RV Model Letters Explained (RV Abbreviations Glossary)

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When shopping for an RV, you will often see model numbers that end with codes such as “FK” or “BH”. If you are new to RVing, you probably have no idea what these RV model letters mean.

Fortunately, we’ve toured thousands of RVs over the years and have the scoop on how RV model numbers are created. Below is a glossary explaining all the RV model abbreviations.

Let’s jump right in!

What Do the Letters in RV Models Mean?

Front RV bathroom with double vanity
RV Model Letters Often Indicate Floorplan Features, such as FB for Front Bath

The letters in RV model codes are not random. They are actually abbrevitions that describe some feature of the RV.

The most common use of these RV model abbreviations is to describe the layout. For example, an RV model ending in RK will have a rear kitchen. Below is a complete glossary with a full list of commonly used RV model abbreviations.

Some RVs may have two abbreviations in one model number. For example, an SLRD is a “Super Lite Mid Den”.

RV manufacturers can create their own model numbers, so RV abbreviations are not standardized. However, all of the abbreviations in this glossary are commonly used across multiple brands, especially for travel trailers and fifth wheels.

What Do the Numbers in RV Models Mean?

Woman Measuring How Tall an RV Is
RV Model Numbers may Indicate Length or Sq. Footage

As with RV model letters, the numbering system for RVs is not standardized. However, the numbers in RV models often indicate either the length or square footage of the RV.

RV Abbreviation Glossary

RV bedroom with mirrored closet doors.

BH = Bunkhouse

Bunkhouses refer to RVs that have a set of bunk beds. These RVs may have a private bunkroom or the bunk beds might be located in a hallway or just off the living room.

BK or BU = Bunks

BK and BU are other RV model abbreviations used to incicate that there are bunk beds.

CK = Central Kitchen

Used for RV floorplans with a kitchen in the middle of the RV, usually open to the living area.

DS = Dual Suite

These giant RVs have two bedrooms each with their own attached bathrooms.

FK = Front Kitchen

Front kitchen travel trailers and fifth wheels have kitchens in the front of the RV. These floorplans generally have a mid-living room and a rear bedroom.

FL = Front Living

FL refers to a front living floorplan. In these models, the kitchen is usally in the middle of the RV and the bedroom is in the back.

Front living floorplans are known for their spacious living areas that often have comfortable seating for 6 or more people.

FB = Front Bath

Another floorplan abbreviation that is becoming more common on towable RVs is FB or front bath. These floorplans often feature large RV bathrooms with dual vanities.

K or KB = King Bed

Simply indicates the RV contains a king bed.

K = Kitchen

K can also be used to standard for kitchen in some unique RV models. For example Keystone Avalanche has a “GK” model, which stands for grand kitchen.

Other models use “OK” to indicate that the RV has an outdoor kitchen.

LT = Loft

Models labeled as LT have a sleeping loft in RV.

MB = Mid Bunk

A mid bunk RV floorplan has a bunkroom in the center of the RV between the living area and the main bedroom.

MD = Mid Den

Mid den floorplans generally have a separate room in the middle of the RV. This den often has fold-down or pull-out beds, so it can double as a kid’s bedroom.

ML = Mid Living

Mid living floorplans have the living area in the center of the RV.

O = Office

In newer RV models, an O may stand for office. For example, the Keystone Montana 3941FO has a front office.

RB = Rear Bath

Indicates that there is a bathroom in the back of the RV.

RK = Rear Kitchen

Just like it sounds, rear kitchens RVs are layouts with the floorplan in the back of the trailer.

RL = Rear Living

Means the living room is in the back of the RV.

RD = Rear Den

Used interchangably with rear living. The den or entertainment area is in the back of the RV.

RE = Rear Entertainment.

Also used interchangably with rear living or rear den.

RS = Rear Sofa

Simply indicates that a sofa (and possible a larger living area) is located in the rear of the RV.

S = Slide Out

An S added to the end of a model number usually indicates that the RV has a slideout.

SL = Super Lite

Super lite or super light is a lightweight travel trailer or fifth wheel that can be towed by a smaller truck or SUV.

SS may indicate a super slide out, while WS often means “with slide out” and TS is used for RVs with three slideouts.

TB = Twin Bed

Twin bed models have either a single twin bed or a set of twin beds.

Q or QB = Queen Bed

Simply indicates the RV contains a queen bed. FQ usually stands for Front Queen while RQ stands for Rear Queen.

WE = Western

WE in a model number indicates that is a western production only RV. It is one of the few RV abbreviations that does not describe a floorplan feature.

Now that you know how to interpret RV model numbers, you can start shopping for the perfect RV.

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