10 Chic RV Color Schemes for your Camper Remodel

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Many RVs, especially older models, are in dire need of an interior makeover. The standard brown interiors make small spaces feel even more cramped. However, you don’t have to paint everything white to create a bright, inviting space.

Here are 10 chic RV color schemes and interior paint ideas to consider for your RV interior remodel!

Gray with Yellow Accents

RV with Gray Color Scheme with Yellow Throw Pillows on Sofa.

If you want a neutral paint color in your RV, consider painting the cabinets gray. A medium shade of gray will add more depth to your RV interior (and is easier to clean) than white cabinets.

Use gold hardware and yellow accent pieces, such as throw pillows, to add pops of color to your neutral RV interior.

Navy Blue and White

RV interior with navy blue color scheme and nautical accents.

You can’t go wrong with this classic color combination. To create a classy but colorful RV interior, paint the cabinets navy blue and paint the walls white.

With this color scheme, we recommend using gold hardware on the cabinets, and adding a peel and stick subway tile backsplash. To add a little character, we love to pair nautical themed pillows and other accent pieces with the navy blue cabinets.

Royal Blue and White

RV interior with bright blue and white color scheme.

This bold RV color scheme is what we choose for our fifth wheel remodel. To prevent the bright color from overpowering the space, we only painted the lower cabinets blue. We painted the upper cabinets a bright white.

As with many RV color schemes, gold cabinet hardware looks best. If you desire a truly bold design, you can also add a colorful peel and stick backsplash, like the one in our RV.

Sky Blue and White

RV interior with sky blue and white color scheme.

The final option for a blue RV color scheme is sky blue and white. Paint the cabinets one color and use the other color on the walls. Pair with silver hardware (these colors will work best if your RV has stainless steel appliances) and light tan accent pieces.

These RV interior paint colors add character to your RV while keeping it very light and bright! Beach-themed art goes great with this color scheme.


RV interior with burgundy color scheme.

While bright red may be too much for an RV interior, burgundy is the perfect balance of adding color without going crazy. When painting RV cabinets in this shade, you can paint the walls soft white or choose to leave the tan wallpaper that comes in most RVs.

Oil-rubbed bronze hardware pairs best with this cool color. Use coral-colored accents to add a little more brightness to the space.

Natural Greens

RV interior remodel with natural green color scheme.

Most RV owners are nature lovers. Bring nature into your RV with a sage green interior. Choose to paint the walls sage green and leave the wood cabinets, or paint the walls a light tan and use the green on the cabinets.

Silver hardware will look great with this light shade. Choose accent pieces in other shades of green and leaf prints to turn your camper into an indoor forest.

Green and Pink

RV interior remodel with green and pink color scheme.

If you love the unexpected, this is the perfect RV color scheme. For a super fun look, paint the RV cabinets emerald green and use pink accents to decorate your RV interior. Ideally, the walls would be painted white so the bright colors really pop.

We like shiny gold cabinet hardware with these fun colors.


Remodeled RV interior with colorful floral wallpaper.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your RV color scheme to one or two colors. If you want a fun interior with an array of colors, go for it.

The easiest way to put lots of colors into a chic RV remodel is to use wallpaper. You can also replace or recover the RV furniture with solid colored fabrics that match your fun walls.

Click here to see more fun RV wallpaper ideas!

Black and White

Remodeled RV with white and black color scheme.

A black and white color scheme is bold and neutral all at the same time. To prevent the RV interior from being too dark, we recommend only painting the lower cabinets black. Paint the walls and upper cabinets white.

Use shiny gold hardware to add a classy touch to this RV color scheme. You can keep it very simple with black and white accent pieces or add pops of color if you want to make it a little more fun.

Clean White

Remodeled RV interior with white walls and cabinets

If you have reviewed all of these RV color schemes and still prefer an all white RV, go for it. Give your RV renovation warmth with wood accents, like butcher block countertops or bold furniture colors.

Once you have selected your RV color scheme, bookmark our guide to painting RV cabinets.

Happy Camping!

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