Can You Lease an RV?

By: Travels with Ted

Learn why you can't lease an RV and see the best RV lease alternatives!

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Unfortunately the answer is no. RV dealerships do not offer leases on travel trailers or motorhomes.

Can you lease an RV?

RVs depreciate rapidly. RV dealers are not interested in leasing new RVs because they would be significantly less valuable at the end of the lease period.

Why Not?

Long-Term Rentals

The closest thing to a lease in the RV industry is a long-term rental. RV rentals generally include roadside assistance for emergencies.

Long-Term Rentals

The main downside of long-term RV rentals is the cost. The average cost of an RV rental is over $1000 a week.


Given the high price of RV rentals, financing an RV purchase may be a better RV lease alternative. While RV dealerships do not offer RV leases, most of them do offer financing on RVs.


The monthly payment on a 10-year $75,000 RV loan with a 7% interest rate would be around $870, which is the equivalent of one month of rental fees for a small travel trailer.


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