10 Adorable Retro Campers and Travel Trailers

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While modern RVs have more of the conveniences of home, there is nothing more adorable than a retro camper. Fortunately, there are many retro style travel trailers that are actually brand new. Here are the 10 best retro campers available today.

Airstream Classic

With an exterior design that has stayed the same since the 1930s, the Airstream Classic is a true retro-style camper. The Classic trailer features the famous riveted aluminum shell that is lightweight, strong and self-supporting.

While the exterior of this travel trailer maintains its classic design, the interior houses many modern features. These upgrades include a residential style kitchen and smart control technology that allows you to monitor and control your RV from a smartphone app.

Classic travel trailers are available in 30 and 33 foot-long models. Both floorplans include the option for twin beds if you want to sleep like classic TV couples.

Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser

Designed to capture the vibe of the 1950s, the Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser has adorable vintage style inside and out. The exterior is available with three different options: teal, crimson red or wood.

The exterior color options continue inside the travel trailer where the curtains, dinette cushions, couch and refrigerator are either crimson or teal. Retro details can be found in every corner of this camper from the bedroom reading lights to the pearl fabric shower curtain.

There are several Vintage Cruiser floorplans to choose from, ranging from 20 to 26 feet long. All of the models include a full dry bathroom and a full kitchen.

Happier Camper HC1

Delivering ground-breaking design in a retro-style package, the HC1 is a highly unique small travel trailer. The exterior features a mix of white and light green paint and a large rear hatch that allows for easy access into the camper.

This retro travel trailer comes equipped with the company’s truly modern Adaptiv® interior. The unique Adaptiv floor grid consists of modular components, so you can instantly adjust the interior of your travel trailers to suit your needs.

The modular components include a dry flush toilet, but one feature missing from this 13-foot camper is a shower.

Happier Camper Traveler

Also made by Happier Camper, the Traveler is a camper that offers retro style and ample room to work, relax and cook. The white, fiberglass exterior is a super cute and simple with a porthole window on the door.

Inside, the 14-foot camper has two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom and kitchenette. The interior design has modern capabilities, but a retro feel with lots of wood accents.

Like the HC1, the Traveler utilizes Adaptiv® technology, so you can customize and reconfigure the two living spaces into an office, dining area, sleeping quarters or lounge space in minutes.

nuCamp Barefoot

The nuCamp Barefoot is undeniably one of the cutest retro campers on the market. The exterior is a curvy fiberglass body in a stunning sea glass color. Its vibrant, retro design will stand out and start lots of conversations at the campground.

Inside, the Barefoot travel trailer has everything you need, starting with a spacious U-shaped dinette with blue cushions that converts into a comfortable sleeping area. The galley kitchen features a refrigerator, a deep basin sink with a folding faucet and a butcher block countertop.

The wet bath comes with a cassette toilet and a retractable showerhead for indoor/outdoor use. Other notable features in this 17-foot RV include a three-bottle wine rack and push button cabinets.

Old School Trailers

Old School Trailers builds travel trailers with aluminum cage construction and retro-style exteriors. The exteriors are white with either teal or red stripes and matching painted rims.

The interior of these RVs also features several retro pieces. Vintage-style features include colorful dinette cushions, retro bedding and wood-paneled walls in the living area and bathroom.

Old School Trailers offers multiple floorplans, all of which are just under 22 feet long. All of the models include a dry bathroom and power awnings.

Retro RV

If you are looking to rent a retro RV for your Australia road trip, check out Retro RV. This unique company builds retro-looking RVs, that they sell as part of their franchise system and their franchisees rent the RVs out. 

These campers are constructed from actual retro RVs, that are carefully restored with lots of brand new parts . For example, the Retro RV team swaps out the old, unreliable VW Kombi engines and replaces them with fuel injected, overhead cam Subaru engines.

The interiors feature a classic interior design with white cabinets, wood countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Riverside RV Retro

Another line of retro campers created to reflect the style of the 1950s, the Retro by Riverside is a vibrant, lightweight travel trailer. The exterior of the Riverside Retro features curved lines and bright paint.

The interior of the Retro stays true to the name with classic, black and white checkerboard flooring reminiscent of a 1950’s diner. Dinette cushions pop in aqua, red or seafoam green. Bright birch wood covers the interior walls and cabinetry.

Riverside makes several Retro models ranging from 16 to 28 feet long. All of the trailers have a full, dry bathroom.

The Dub Box

Another company that makes awesome retro campers is Dub Box. Amazingly cool retro caravans that can be painted in any color you choose, Dub Box Adventure Campers are the ultimate retro RVs.

While it looks like a retro van, the Dub Box is actually a towable travel trailer. Inside, the Adventure Camper includes a dinette that converts into a bed, a kitchen and a portable toilet. There is no shower inside, but there is an outdoor shower attachment.

These cool campers also include a pop-up top with weather curtains, so you can easily increase the headroom inside.

Ultimate Camper

Last, but not least on our list of the best retro campers is the Ultimate Camper. This adorable teardrop camper may truly be the ultimate retro trailer. The exterior comes in two options, one featuring a bright blue top with faux wood paneling below.

Inside the camper has more conveniences than you would expect to find in a teardrop trailer. These comfort features include a queen-size bed, a large dinette with a swiveling table, a galley kitchen and a large wet bath.

Click here to see the best teardrop trailer accessories to go along with this retro camper.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to the best retro campers. We hope you found the perfect RV for your adventures.

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Happy Camping.

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