Must Have Apps for RV Living

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While most full-time RVers are trying to disconnect more often, your phone can be a great tool to make planning and living life on the road easier.  Here is a list of apps that I consider must haves for anyone traveling the country or living in an RV.

  1. ALLSTAYS ($9.99) – This is the best app to locate campgrounds and places to park overnight.  You can easily zoom in on a city or highway to see all RV parks, campgrounds and overnight parking spots on your route.  At first I was hesitant to pay the hefty download fee, but I have had much better success locating overnight stops using this app compared to just Googling.
  2. Trucker Path (Free) – This app is a great tool to find the most convenient fuel, snack and potty breaks along your route.  ALLSTAYS also shows truck stops but this app provides more helpful details.  You can enter your destination and see all truck stops and rest stops along the way.  For each stop the app shows the number of truck parking spots available, which helps you determine if its going to be a big lot or a tight squeeze for your rig.  They also note what restaurants are on site and if the stop has a RV dump station.
  3. Google Maps (Free) – So this one is probably already on your phone, but I am recommending that you use it on each drive.  Since we mostly drive on interstates, we didn’t use GPS for most of our early trips.  However, we quickly found that using Google Maps can save you a lot of time.  The app will notify you of any delays and provide alternate routes, so if you want to avoid being stuck in traffic on a long drive make sure to check the app at least a few times along your way.
  4. YouTube (Free) – Again, this one is probably already on your phone but it is a great tool for RVers.  We are not handy at all, but we have repaired several RV issues ourselves after turning to YouTube.  When you’re a full-timer, repairs mean hiring a costly mobile service or paying for a hotel while your rig sits in the shop, so learning from others online can save you a lot of money.
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