12 Big RV Camping Discounts for Veterans & Military

RV with American Flags Outside

RVs are a popular way for families to travel and explore the great outdoors. Many RV manufacturers, campgrounds and supply stores offer military and veteran discounts to show appreciation for the sacrifices military families make. My husband is a veteran, and utilizing RV military discounts has allowed us to save …

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RV Consignment: A Definitive Guide for RV Owners

If you are interested in selling your travel trailer or motorhome, but not interested in dealing with potential buyers, RV consignment is a great option. In the article we share everything you need to know about RV consignment, including how it works, the pros and cons and alternative ways to …

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25 Steps to Prepare for Full Time RV Living

Full Time RV Living

Full time RV living is a growing trend in America with over 1 million Americans living in RVs. Many people are driven to the RV lifestyle through a desire to travel and prioritize experiences over things. After more than seven years living in an RV full time, I can vouch …

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How To Register a Bus as an RV: The Ultimate Guide

How to Register a Bus as an RV

Many nomads and homesteaders are converting school buses into tiny homes on wheels. However, keeping a Skoolie conversion registered as a bus is not ideal for travelers. Registering the school bus as a recreational vehicle will lead to lower insurance premiums and negate the need for a special driver’s license. …

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What is the Best RV Size to Buy?

There are several decisions to make when deciding which RV is right for your family. In my opinion, size is second in importance only to budget when purchasing an RV. Size will determine where you can park and how easy it is to drive your rig. So, what is the …

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11 Incredible Class C RVs with Bunk Beds (2023 Update)

Class C with bunk beds

Class C RVs are super desirable because they are small and easy to drive. However, it can be difficult to find a Class C floorplan that can comfortably accommodate an entire family. Fortunately for you, we have researched all the Class C floorplans available in 2023 so you can select …

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