21 Brilliant RV Patio & Campsite Decorating Ideas

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RV camping is synonymous with outdoor living. Hanging out in cozy camping chairs around the campfire is the best place to be at the campground. However, it can be difficult to find cute RV patio accessories that are practical for camping and travel. Below are 21 RV campsite decorating ideas and RV campsite setup ideas that will make your RV patio the talk of the campground (in a good way).

RV Patio Lights

Lights are an essential ingredient in any RV campsite setup. Hanging some fun string lights makes your campsite feel warm and welcoming any time of day.

Rope Lights

Laying rope lights around the border of your campsite brightens up your spaces and alerts campers to any tripping hazards.

These LED rope lights are waterproof, so they can be used even on cold or wet camping weekends. Strings can also be connected together to create a total rope length of up to 100 feet. If the RV park has trees, rope lights are also an easy way to illuminate them.

Edison Bulb Lights

Edison Bulb string lights will make your camper’s patio area feel super classy. The modern bulbs provide great light and add a sense of style to your outdoor living area.

Brightech’s solar-powered lights are the perfect option for boondockers who still want to decorate their campsite. Simply clip the included solar panel on your awning or stake it in the ground, and the lights will charge during the day so they can be used at night.

Personalized Campsite Signs

While it is one of the most common campsite decorating ideas, a personalized sign is a must have item for many RVers. Customized signs introduce you to the neighbors and spark conversations at the campground. See our full list of personalized RV gear and gifts here.

Metal Sign

Metal RV sign.

These custom metal signs will definitely stand out from all the other campsite signs. The steel signs are durable and made to last. .

Customizations also include your names or last name to the bottom of the sign. The travel trailer version is pictured above, but the Cline Design Creations store has signs for all types of RVs including motorhomes, fifth wheels and small campers.

Wooden Sign

Custom campsite sign

Wooden campsite signs are another stylish option. These customized, round signs from FolkswoodCo are simple, but beautiful. The signs are made from thick pine wood and coated with an outdoor sealant for protection. The sign can easily be hung on a post outside your camper.

Campsite Furniture

One of the most practical campsite decorating ideas is a great furniture set for outdoor dinners and nights around the campfire. When selecting furniture for use at the RV, look for lightweight items that can be easily folded or collapsed for storage during travel.

Folding Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a classic rustic design piece, but they are usually too bulky to move between campsites.

Fortunately, Best Choice makes beautiful natural Hemlock wood Adirondack chairs that fold down for compact storage. When unfolded, the chair features a tall backrest and large seat for the ultimate comfort at the campsite.

Portable Director’s Chairs

If the wooden chairs are too large for your camper or RV, more typical camping chairs in a fun pattern are another great option for your RV patio. These floral print, outdoor director’s chairs are ultra lightweight, but still super stylish. The chairs also have an attached side table for your book or beverage.

If you are a big or tall person, check out our list of the best camping chairs for big people.

Inflatable Ottoman

If you want to kick your feet up while you are camping, you will also need an outdoor ottoman. This inflatable ottoman was made to be used outdoors with durable, fade-resistant fabric. When traveling, the ottoman can be deflated and fit into a small bag.

A foot pump is included to air up the ottoman for camping weekends. In addition to the striped pattern pictured, the ottoman is also available in geometric patterns and solid colors.

Camping Table

No matter which chairs you use, a small side table is always nice to have as well. The Trekology Portable Camping Table is a great compact choice. The table, which is available in three sizes folds down to fit in a small bag for travel. The aluminum table top is made to hold up well outdoors and is available in blue or brown.


A hammock is the ultimate piece of RV camping furniture. Hammocks are comfortable, portable and often colorful. Campers can choose between two different options for setting up hammocks near RV patios.

If you are camping in an area where there are plenty of trees, purchase a travel hammock with tree straps, like the one pictured above from Anyoo. If there aren’t great trees at your campsite, purchase a portable hammock stand.

RV Campsite Accessories

The small accessories and details are what really make an RV campsite feel like a second home. Below are some of our favorite small campsite decorating ideas to add a special touch to your outdoor space.

Citronella Candles

Citronella Candle

Citronella is a proven, all-natural, insect repellent. However, most citronella candles sold in camping stores focus on practicality not style.

The Citronella Lime Candles from Hawaiian Candles are practical and beautiful. The candles are poured into handcrafted wooden bowls that can be reused once the candle has burned down.

Tabletop Campfire

Tabletop fire bowl

If you want the ambience of a campfire without the work of building one, purchase one of these Personal Hot Spots from Etsy. The Hot Spot is a 5-inch tall, tabletop fire pit. It is fueled with isopropyl 70% alcohol and provides real heat on chilly nights.


Most campgrounds and RV parks offer picnic tables, but many of them are weathered. The easiest way to quickly decorate a campsite is to throw a beautiful, printed tablecloth on top of the old picnic table.

Hiasan makes classic checkered tablecloths in a variety of colors. The Hiasan tablecloths are also stain resistant and machine washable. Don’t forget to purchase tablecloth clips to prevent the tablecloth from blowing away.

Hummingbird Feeder

A bird feeder in your campsite can serve as both décor and entertainment. Hummingbird feeders will attract the beautiful, tiny birds right to your RV’s window.

Purchase a feeder with a suction cup that can be installed anywhere on an RV exterior. Our hummingbird feeder has been one of our favorite campsite decorating ideas in our five years living on the road.

Vase and Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are the easiest way to brighten up any indoor or outdoor room. For outdoor displays, look for a durable vase that can stand-up to wind and will not break. Silicone vases with suction cups are the perfect solution for camping.

The lightweight vases cannot be broken, and the included suction cups prevent the vases from blowing over on a breezy day.


Flags are a great way to show off affinity for your home state or favorite sports team. The Flag Pole Buddy RV Kit comes with a sturdy 16 foot fiberglass flag pole system that adjusts to fit most rear RV ladders.

When traveling, the pole collapses for easy storage. Personally, we travel with a fun tie-dye flag from one of our favorite bands.

Lawn Ornaments

Fun or artistic lawn ornaments are another great way to show off your personality at the campground or RV park. There are ornaments in every shape and size imaginable from gnomes to wind wheels to simple metal flowers.

However, there is no yard ornament that says you know how to have fun like the classic pink flamingo. Place a few of these birds at your campsite and everyone will know where to go for a fun night.

Campsite Rugs and Mats

Large outdoor rugs or welcome mats help keep dirt out of RVs and offer another opportunity to add colors or patterns to your campsite.

Outdoor Rug

If you are looking for bold campsite decorating ideas, consider a large, bright outdoor rug. Breathable outdoor rugs add style and comfort to any RV patio surface. The breathable, recycled fabric can be placed on grass without killing it.

The MontVoo Outdoor Rug pictured above is also easy to clean by sweeping it off or rinsing with a hose. If green isn’t your cup of tea, consider this simple gray and white rug.

Click here to see more of the best RV outdoor rugs and patio mats.

RV-Themed Welcome Mat

If you love camping, an RV-themed welcome mat is the perfect way to greet visitors to your RV. This natural fiber mat from Amazon is durable and made to be used outdoors. Your camper will definitely feel like home with this fun, colorful rug at your doorstep.

Rubber Welcome Mat

If an RV-themed mat is a little too on the nose for your campsite décor, consider a rubber mat instead. Rubber mats are great for campsites because they are super durable and do not fade as easily as other materials. The rubber mat pictured above comes in over 30 fun patterns and designs.

Other Campsite Decorating Ideas

RV Exterior Decal

RV Vinyl Decal with Mountains

If you are going to decorate your campsite, you might as well decorate your camper too! Vinyl decal stickers can be placed on the back, side or slideouts of your RV. Customizable decals, like the one pictured above, can be purchased on Etsy.

Lawn Games

Ring toss game

In addition to being stylish, your RV campsite should also be fun. Old-fashioned wooden lawn games can contribute to both the design and entertainment aspects of your patio. For example, this rustic ring toss game sold on Etsy is both charming and fun!

Once your RV’s patio is fully styled using these campsite decorating ideas, you should also consider giving the inside of your camper a facelift. Check out the following articles for some RV interior renovation inspiration:

Do you have an awesome RV camping setup? Share your favorite RV campsite decorating ideas with us in the comments section below.