20 Best Small Travel Trailers Under 3500 & 5000 lbs

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RV camping is a great adventure, but many travel trailers require owners to also purchase an expensive tow vehicle. Large travel trailers are also more difficult to take off-grid. Fortunately, there are several great small travel trailers with all the bells and whistles.

Looking for the perfect small, lightweight travel trailer for your camping adventures? Here are the 20 best small travel trailers in 2024.

The Best Small Travel Trailer in 2024

KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB

Length: 16 feet, 9 inches

GVWR: 2800 pounds

The Sportsmen Classic 130RB is the best small travel trailer because it packs tons of comforts into a super lightweight trailer. One of the best features is its rear bathroom.

While many small travel trailers have a wet bath, this RV has a proper bathroom with a toilet and a separate shower. While there is no sink in the bathroom, it is located just outside in the kitchen area, which also includes a stove, microwave and refrigerator.

The floorplan also includes a large convertible dinette in the front of the RV, a loveseat sofa and a large storage closet beside the entrance. The flooring is a all vinyl with no carpet. This rig also comes prepped for solar panels.

To make this trailer even better add the off-road package, which includes 15-inch mud tires, extra ground clearance and a heated holding tank.

Best Small Travel Trailers under 3500 Pounds

While the KZ Sportsmen Classic is our selection for the best small travel trailer, there are plenty of other great lightweight options available.  The GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum loaded weight of an RV. All the RVs in this section have a GVWR of 3500 pounds or less.

If you think 3500 pounds is small, check out these tiny motorcycle campers, some of which are under 330 pounds!

Airstream Basecamp 16

Length: 16 feet, 0 inches

GVWR: 3500 pounds

While the Basecamp doesn’t look like other Airstream travel trailers, it is built to meet the company’s high quality standards. In fact, the low profile, aerodynamic shape of this trailer naturally delivers low wind resistance creating less drag.

Inside, the Basecamp has everything you need for a comfortable night at the campsite. The front kitchen includes a two-burner gas stove, sink, microwave and a small refrigerator. There is also a wet bathroom and bench seating that converts into a full-size bed.

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Airstream Bambi 16RB

Length: 16 feet, 0 inches

GVWR: 3500 pounds

If you want a lightweight travel trailer and love the class Airstream design, the Bambi 16RB is the perfect choice. The Bambi 16RB fits everything you would expect from an Airstream travel trailer into a tiny package.

The front of the trailer houses a dinette that comfortably seats four, and converts into additional sleeping space. The middle of the floor plan includes wet bath and a small kitchen with a stove, sink, microwave and small refrigerator. In the back is the bed with comfortable sleeping space for two.

Casita Heritage

Length: 17 feet, 0 inches

GVWR: ~3000 pounds

Even though it is tiny, Casita Heritage is a great rig for families. With a large convertible dinette and bunk beds, the RV comfortably sleeps four people. Larger families, can select the standard floorplan, which offers an additional set of bunk beds. The deluxe floorplan has a bathroom in place of the extra bed

Both of the Casita Heritage floorplans have insulated interiors, lightweight fiberglass furniture, almost 50 cubic feet of storage space and a full kitchen. Heritage travel trailers also have bright, white interiors that make the campers feel more spacious.

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Happier Camper HC1

Length: 13 feet, 5 inches

GVWR: 3500 pounds

Delivering ground-breaking flexibility in a lightweight trailer package, the retro-modern HC1 is a highly unique small travel trailer. The exterior is a mix of white and light green, and the rear hatch allows for easy access into the camper.

This lightweight travel trailer comes with the company’s signature Adaptiv® interior. The unique Adaptiv floor grid consists of modular components, so you can instantly adjust the interior of your travel trailers to suit your needs. The modular components include a dry flush toilet, but there is no shower in this camper.

inTech Flyer Explore

Length: 16 feet, 7 inches

GVWR: 2990 pounds

If you love to camp off the beaten path, the inTech Flyer Explore is one of the best small travel trailers. Every Flyer is built utilizing an all-aluminum, fully welded cage frame, making them strong enough to handle rough road conditions.

For added space inside, every Flyer comes standard with a roadside tip-out and the option for a second tip-out on the curbside. An optional slide-out kitchen includes an electric cooler and stove. Inside, there is plenty of open floorspace, a countertop and beds in the tip-outs. There is no bathroom in this travel trailer.

nuCamp Barefoot

Length: 16 feet, 7 inches

GVWR: 3000 pounds

The nuCamp Barefoot is undeniably the cutest lightweight travel trailer on the market. The exterior is a curvy fiberglass body in a stunning sea glass color. Its retro design will stand out and start lots of conversations at the campground.

Inside, the Barefoot travel trailer has everything you need, starting with a spacious U-shaped dinette that converts into a comfortable sleeping area. The galley kitchen features a refrigerator, a deep basin sink with a folding faucet and a butcher block countertop. The wet bath comes with a cassette toilet and a retractable showerhead for indoor/outdoor use.

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Best Small Travel Trailers under 5000 Pounds

If you are looking for a little more space and have enough towing capacity, these travel trailers with a GVWR under 5000 pounds are great options. They are still lightweight, but have more space for amenities.

Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser 17SCD

Length: 20 feet, 0 inches

GVWR: 4300 pounds

Gulfstream’s Vintage Cruisers are lightweight travel trailers with retro exterior and interior designs. These trailers can be painted and furnished with red, teal or wood wagon details. Other retro details include vintage drapes, adorable dinette booths and custom comforters.

Our favorite Vintage Cruiser floorplan is the 17SCD, because it is compact but practical. Just left of the rear entrance is a large storage closet. Next to the closet is a spacious three-piece corner bathroom. A dinette and galley kitchen are in the center of the trailer and a full-size bed is up front.

Jayco Jay Flight SX 154BH

Length: 18 feet, 0 inches

GVWR: 3600 pounds

Jayco’s lightest travel trailer has plenty of space for the whole family. In addition to its low weight, back-up and side-marker camera prep makes towing the trailer even easier. Dark tinted windows will offer privacy and UV protection on hot sunny days.

Inside the trailer has a separate bathroom with a shower/tub combination and a full galley kitchen with a large pantry for storage. Sleeping spaces include a set of bunk beds and a convertible dinette.

Jayco Jay Feather Micro 166FBS

Length: 19 feet, 8 inches

GVWR: 4995 pounds

Jayco’s other option for a lightweight travel trailer is the Jay Feather Micro 166FBS. At almost 20-feet long, this RV has more living space for rainy days at the campground. However, it is has a GVWR just under 5000 pounds, so buyers will need a mid-size tow vehicle.

The smallest floorplan in the Jay Feather Micro line features a full three-piece bathroom and a full kitchen with a good-sized refrigerator. There is also a large couch with plenty of space for three adults and a full-sized bed.

Lance Travel Trailers

Lance manufactures two travel trailer floorplans with a GVWR of under 5000 pounds. Both of these compact travel trailers are built using Lance’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. They are also pretty inside with three modern dĂ©cor options to choose from.

Lance 1475

Length: 19 feet, 8 inches

GVWR: 4500 pounds

The 1475 model is a great couple’s rig. Inside the rig is a galley kitchen with an oven, refrigerator and microwave. Across from the kitchen are two swivel chairs and a dining table. The queen-size bed is in the front of the RV, while the full three-piece bath is in the rear.

Lance 1575

Length: 20 feet, 5 inches

GVWR: 4600 pounds

The 1575 floorplan also has a galley kitchen with all the needed appliances. However, it offers more seating and sleeping space with a large dinette booth. The dry bathroom has a separate shower, but no sink. The queen-size bed and a closet are located in the front of the trailer.

Keystone Bullet Crossfire

Another quality line of small, lightweight travel trailers is the Bullet Crossfire. This Keystone make has three floorplans with a GVWR under 5000 pounds. All of these RVs also have stylish, modern interiors that Keystone is known for designing.

Bullet Crossfire 1800RB

Length: 21 feet, 4 inches

GVWR: 4400 pounds

The 1800RB floorplan features a three-piece rear bathroom that extends the full width of the trailer. The bathroom also houses a large wardrobe closet. The middle of the RV includes a convertible dinette and a galley kitchen. In the front is a sofa with a Murphy bed that folds over for sleeping.

Bullet Crossfire 1850RB

Length: 22 feet, 4 inches

GVWR: 4700 pounds

The 1850RB also features a rear three-piece bath, but it is a smaller corner bathroom. The extra rear space is used for the refrigerator and pantry, allowing for more counterspace in the galley kitchen. This floorplan also has a queen-sized bed and a tri-fold sofa.

Bullet Crossfire 1900RD

Length: 21 feet, 11 inches

GVWR: 4700 pounds

The 1900RD features a large U-shaped rear dinette. The kitchen with pantry storage and full three-piece bathroom are both located in the middle of the trailer. A queen-size bed and a wardrobe closet are located in the front.

Palomino Puma Ultra Lite

The Puma Ultra Lite travel trailer line has a huge selection of small travel trailers with six models under 5000 pounds. These single axle, seven-foot wide models can be towed by crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs. Below are the two best Puma floorplans.

Palomino Puma Ultra Lite 16QBX

Length: 21 feet, 6 inches

GVWR: 3880 pounds

The 16QBX is one of the best small travel trailers for couples or small families. The floorplan includes a large three-piece rear bathroom with a shower/tub combination. It also has a small but fully-equipped kitchen. A dinette is located across from the kitchen. In the front of the RV is a queen-size bed with wardrobe closest on either side.

Palomino Puma Ultra Lite 18RDX

Length: 23 feet, 2 inches

GVWR: 4855 pounds

The large 18RDX floorplan is a better option for families with older kids. The RV includes a queen-sized bed, a flip-down bunk over the rear dinette and a jacknife sofa. It has a similar kitchen to the 16QBX, but has a pantry for more storage. A two-piece bathroom is located next to the bed.

Winnebago Hike 100

Designed for outdoor adventure, the rugged HIKE 100 has plenty of room for gear and comes loaded with features, yet is light enough to be towed by smaller vehicles. There are five Hike 100 floorplans, all of which are under 5000 pounds. We share our three favorite.

All of the Hike 100 floorplans have a wet bath and small kitchen in the front of the camper. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, sink, microwave and a pull-out counter. Each floorplan has a different lounging and sleeping configuration in the rear half of the trailer.


Length: 15 feet, 11 inches

GVWR: 4200 pounds

The H1316TB features a unique but functional sleeping area. One side of the living area has a large rollover sofa, while the other side has a set of bunk beds. This creates plenty of sleeping space for three adults. There is also a folding table in the middle, and a rear door so bikes can be stored inside the trailer for travel.


Length: 15 feet, 11 inches

GVWR: 4200 pounds

The H1316FB has an east-to-west facing queen bed in the rear of the trailer. An additional twin bed is lofted above. A strutted flip-up door allows campers to access storage under the bed. This floorplan also has an outdoor kitchen.


Length: 15 feet, 11 inches

GVWR: 4200 pounds

The H1316MB has a Murphy bed in the back of the RV, so campers have a sofa to relax on during the day. A folding table sits in front of the sofa, so it can also be used for dining. Overhead cabinets and nightstands provide additional storage space.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to the best small travel trailers. We hope you found the perfect adventure rig for your family.

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Happy Camping!

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