Checklist for

RV Travel

Check off this list before moving or traveling in your RV! Make RV travel days easy!


We will start with our departure checklist, which should be followed before hitting the road with your RV.

DepaRture Checklist

Secure loose items, lock cabinets, retract the awning and close windows to avoid damaging items during transit.

Secure Items

Before departing the RV campground, you should dump the RV’s black and gray tanks to reduce weight while traveling.

dump tanks

Turn Propane off

After all propane-fueled appliances have been shut off, shut the valve on your propane tank. Propane should never be left on.

Check your RV tires (including the spare tire ) to ensure they are in good condition and road safe.

Check Tires

Nest up, our set-up checklist provides a guide for what to do after arriving at the campground.

Set-up Checklist

Chock Wheels

Use these tricks and tips to re-organize and maximize clothing storage in your RV or camper.

Use a ruler or yard stick  to ensure there is sufficient room for your slide outs to come out without hitting anything.

Check space


Always use a surge protector and a water pressure regulator when setting up your RV utility connections.

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