RVs with Modern White Interior Décor (No Painting Required)

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As the RVing community expands to the younger generation, weekend campers and full time RVers alike are looking for modern interiors. A quick scroll through the RV life hashtag on Instagram shows that RVs can be decorated in any style.

However, these social media worthy renovations require extensive time, resources and skills. Fortunately, some RV manufacturers are coming to their senses and designing RVs with white cabinets and other modern interior design features that campers actually want. Here are our favorite RVs with modern white interiors.

Once you find the perfect RV, you will also need to buy lots of gear to keep you safe and happy on the road. Check out our Amazon shopping list for all the gear you need to successfully hit the road.

Travel Trailer RVs with Modern White Interiors

Keystone Hideout

Hideout travel trailers offer Keystone’s bright Albany interior. Modern interior design elements include white cabinets, subway tile backsplashes and funky gray countertops. Simply add a few throw pillows and these trailers will look like your dream tiny home on wheels.

The Albany interior is standard in all current year Hideout floorplans, so any family can find the perfect modern trailer for their needs.

Airstream Classic

Airstream has always been ahead of the game in providing sleek, modern RV interiors. Their latest models have the same classic design, but are brighter than ever. The current Airstream Classic RVs feature white walled interiors with white cabinets and classy gold hardware.

If you value the exterior design as much as the interior, the Airstream Classic is the clear winner.

Jayco Eagle

Filled with modern interior design details, 2024 Jayco Eagle travel trailers are truly stunning. The décor package includes white doors, kitchen cabinets and slide out trim. Other modern touches include sleek black light fixtures, wood accents and a hexagon-print backsplash.

The bathroom is especially impressive with a black-framed, glass shower door, a marble tile shower surround and light wood countertops. This sleek interior is also available in Jayco Eagle fifth wheel RVs.

Fifth Wheel RVs with White Interiors

Keystone Arcadia

They Keystone Arcadia was designed with the young, modern RVer in mind. Arcadia fifth wheels come with the Bailey décor package, including white walls, white cabinets and cognac colored seating. On the kitchen island, a fold down table doubles as a workstation and an additional eating area.

In keeping with the modern design, Arcadia fifth wheels have vinyl flooring throughout the RV and no carpet! These fifth wheels also made our list of the best RVs with office space because of their built-in folding desk.

Keystone Montana High Country

The new Montana High Country fifth wheels RVs have two décor options with white interiors. The Homestead (pictured below) and Graphite options both have white walls and light kitchen cabinets.

The Graphite option also offers light grey furnishings and fabrics. With two light and bright interior designs, every camper should be able to find a Montana High Country to match their style.

CrossRoads Redwood

Redwood fifth wheels are luxury RVs that offer high end finishes throughout. All three décor packages come with the option for light upper cabinets. The Redwood RV kitchens also feature white waterfall countertops, stainless steel appliances, slide out storage and light flooring.

If you want an RV with luxury white interiors, the Redwood is your top choice.

Motorhomes with White Interiors

Jayco Precept

Like Jayco Eagle travel trailers, Jayco Precept motorhomes offer a beautiful, modern décor option. The modern interior finishes include white cabinets, trim and doors, stainless steel appliances and a gray subway tile backsplash.

Precept motorhomes also offer modern technology. The Firefly total coach control system with a 7-inch touchscreen and app integration allows for easy control of the RV’s major systems.

Tiffin Phaeton

The Tiffin Phaeton model now comes with several modern interior design options, including white cabinets and trim. Buyers can also choose between several modern countertop finishes and tile backsplashes.

These class A motorhomes also feature light furniture and interior doors. The master bedroom offers ample storage space in dressers and closets with the same cabinet finish as the kitchen.

Used RVs with White Interiors

If you are looking to purchase a used RV, but still want a white, modern interior there is a solution. Renovated RVs for Sale is an online marketplace where you can buy partially or completely remodeled trailers and motorhomes.

If you decide to purchase used, always have a professional inspection to ensure the rig is in good condition without water damage.

No matter what RV you purchase, the most important aspect of RV travel will be the places visited and memories made. If you already own an RV or decide to purchase one with a standard brown interior, check out our easy and affordable remodel recommendations.

If you already own an RV and are dreaming of a modern interior with white cabinets, see our step-by-step guide on painting RV cabinets.

If you are shopping for the perfect modern RV, considering attending one of these upcoming RV shows to see all the different models in person.

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