15 Absolute Best RV Toilet Paper Holders

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Most RV bathrooms have one thing in common: they are small. In tiny RV bathrooms, it can be difficult to know how and where to store everyday items, such as toilet paper. Our list of the 15 best RV toilet paper holders contains easy solutions for storing toilet paper in your RV bathroom.

Don’t forget to make sure you have the right paper in your RV toilet paper holder. See our guide to the best RV toilet paper for more details.

Self-Adhesive RV Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders installed with adhesives are perfect for campers because they do not require drilling screws into the thin walls. These self-adhesive RV toilet paper holders come ready to install without any tools required.

Stainless Steel Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

With 3M tape on the backside of this sleek toilet paper holder, it easily attaches to any wall without using screws. The stainless steel finish will never rust, and matches most standard RV bathroom fixtures.

Thin Stainless Steel Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

Another great stainless steel RV toilet paper bar option is the KES roll holder. The low-profile design extends less than an inch from the wall, making it perfect for small RV bathrooms.

Anfly Black Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

For RVers who prefer black hardware, Anfly’s self-adhesive toilet paper holder is another easy to install option. The set also comes with two self-adhesive hooks for hanging towels or other items.

Pivoting Black Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

A smaller option with a black finish is this pivoting toilet paper holder. The locking rod is an added benefit for RVers, as the toilet paper will always stay on the holder during travel. This holder is also available in stainless steel.

Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder with Bamboo Shelf

To really upgrade the look of your RV bathroom, install this self-adhesive toilet paper holder with a cute bamboo shelf on top. The shelf is the perfect place to set an air freshener to keep your tiny bathroom smelling fresh.

Enfysfach Gold Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

This Enfysfach toilet paper holder features a shiny gold finish that will brighten up your bathroom. The holder can be mounted with the included self-adhesive tape or with screws. It can also be hung horizontally or vertically to best fit your RV bathroom.

Free-Standing RV Toilet Paper Holders

If your RV bathroom has a bit of floor space next to the toilet, free-standing RV toilet paper holders are another great option. To keep the holder from sliding around on travel days, secure it to the floor with museum putty.

SunnyPoint Silver Toilet Paper Stand

SunnyPoint’s silver toilet paper stand allows you to store multiple rolls without taking up a lot of space. The stand holds up to 4 rolls and the weighted base is just over 6 inches in diameter.

mDesign Black Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

The free-standing toilet paper holder by mDesign is completely enclosed keeping the paper dry and out of sight. The canister holds three rolls of toilet paper.

mDesign Blue Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

If you like the mDesign toilet paper holder but want a little more color, this bright blue version is the perfect solution. The container is also available in white, terracotta and gray.

Yamazaki Simple Toilet Paper Holder

When it comes to RVs, simple is often the best solution. The Yamazaki toilet paper holder is a simple white and wood pole that holds up to three rolls of toilet paper. The base is less than 5 inches in diameter and the entire holder weighs less than a pound.

KES Black Toilet Paper Holder Stand

If you don’t need to store multiple rolls of toilet paper, this sleek black stand is the perfect solution. The base is five by seven inches wide and includes anti-slip padding. The holder is also available in brass and steel finishes.

Yamazaki Toilet Paper Stand with Tray

This Yamazaki toilet paper holder features a unique design including a bar for three rolls and a tray to keep air freshener or other items. The base is four by six inches and the stand weighs just under two pounds.

RV Toilet Paper Holders for Wet Baths

For campers with wet baths, their RV toilet paper holders need to be waterproof. These waterproof toilet paper holders are perfect for teeny tiny RV bathrooms.

Click here to learn more about RV wet baths.

Hanging Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder

The hanging toilet paper holder is a simple solution for wet RV bathrooms, where the toilet is under the shower. The holder can be hung on any hook or handle in your bathroom, and the design allows toilet paper to be easily pulled from the bag.

Marine Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

For tiny RV owners who want a more permanent solution, this marine toilet paper holder works great in RV wet baths. The plastic cover keeps the paper dry, and it easy to clean. The holder is mounted into the wall with four screws, so it will only work if your are able to drill into the RV wall.

Black Self-Adhesive Waterproof Toilet Paper Holder

Last, but not least on our list of the best RV toilet paper holders is a black waterproof box. This sleek box is self-adhesive, so no screws are required. The box is made of durable stainless steel.

Thanks for reading our guide to the best RV toilet paper holders. We hope you found the perfect solution for your tiny RV bathroom.

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Happy Camping!

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