15 Best Travel Trailer RVs with Twin Beds

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As more people buys RVs to live in or enjoy summers on the road, RV manufacturers are building more floorplans to accommodate every family.

Travel trailers with twin beds are an ideal option for solo travelers or for adults who travel together, but do not want to share a bed. Below are the 15 best travel trailers with twin beds.

Note: This article focuses on one-bedroom travel trailers with twin beds. For shoppers looking for additional sleeping space, checkout our articles on the best travel trailer bunkhouses, the best fifth wheels with loft sleeping spaces and the best travel trailers with two queen bedrooms.

Airstream Travel Trailers with Twin Beds

Airstream is the most prolific manufacturer of travel trailers with twin beds. Several of their models offer twin bed floorplans and some even offer multiple twin bed layouts. The number in each floorplan name indicate the trailer’s exterior length.

Airstream Classic Twin Bed Floorplans

The Classic is Airstream’s flagship travel trailer brand, and offers the company’s largest twin bed floorplans.

Classic models are built with full-time living or extended road trips in mind, so they offer all the comforts of home. With an abundance of large cabinets and spacious wardrobes, Classic models offer more storage space than any other Airstream.

Classic Airstream travel trailers also offer residential-style kitchens, bathrooms with heated shower floors and heated towel racks, retractable TVs and power controls for blinds and lights.

Campers can select from multiple interior design options, including the Comfort White interior with white cabinetry.

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Classic 30RB

The 30RB floor plan has a rear main bedroom with the option for two twin beds. A cross-hall bathroom, with a shower on one side of the hall and the water closet on the other side, sits directly in front of the bedroom.

A spacious sofa with two recliners is in the front of trailer under the panoramic windows. The trailer also includes a dinette table across from the full kitchen.

Classic 33FB

Airstream’s Classic 33FB floorplan is the largest of the company’s travel trailers with twin beds. The bedroom is located in the front of the trailer, and has the option for twin beds. In the rear of the trailer is a spacious three-piece bathroom with a large vanity and tons of storage space.

The central lounge includes a built-in desk, a reclining sofa and a powered dinette that easily converts into additional sleeping space.

Airstream Flying Cloud Twin Bed Floorplans

The Flying Cloud line of travel trailers has the most floorplans of any Airstream model, including several floorplans with the option for twin beds. With so many options to choose from, there is a Flying Cloud that is just right for every family.

The twin beds in Flying Cloud trailers come with pillow top memory foam mattresses for ultimate comfort.

All Flying Cloud models also come equipped with Quietstream climate control systems that quickly heat or cool the cabin without generating a bunch of obnoxious noise. The interior of these travel trailers features light maple cabinetry and a choice of gray or tan upholstery.

Flying Cloud 23FB

The smallest Flying Cloud floorplan is the 23FB. Its front bedroom comes with the option for one queen bed or two twin beds. The main living area includes a large dinette booth and a small galley kitchen.

The bathroom is in the rear of the RV and spans the entire width of the trailer. This floorplan has a very spacious shower and a large vanity for an RV of its size.

Flying Cloud 25FB

The Flying Cloud 25FB features a front bedroom and a cross-hall bathroom with a separate shower. The front lounge includes a convertible dinette with an extra long bench seat on one side for relaxing and watching TV.

A small but functional kitchen includes a large sink, a refrigerator and a three burner stove.

Flying Cloud 27FB

Almost identical to the Flying Cloud 25FB model, the 27FB floorplan utilizes its extra space to provide more storage. These storage upgrades include a large wardrobe closet beside the shower and larger cabinets in the kitchen.

Flying Cloud 28RB

The rear bedroom in the Flying Cloud 28RB has twin beds and is located next to a cross-hall bathroom. The larger floorplan allows for a separate dinette that converts into a bed and a large sofa in the front of the RV. The 28RB also has a small closet for hanging clothes.

Flying Cloud 30RB Twin

The largest of the Flying Cloud travel trailers with twin beds, the 30RB also has a rear bedroom, a cross-hall bathroom, a convertible dinette and a large sofa in the front of the trailer. A large wardrobe closet beside the shower provides plenty of space for hanging clothes.

Airstream International Twin Bed Floorplans

Airstream’s International travel trailer line is designed to help bring the outdoors in while camping. Like the Flying Cloud trailers, the International RVs all include the Quietstream climate control system to help keep noise down. They also feature an optional solar panel and battery upgrade.

These stylish trailers feature cool wood tones, clean modern lines and natural seashore-colored textiles. Buyers can choose between two interior design packages, one which has light blue upholstery and one with light gray upholstery.

International 25FB

The layout of the International 25FB is pretty much identical to the same-size Flying Cloud floorplan. The front bedroom is next to a cross-hall bathroom with a separate shower. The front lounge also includes a convertible dinette with an extra long bench seat on one side.

Airstream Pottery Barn Twin Bed Floorplans

Designed in partnership by Airstream and Pottery Barn, these 28 foot travel trailers feature custom furniture, tailor-made storage solutions and timeless design.

Some of the unique features of the Pottery Barn special edition models include an outdoor table that hangs from the window and canvas storage bins.

The Pottery Barn RV’s classic design elements include a solid wood oak dining table, linen curtains and a couch with family-friendly performance fabric and a hidden fold-out table.

These trailers even include a Pottery Barn accessories kit with a folding table and armchair set, a 16-piece dinnerware set, a doormat and more

Airstream Pottery Barn 28RB

The Pottery Barn 28RB has a rear bedroom with twin beds and a cross-hall bathroom. The custom sofa sits in the front of the RV under the panoramic windows. The floorplan also offers a full kitchen, a convertible dinette and a small clothing closet.

Other Travel Trailers with Twin Beds

Below is a comprehensive list of all other currently manufactured travel trailers with twin beds. These trailers are listed in alphabetical order.

Bigfoot B25RQ (Twin Bed)

Length: 25 feet, 6 inches

Made by Bigfoot RV, the Bigfoot B25RQ comes with an option for twin beds. Partial walls and a curtain door separate the rear twin beds from the front of the trailer.

Three large windows in the bedroom area offer tons of natural light, but the day to night shades easily block any nighttime lights. The trailer also includes a full three-piece bathroom and a full kitchen with microwave, oven and stovetop.

A large wall of drawers and storage cabinets is located right outside the bedroom. In the rear of the RV is a dinette with an extended bench on one side that doubles as a comfortable lounging space.

Forest River Rockwood GeoPro G15TB

Length: 16 feet, 4 inches

Even smaller than the Flagstaff twin bed trailer, is Forest River’s Rockwood GeoPro G15TB. At only 16 feet long and under 3000 pounds, this GeoPro is the perfect adventure twin bed travel trailer.

The twin beds lie on either side of a removable table and double as seating benches. Although this travel trailer is tiny, it has everything you need to create a home on the road.

The front kitchen includes a large sink, a refrigerator, a built-in cooktop and a microwave oven. A wet bath includes a shower and an RV toilet. Cabinets above the twin beds and loft spaces at either end of the trailer provide storage space for clothing and gear.

KZ Escape E20 Hatch

Length: 23 feet, 10 inches

Another small, but mighty travel trailer with twin beds in the KZ Escape E20 Hatch. The open floorplan includes twin beds in the front of the trailer, which can be converted into one king-sized bed by inserting the included middle mattress cushion.

The trailer also includes a kitchen with a sink, microwave oven, two-burner stove and a pantry. The two-piece bathroom houses a toilet and a separate shower.

Located in the rear of the RV, the Escape’s eponymous Hatch is its most unique feature. The hatch is a large rear door that opens vertically to provide easily accessible storage and lots of fresh air.

Oliver Legacy Elite II

Length: 23 feet, 6 inches

The Legacy Elite II by Oliver Travel Trailers is a luxury fiberglass camper available with twin beds. The open layout trailer includes two twin beds located in the rear of the RV. The two person dinette both also converts into a bed to sleep one additional person.

A television hangs between the two beds, which can also double as seating space. A full three-piece bathroom, as well as a large wardrobe closet are located in the rear of the travel trailer.

Other unique features include LED floor lights, an EZ winterizing system and day to night window treatments. The trailers are sold factory-direct and buyers can choose from five interior décor options.

Winnebago Hike 100 H1316TB

Length: 15 feet, 11 inches

This Winnebago Hike floorplan is a tiny travel trailer with a unique twin bed layout. In the rear of the RV, a sofa sits across from a set of twin-size bunk beds. Having the twin beds stacked allows for more seating space to use during the day.

The front of the RV includes a wet bathroom and a small kitchen. The kitchen includes a small refrigerator, a microwave, a sink and a pull-out counter for prepping food.

Designed for outdoor adventure, the HIKE 100 comes equipped with a 200W solar panel and weighs just over 3000 pounds. For four season camping, the Hike also has enclosed tanks, tank heaters and one-piece radiant-foil insulation.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108TB

Length: 22 feet, 7 inches

Last, but not least on our list of travel trailers with twin beds is the Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108TB. The twin beds, which can be converted into a single king bed, are located in the front of the trailer.

The beds are open to main room of the RV, but a divider curtain allows for privacy. A single slide-out allows for more living space and houses either a dinette table and benches or sofa and table.

A large three-piece bathroom extends the entire width of the rear of the RV. Windows beside each twin bed provide cross-ventilation for a great night’s sleep with fresh air.

Thanks for reading our comprehensive guide to travel trailers with twin beds. If this list left you wanting a different layout, check out our recommendations for the best RV for every family size.

Which of these twin bed travel trailers is your favorite? Share your pick in the comments section below.

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