The 12+ Best RV Travel Journals to Track Adventures

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An RV is the best way to travel and explore North America. Traveling by RV allows you to explore more places and take longer trips on a smaller budget. If you are planning an epic road trip or even moving into an RV, you need an RV camping journal to record and remember all your camping adventures. Below are our 12 favorite RV travel journals for couples, families and kids.

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RV Travel Journals for Couples

First up is My RV Log Book, created by the team at Travels with Ted. After 7 years on the road, we know how important it is to keep track of your wonderful memories and practical trip details. To help campers stay organized, we created My RV Log Book to record campground information, RV mileage, RV maintenance tasks and more!

This personalized, hardcover notebook is perfect for a young couple living in an RV or taking an extended road trip. This RV travel journal contains blank, lined pages, to allow for in-depth accounts of the couple’s daily adventures. The outside is available in three different colors.

Travel Journal for Couples

The Let’s Get Lost Together spiral bound journal is another great RV travel journal for couples. The journal includes 20 pre-formatted destination pages with sections for weather, sites to see, best memories and lessons learned. There are also pages for a table of contents, photos and additional notes.

Travel Notebook

Transient Books makes this adorable travel journal for couples. The book can be customized in several ways to meet the needs of any couple. You can select the cover text, cover color and add a hard case. The book can be filled with blank, lined pages or with prompts for each destination.

RV travel journal

A campsite journal is the perfect solution for couples who RV frequently. Campers can record the location, amenities, the best site numbers and more at each campground. After awhile, the journal will become your own personalized campground directory. If you are a new camper, start your travels with one these 8 bucket list campsites.

Campsite Journal

RV Travel Journals for Families

The Camping Memory Book is a unique RV camping journal for families. The book has space to capture details about 20 camping trips. In addition to trip details, the book also includes pages for your family’s favorite camping foods and activities. A fillable map of the United States and Canada allows you to mark or color all of your RV destinations.

This plaid RV camping journal is customized with your family name on the cover. The interior includes pages with prompts for each camping trip. Families can record practical details including, location, date, weather, amenities, meals and notes for next time. There is also a section to record contact information of fellow campers.

RV Travel Journal

The family camping journal was made to commemorate road trips with the whole family. The prompts for each camping trip include who went camping, favorite campground activities, notes for next time and memories. With over 120 pages, this journal has plenty of space for even the most active camping family.

Family RV Camping Journal

The Family Camping Playbook is more than just an RV travel journal. In additional to journal pages, the printable e-book includes packing lists, meal plans, activities, camping tips and more. Since the playbook is digital, you can purchase it and start using immediately.

Digital RV Travel Journal

RV Travel Journals for Kids

The Go Camping Kid’s Journal is the perfect place for a child or grandchild to record their favorite RV experiences. The prompts inside ask kids to write about nature they saw, their best experiences and lessons learned. There are also pages for sketches and notes.

Kids RV Camping Journal

The Camping Busy Book is a great activity for younger children who are not ready to write full journal entries. The laminated book allows dry erase markers to be erased so the book can be reused many times. Activities include tracing letters, finding images, counting and drawing.

Camping Busy Book

The Bon Voyage Travel Journal is an adorable children’s diary made for any type of trip. The book is made to record memories from a single vacation, and is perfect for an extended road trip. The book has prompts to write about memories, places to tape in photos and a pocket for small mementos.

Bon voyage Rv travel journal

My Travel Journal is another children’s travel journal made for an extended trip. The company offers 2 to 5 week versions. The book includes prompts to write about each day’s adventure. The book also includes a blank map of the United States (or another country of your choice) that kids can color in as they travel. There are several cover colors to choose from.

RV travel journey

No matter which travel journal you use, an RV trip is sure to be an unforgettable experience. If you are still deciding on your camping destination, check out our 10 favorite RV road trips!

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