How To Register a Bus as an RV: The Ultimate Guide

How to Register a Bus as an RV

Many nomads and homesteaders are converting school buses into tiny homes on wheels. However, keeping a Skoolie conversion registered as a bus is not ideal for travelers. Registering the school bus as a recreational vehicle will lead to lower insurance premiums and negate the need for a special driver’s license. …

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20 Tips for Choosing the Best RV Size to Buy

Aerial photograph of RV park surrounded by red rocks.

There are several decisions to make when deciding which RV is right for your family. In my opinion, size is second in importance only to budget when purchasing an RV. Size will determine where you can park and how easy it is to drive your rig. So, what is the …

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Tiny Homes vs. RVs: The Ultimate Guide

Tiny Home vs. RV

Nomadic living and minimalism are both becoming more popular among young adults and retirees alike. Tiny house and RV shows can be found all over cable TV and the #homeiswhereyouparkit hashtag has over 2 million posts on Instagram. It is clear that living small is popular, but how do you …

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How Much Do RV Rentals Cost?

Looking to rent an RV for your family vacation or an extended road trip, but wondering how much an RV rental cost? The simple answer is that is varies greatly depending on the type of RV you rent, the time of year and the rental location. If you are just …

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