12 Space-Saving RV Shoe Storage Ideas and Hacks

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Both full-time RVers and weekend campers struggle with finding enough storage space and keeping all their gear organized. Most RV campers require multiple pairs of shoes for outdoor activities and lounging around the campsite.

But where are these shoes supposed to go at the end of each day? Read on for 12 brilliant RV shoe storage ideas that will solve this camping conundrum.

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RV Shoe Storage Product Ideas

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

One of the easiest ways to store several pairs of shoes is to use a hanging shoe organizer that is hooked on over a door. These organizers are easily hung on normal doors, such as the bedroom door.

Alternatively, they can also be hung on a closet rod or on the outside of an RV shower. The SimpleHouseware’s hanging organizer has 24 clear shoe pockets and is available with grey, brown or pink fabric.

PillowPak Shoe Bags

RV Shoe Storage Ideas: PillowPak Bag
RV Shoe Storage Ideas: PillowPak Bag

If you are looking for an RV shoe storage solution that keeps your space clean as well as organized, the PillowPak shoe bag is a great option. This lightweight, durable ripstop shoe organizer with a large center split opening provides convenient shoe storage for dirty shoes.

If you don’t want to store dirty or wet shoes inside, the additional carabiner allows you to easily mount the bag to your RV awning. For easy cleanup, the shoe bag is machine washable.

Wall-Mounted Shoe Holders

Wall-mounted shoe holders are another great way to keep shoes out of the way in an RV. Sold in packs of 6 holders, Yocice Wall Holders each have room for one pair of shoes.

These plastic shoe holders are easily attached to any flat surface using the included sticky mounts. In an RV, shoe holders can be hung on the side of a dresser, in a closet, on the back of a wardrobe cabinet, on the entry wall or in the basement storage.

Slim Shoe Rack

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. A standard, but compact shoe rack is another easy way to store shoes in an RV. The Shoeway Shoe Rack has 6 tiers that can be attached vertically or horizontally to fit in any space.

Additional tiers can be purchased and attached to hold more shoes. These slim shoe racks work well in RVs with space for shoe storage in the entryway or closet.

Foldable Shoe Rack

For weekend campers or part-time RVers, a foldable shoe rack is great way to organize your family’s kicks while camping. The PENGKE Foldable Bamboo Shoe Rack can hold 15 to 20 pairs of shoes, but collapses down when not in use.

Weekend warriors can leave the shoe rack outside or in the entry way while camping to keep dirty shoes out of the RV. Once you are packed up, fold down the shoe rack and store it for travel.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

A thin, free-standing shoe cabinet is another great RV shoe storage idea. Tvilum’s Black 3 Drawer Shoe Cabinet is only 9 inches deep when closed, so it can easily fit in against an open wall in your RV bedroom or living area.

The cabinet has three tiers each with room for 18 pairs of shoes.

Storage Ottoman

Multi-purpose pieces are the best solutions for RV living. Storage ottomans can serve as an extra seat, a coffee table and great shoe and toy storage. One of our favorite storage ottomans for RVs is the CHITA Fabric Storage Ottoman Cube.

The Cube features a reversible top that has a plush fabric seat on one side and a hard coffee table surface on the other. It is also available in several colors to match any RV interior.

Shoe Drawers

StorageLAB’s Shoe Storage Organizer was made to slide under a bed for out-of-the-way shoe storage. While most RV beds have frames that come all the way to the floor, the shoe storage drawers still work great in other spots.

The thin, lightweight shoe organizers can be placed under the bed in RVs where the mattress lifts up for extra storage space. Alternatively, these organizers could be stacked in the storage bay for easy access to all your family’s shoes.

Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket

If you wish to keep shoes out of the RV completely, a collapsible plastic laundry basket is a great option. Simply place the basket under or beside the entry stairs, and ask everyone to kick off their shoes before heading inside.

Since the basket is plastic, sand and dirt can be easily hosed out after camping trips. When not it use, the basket collapses flat for compact storage.

DIY RV Shoe Storage Ideas

If none of the above RV shoe storage ideas or products work for your rig, consider building your own shoe storage solutions. Below are some ideas for creating DIY shoe storage in an RV.

Under the Interior Stairs

RV interior staircase and closet door painted blue
Removing the carpeted panels would create shoe storage

In fifth wheel trailers and other RV models with interior stairs, the space under the steps is typically hollow. To create shoe storage in the stairs, simply remove the vertical panel under each step.

Once the panel is removed, you will be left with an open cubby that can easily hold 4 to 5 pairs of shoes. Alternatively, you could install hinges on the top of the steps, so they open up and shoes can be hidden inside.

Hang Shoe Nets

Another easy DIY RV shoe storage solution is to hang a cargo net to hold shoes. Purchase a cargo net intended for use in the back of a vehicle. Then, pick an inconspicuous place to hang the net in your RV.

Some good places to hang a net are along the base of the master bed, on the wall of the basement storage or at the base of the kitchen island. Once the net is hung, you can simply stuff it with shoes to keep them off the floor and out of the way.

Install Shoe Hooks

Similarly to a net, simple hooks can be hung several different places in an RV to create easy shoe storage. Hooks can be placed on the rim of lift-up bed frames, on shower doors, over doors or anywhere else you can think to hang them.

Once the hooks are in place, simply slip the shoe on for easy storage. Willa Flare’s Shoe Hanging Hooks have two hangers per hook, so each hook can hold a pair of shoes.

I hope you found some RV shoe storage ideas to get your shoes organized while camping. For more RV organizing and decorating tips, see the following articles:

How are you currently storing shoes in your RV or camper? Share your solution with us in the comments section below.

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