush is much quieter than my stock toilet, water coverage is much better, Overall beyond a satisfied customer.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

Only a small percentage of buyers gave the Aqua-Magic Style II a poor review, and their reasons for the low ratings varied.

A few reviewers had issues with the design of the seat. These issues includes the lid being made of plastic, the lack of a rim to stop spills and difficultly cleaning the seat.

While the toilet itself seems sturdy, (it’s porcelain) the seat and cover are another story. They appear to be made of a plastic material which is somewhat flexible. Also the underside of the seat isn’t smooth. It has compartments which makes cleaning very difficult.

Typical Negative Review on Camping World

Aqua-Magic Style Plus Toilet

Rating: 4.3 Stars from 48 Reviewers

The Aqua-Magic Style Plus Toilet is another highly rated RV toilet. The toilet features a porcelain bowl and lid with a polymer base.

One unique feature is the anti-microbial seat that is supposed to inhibit growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria. The high profile model is 17.5 inches tall.

Aqua-Magic Style Plus Toilet

Most of the positive RV toilet reviews for the Aqua-Magic Style Plus Toilet are concise, focusing on the easy installation and the comfort of the toilet. Some reviewers also appreciated the height of the seat and the comfort of the porcelain seat.

Toilet works great. Easy installation. Replaced an electric version that was constant trouble.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

The majority of the negative RV toilet reviews about the Aqua-Magic Style Plus were about specific maintenance issues as opposed to the design. Some reviewers had issues with leaks from the bottom of the toilet while others were unhappy with the packaging for delivery.

I like this toilet but we have had it 6 months and the valve began to leak. It filled the tank while we were not home, but thankfully it was slow enough we caught it. I replaced the valve and it worked for a day before the new valve leaks. As best as I can tell, the control arm for the valve does not fully return to its home position which allows the valve to leak slightly. It seems to be a case of too many moving parts made of plastic. I have asked Thetford for direction and they want to replace the replacement valve. Ugh. I know it will not work but that is their protocol.

Typical Negative Star Review on Camping World

Aqua-Magic V Hand-Flush RV Toilet

Rating: 3.6 starts from 36 reviewers

The Aqua-Magic V Hand-Flush RV Toilet is the first one in our list of RV toilet reviews with a hand flush instead of foot pedal. At 18.5 inches tall, the high profile model is one of the taller RV toilets. It is made from a lightweight plastic material.

Hand Flush RV Toilet
Aqua-Magic V Hand-Flush RV Toilet

Positive reviewers were very pleased with the overall quality of this Aqua-Magic toilet. As with most RV toilet reviews, happy buyers noted that than installation was easy and took less than an hour to complete.

Campers also appreciated the strong flushing power of this toilet. One caveat to these positive reviews is that they are all several years old even though the toilet is still available today, so it seems this is not a popular choice among modern buyers.

The toilet in our RV broke and we were looking for something a little nicer to replace it with. This one has the hand flush and is more like a “real” toilet. We’ve had it for several months now and it works very well. Makes us feel like we’re at home! Great product!

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

Negative reviews of the Aqua-Magic V Hand-Flush from 2021 are mostly about the product being backordered and not shipping on time.

Older critiques focus on the quality of the toilet. Reviews state that either the whole toilet or parts of it are made of cheap, breakable plastic.

Toilet’s flush handle is flimsy and cracking from first use. Ridiculous that manufacture would tarnish their reputation over pennies saved on a hollow plastic handle.

Typical 1 Star Review on Camping World

Aqua-Magic Residence Toilet

3.1 stars with 15 reviewers

The Aqua-Magic Residence Toilet is a lightweight toilet designed to have a residential feel. With it’s 19.5 inch high profile toilet seat, it is the tallest RV toilet that camping world sells. The toilet can be purchased with or without a hand sprayer attachment.

Aqua Magic Residence Toilet
Aqua Magic Residence Toilet

The positive RV toilet reviews for the Aqua-Magic Residence Toilet are fairly generic. Happy buyers report that the toilet was easy to install, fits in their RV and functions properly. Otherwise, no other significant features are noted.

Super easy to install and it has great water pressure when needed while conserving at the same time.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

On the other hand, the negative RV toilet reviews are more specific. Customers who were unhappy with the toilet complained that it was cheaply made and that plastic parts were easily broken. Some recent reviewers also complained of delayed shipping and backorders.

It’s cheaply made it seems. It’s all plastic versus my old one that had a ceramic bowl and base. The only reason I bought this one is because I couldn’t find one that was the right color and dimensions for my bathroom requirements. I’m not sure how long this one will last and I have heard they don’t sell replacement parts for it. Everything is built disposable these days. I also do not like the lid. It sits tight to the bowl all the way around except for a small area in the front where it is notched out for a “handle” I guess.

Typical Negative Review on Camping World

Portable RV Toilet Reviews

Portable toilets are toilets that are designed to be used without a permanent installation. These toilets are great for small spaces, such as vans that do not have a dedicated bathroom space.

Below is a summary of reviews of the top 3 portable RV toilets available at Camping World. If you want a small RV but prefer to have a proper toilet, check out these tiny RVs with full bathrooms.

Porta Potti Portable Toilet 135

Rating: 4.7 stars from 7 reviewers

The Porta Potti Portable Toilet 135 has the highest rating of all portable RV toilets reviewed on Camping World. The Porta Potti 135 is a self-contained flush toilet that features holding tanks that detach from the fresh water storage tank for easy emptying. It also has a locking lid to prevent any spills.

Porta Potty
Porta Potti Portable Toilet 135

Most of the Porta Potti reviewers only provided star ratings and did not provide more context for their review. Therefore, we will have to rely on the sole 4-star review for more context on the positive and negative features.

While the 4 stars indicate the buyer was generally happy with the toilet, they were unhappy with some specific features as detailed in the below quote.

Was disappointed with the lid to the water holding tank. It is not a screw on lid, you just push down and turn 1/4 turn. The grooves in the lid were hard to hang on to and it was hard to turn the knob. Maybe it will loosen up over time, but it was hard for us to open and close. It was also a little awkward to dump. There needs to be some kind of handle that you can hold with one hand while pointing the exit hose into the drain.

4 Star Review on Camping World

Curve Porta Potti Portable Toilet

Rating: 4.0 stars from 27 reviewers

The Curve Porta Potti Portable Toilet is taller than most portable toilets and features a unique circular design. It offers several premium features such as increased bowl size, user-friendly flush lever, level indicators for both fresh and waste water tanks, an integrated toilet tissue holder and improved carry handle.

Curve Portable Potty

Positive RV toilet reviews for the Curve Toilet focus on the premium features. Buyers appreciate the height (for adults) and the overall good size. Many reviewers also noted that the electric flush worked well.

I purchased the Porta Potti for our cabin. My husband loves it. He’s 6 foot tall and said it’s like sitting on a regular size toilet instead of feeling like your sitting on the floor with the other porta pots. The electric flush is a plus also.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

The negative RV toilet reviews are mostly related to failures of the electric water pump part. When the electric pump fails the toilet no longer works, so this would be a serious issue.

Only after a season and a half of use, less than 200 flushes, the electric pump failed to work. Called Thetford for a replacement part. They also directed me to Amazon where I could buy a new toilet for less than the replacement. When the pump goes, the entire unit is useless, there is no alternate way to flush. Company does not stand by it’s product.

Typical Negative Review on Camping World

GO Anywhere Portable Toilet

Rating: 3.9 stars with 21 reviews

The GO Anywhere Portable Toilet is great for a camper van or tiny travel trailer with limited space. (For more accessories for tiny teardrop trailers, click here).

This small, portable camping toilet weighs only 7 pounds but can support up to 500 pounds. The toilet folds into a small case when not in use. When set-up as a toilet, the waste is captured in a bag secured under the seat.

Portable Toilet

Positive reviewers love the the combination of size and convenience. The toilet is small enough to take on any type of camping trip, but comfortable like a regular toilet. Some happy customers also reported that the toilet did not have any issues with smell.

We go horseback riding and horse camping. Depending on where we are, there are very rarely nice potties available. I just set up my PETT toilet in the back of my trailer and it is available at the beginning and the end of my ride. What luxury! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the comforts of home.

Typical 5 Star Review on Camping World

Negative reviews mentioned some issues with both the quality and functionality of this portable toilet. A few buyers mentioned having trouble folding the legs into position to fit in the portable case.

I bought this a few months ago, tested the folding feature, and it failed. It folds out okay, BUT I cannot get it to fold back to its “briefcase” position. I already have the bags, etc., for it. I suppose I’ll use up all that, then find something else.

Typical 1 Star Review on Camping World

Composting RV Toilet Reviews

Some campers may prefer to install a composting toilet in their RV, skoolie or van. Using a composting toilet allows campers to boondock without worrying about when their black tank will fill up and need to be dumped.

Camping World does not sell composting toilets, so we are sharing the top composting toilet sold on Amazon.

This composting toilet was not made specifically for use in RVs, so campers should be prepared for a more involved replacement and installation. See this article from Gone with The Wynns for more details about installing a composting toilet in an RV.

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Rating: 4.5 stars from 446 reviewers

The Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is popular with RVers who love dry camping. Nature’s Head promise high quality customer service for their pricey composting toilets, which cost just under $1000.

The toilets look like typical residential models and have a large capacity so they do not have to be emptied frequently

Positive reviews note that the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is easy to use and even easier than dumping an RV’s black water tank. Happy campers said that they experienced no or limited odor from the composting toilet.

Many reviewers also confirm that they have received superb customer support from the manufacturer.

What a great composting toilet. We ripped out the old manual salt water head, and it’s smelly lines, and disgusting holding tank on our cruising sailboat. A week in, and NO SMELL. Ahh. We can leave the head door open again! Easy to use. Easy to install. Yes, it’s taller than a normal toilet. We bought a two step step stool so our 3 year old can get to it “all by myself.” That is literally how easy it is to use…a 3 year old can do it. So very very happy.

I also wanted to take a moment to talk up the company. We had a question on our install so I emailed the company. Got a response in 20 minutes and my wife spent 30-45 minutes on the phone with them on a Saturday. Just a good old awesome company to work with.

Typical 5 Star Review on Amazon

There are a few naysayers out there, with 6 percent of Nature’s Head buyers leaving a 1-star review. Most of these reviewers were unhappy with the process of emptying the waste and cleaning the toilet.

Some other unhappy customers complained about unpleasant odors and foul smells from the toilet.

My tiny home has been using this toilet exclusively for a few months now. I wish I hadn’t bought this toilet. Firstly, the instructions for installation are confusing and all the parts that you need are not in the box. Next, emptying the compost was not well conceived. The urine emptying is fairly easy, but the compost section does not come out of the toilet itself. You have to either take the whole toilet off it’s base (and it’s pretty big) outside and dump it into a trash bag (or whatever you use) or you have to scoop it out into something in your bathroom.

Typical 1 Star Review on Amazon

How to Find the Best RV Toilet

As you can deduce from all of the RV toilet reviews we shared, every RV owner has different preferences and options on which RV toilet is the best one. When shopping for an RV toilet, consider the following features to help select the best RV toilet for your family’s needs.

Construction Material

There is a clear trade-off between the different RV toilet materials. Porcelain or china toilets will feel more like a standard toilet found in any home. Toilets constructed with these materials will also be more stable.

On the other hand, porcelain toilets are heavy and they add weight to your RV. The alternative is a plastic RV toilet which is less durable but has a lightweight design. There are some toilets, such as the Aqua-Magic Style II and the Aqua-Magic Style Plus, that combine materials to achieve both sturdiness and lightness.

Water Flow

Some RV toilets are designed with a low-flow flush to minimize water usage and avoid filling waste tanks quickly. Other RV toilets are designed to rinse the full bowl and prioritize self-cleaning over water consumption.

The best choice depends on your camping style. If you boondock frequently, a low-flow toilet or a portable camping toilet is the right choice. For campers who mostly stay at RV parks, a toilet with a more powerful flush is likely the better option.

Ease of Installation

When selecting an RV toilet, consider the amount of work required to install it in your RV. Replacing your toilet with the same make and model will always make installation easier since you will have the same connections and same size base.

Most RV toilets are interchangeable, but always double-check measurements and read installation instructions carefully. Composting toilets may be more difficult to install as they will be secured differently than regular RV toilets and any existing waste tank connections will need to be properly sealed.

Flush Type

RV toilets can have either a foot pedal or a hand flush. Foot pedals are more common in modern RV toilets, but hand flushes are available. There is no real concern with either type of flush mechanism, so the choice is just a personal preference.

Must Have RV Bathroom Supplies

In addition to the specialized toilet, there are a few additional items every RV camper should purchase for their tiny bathroom.

Holding Tank Treatments

Holding tank treatments help break down waste and toilet paper in your black tank, and create a more pleasant scent. Porta-Pak drop-in pods are convenient and have a better odor than other RV tank treatments. After draining and flushing your tanks, just drop a pod in the toilet and flush with a bowl full of water.

Water-Saving Shower Head

The ideal RV shower head will maximize water pressure while conserving water. That is exactly what the Oxygenics Spa RV Shower Head is designed to do.

Other features of this upgraded RV shower head include a SmartPause valve which limits water flow during soaping while keeping water temperatures consistent, a special spray pattern that makes washing and rinsing faster and non-stick internal parts prevent mineral buildup and clogging, even in hard water conditions.

See our full review to learn more about Oxygenics RV shower heads.

Reverse Flush Valve

A reverse flush valve it the best tool to break up clogs in your RV’s black water tank. This valve attaches between the waste valve and the hose and it the easiest way to clear clogs. Using this valve, you can shoot water up into the black tank to break up any clogs that are preventing you from properly dumping the tank.

Cupboard Bars

Many RV bathrooms have medicine cabinets that provide great storage for everyday toiletries. However, all your products and containers are likely to fall over during travel and spill out when the door is opened. To keep everything in place while traveling, install cupboard bars in front of each medicine cabinet shelf.

RV cupboard bar
RV Cupboard Bar

RV Toilet Paper Holder

Instead of storing toilet paper on the floor or in the cabinet, purchase an RV-friendly toilet paper holder like this self-adhesive pivoting bar. See our complete list of the 15 best RV toilet paper holders for more options.

FAQs about RV Toilets

Using an RV toilet is a bit more completed than using toilets in houses or public restrooms. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about RV toilets. See our review of the best RV toilet paper and our beginner’s guide to RV holding tanks for more detailed information.

What RV Toilet is Best?

According to consumers RV toilet reviews, the Dometic 310 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet is the best RV toilet. The RV toilet has a 4.5 star rating from Camping World buyers.

Do RV Toilets Smell?

RV toilets should not smell if they are cleaned and maintained properly. Proper care includes regularly flushing the RV’s black tank, putting tank treatments in regularly and using the right toilet paper to prevent clogs.

What Toilet Paper Can Be Used in an RV Toilet?

Only toilet paper that quickly breaks down in water can be used in RV toilets. To test if toilet paper is safe for RV use, place a few sheets or paper in a bottle of water. Shake the jar once or twice. If the paper dissolves into small pieces it is safe for RV use.

Do RV Toilets Have Wax Rings?

Most RV toilets use a rubber ring seal instead of wax rings used with residential toilets. Before purchasing an RV toilet, check if a rubber ring seal is included.

What is the Tallest RV toilet?

The high profile Aqua-Magic Residence Toilet is the tallest RV toilet at 19.5 inches. Most high profile RV toilets are between 17 and 18.5 inches tall, so the Aqua-Magic is the perfect choice for tall campers.

What is the Cheapest RV Toilet

The white Dometic High Profile 300 Gravity Flush Toilet is the cheapest RV toilet currently available at Camping World. It is 18 inches tall and is currently priced at $129.53.

After reading all of these RV toilet reviews and tips, you should be ready to select the right toilet for your tiny, traveling bathroom.

If you are in the process of stocking up on RV gear, check out our lists of must have RV camping supplies and essential RV kitchen and cooking supplies.

No matter which toilet you select, taking care of your RV holding tanks is the best way to keep your RV bathroom functioning properly. See our beginner’s guide to RV black and gray water tanks for more details on tank maintenance and care.

If you already have an issue with your RV toilet, see our article on how to unclog an RV toilet.

Which RV toilet did you select and how do you like it? Leave your RV toilet reviews in the comments section below.

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