Hooking-Up Checklist for RVers

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Preparing for your first trips in the RV can be nerve-wracking.  Have you put everything away safely? Did you forget to turn anything off? To help ease that anxiety, I have created a checklist of things to do before you head out.  Of course, not every item on the checklist will be required for every RV, so an editable version of the checklist is available for download.  I highly recommend using the checklist on every trip, even after your comfortable with the process.  After countless moves, we were a little too confident and have recently broken a crock pot and gotten a roll of paper towels stuck in the slide after not packing away properly.

Read the list below or click to download and save.

Download RV hook up checklist

The Day Before Leaving:

  1. Store wall hangings and décor items (We put our one framed poster under the bed)
  2. Remove any heavy items from upper cabinets
  3. Put the TV antennae down
  4. Check tire pressure
  5. Load up bikes, kayaks or other large equipment
  6. Fill up your tow vehicle with fuel
  7. Sweep leaves and debris off top of slides
  8. Pack snacks / lunch
  9. Turn up temperature on fridge (Will ensure everything stays cool while fridge is off during travel)

The Morning of Departure:

  1. Remove and store all items on counter tops
  2. Close stove cover
  3. Turn off propane
  4. Dump black and grey water and flush tanks

Right Before Departure:

  1. Double-check that all doors, cabinets and drawers are firmly closed
  2. Put slides in
  3. Hook up trailer or tower vehicle
  4. Turn off water pump
  5. Turn off electric
  6. Make sure doors are shut and steps are up
  7. Extend mirrors on tow vehicle
  8. Check break light
  9. Check tire pressure again (We’ve blown a few)
  10. Remove wheel chocks and jack pads

Final Check: Once you are hooked up, I recommend driving to the park exit and getting out to conduct one final walk around.  During this walk around I do a visual inspection of the RV to make sure all outlets are full closed and nothing looks out of place after driving a short distance.  Then turn on the tunes and enjoy the trip!

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