10 Hilarious April Fools’ Day Pranks for RV Campers

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I love a good April Fools’ Day prank. Since we live in our RV, we are always at a campground on April 1st. Over the years, I’ve come up with creative and hilarious pranks that are easy to pull off while camping.

Today, I’m sharing my top 10 hilarious but harmless April Fools’ Day pranks to pull on your fellow RV campers. Keep reading to find the perfect way to trick your spouse or your neighbors!

Mid-Shower Water Cut Off

Woman in RV Shower with Water off

I got this idea last week when our campground randomly shut the water off in the middle of the day for a maintenance issue. Wait for your spouse to jump in the shower on April 1st. After a few minutes, sneak outside and turn off the water to the RV.

If you are extra sneaky, you can have a neighbor or one of your kids turn the water off to prevent your spouse from getting suspicious. When your spouse yells out from the shower, say you have no idea what happened and confirm that the water isn’t working at the sink either.

It’s up to you how long to leave your spouse soapy and helpless before laughing and turning the water back on.

Whoopee Cushion in the Camp Chair

A whoopee cushion toot is a classic prank that is easy to pull off. Since camp chairs don’t have cushions, you’ll need to put a towel over the chair to hide the cushion.

Casually mention that the chairs are damp from dew, rain or cleaning and place towels over all the chairs. Then, wait for your friend or spouse to take a seat and rip one!

Fake Bug Invasion

Fake ants on RV kitchen counter

Many RV campers are terrified of bugs invading their RV! To give your family or fellow RVers a scare, place these realistic-looking fake ants all over the RV kitchen.

It won’t take long for the “victim” to figure out that the ants aren’t moving, but it will give them a quick scare!

Fake Campsite Reservation

Create a fake notice or email about a double booking at the campsite, claiming another family will be sharing your RV space due to an overbooking error. Make sure to put in the campground’s real logo to make it look legit.

Then, watch as your family tries to rationalize how they’re going to share the campsite. Reveal the prank before stress levels get too high!

Wildlife Sounds

Bluetooth Speaker Hidden on RV Ladder

Use a Bluetooth speaker hidden outside the RV to play animal sounds from your phone. Choose something plausible for your area, like coyotes, owls, or even a bear. We’re in Florida this year, so I’ll have to figure out what an alligator sounds like!

Start quietly, then gradually increase the volume. See how everyone reacts to the “wildlife” outside.

The Fake Departure

Start packing up the RV very early in the morning, making as much noise as possible. Insist that you all need to leave immediately due to an unexpected booking error.

Once everyone is up and panicking, yell “April Fools” and reveal that the real plan is an awesome breakfast and a relaxing day at the campground.

Leaky RV Trick

Woman wetting RV ceiling with paper towel.

Water damage in your RV is never funny, unless it’s not real. Wait for your fellow campers to step out and then sprinkle a few drops of water on the bed or sofa. Also wet the ceiling above the water drops.

Casually mention how you noticed some water droplets on the ceiling. Watch their worry turn into relief (and then laughter) when they realize it’s just a prank.

Dump Station Fee

Create and print a sign that says: “0.47 Cent Fee for Dumping, Exact Change Only.” Head over to the campground dump station and post your sign.

Stand back as departing campers try to figure out if they have the right change and where to put it. After a few minutes, let them know it was just a silly April Fools’ Day prank. I like to have some candy to hand out after revealing the prank to soften the blow!

The Unmovable Quarter

Use super glue to stick a quarter to the ground on the street or sidewalk in front of your campsite. Then sit back and wait for campers to start their daily strolls.

Make sure to keep an eye on the quarter and yell “April Fools” anytime someone tries to pick it up. Also, have a plan to pry up and remove the coin at the end of the day, so it isn’t stuck there forever.

The Lazy Camper’s Prank

Woman drinking coffee fifth wheel RV

If you want to pull off an April Fools’ joke while RV camping, but don’t want to put much effort in: I have the perfect solution. Simply spend all day on March 31st telling your friends and family how you are going to get them so good tomorrow.

Then on April Fools’ Day, just sit back and let them sweat. Never do anything, but let them anticipate a killer prank all day.

However, be prepared. Warning your fellow campers about your fake prank may encourage them to come up with their own evil plan.

Playing April Fools’ Day pranks is all about sharing a laugh and creating memories that will last far beyond the day itself. Just remember, the best pranks are those where everyone can laugh together, including the person being pranked.

So, as you plan your RV trip this April, consider adding a little extra fun to the itinerary with these harmless jokes.

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Happy Pranking!

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