RV Coaching Services

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Need help finding the right RV, preparing for RV life or planning the perfect RV road trip? I’ve got you covered.

RV Coaching Services

Finding the Perfect RV

35-minute Call, $99.00

You know you want to purchase an RV, but all the options are overwhelming. During this video or phone session, I will listen to your requirements and desires and recommend the best RV layout that fits your needs and budget.

After the call, I will follow-up with an email sharing specific RV models that are perfect for you and your family.

Preparing for RV Life

1-hour Call, $147.00

I’ve lived in an RV for 8 years, so I can personally attest to how amazing the lifestyle is. However, I can also verify that moving into an RV is a logistical challenge. Figuring out how to work, how to get mail and where your legal residence should be are all challenging questions.

In this 1-hour long consulting session, I will answer any questions you have about living in an RV. Additional sessions can be scheduled as need.

Road Trip Planning

35-minute Call and a Personalized RV Trip Itinerary, $199

In our 8 years living on the road, I’ve planned hundreds of RV trips. I’ll use my personal knowledge and extensive trip planning skills to create the perfect road trip itinerary for you and your family.

This service includes a 35-minute phone or video call to discuss your trip. After the call, I will send your custom itinerary. The service includes planning for a a trip up to 2-weeks long and one round of itinerary revisions. I will verify availability at campgrounds, but will not make reservations for you.

Schedule your Coaching Session

Enter your desired date/time at least 3 days from now. We will get back to you soon confirming an exact time.

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