RV Holding Tanks: Tips for Proper Dumping

All RVs have 3 holding tanks: gray, black and fresh water. Here are some tips to keep your tanks clean and prevent issues.

Always Dump Black Tanks First

The water from the gray tanks will help rinse the black waste from the sewer hose to prevent clogs and nasty messes.

Always Flush the Black Tank

After dumping, you should always flush your black tank. Fill it back up with clean water and dump again. Repeat until the water emptying out is clear and free of debris

Buy a Reverse Flsuh Valve

These handy attachments force water back up into plumbing lines to break up clogs.  You will eventually have a clog, so you want to have this tool on hand.

Use the Right Toilet Paper

The easiest way to prevent issues is to use the right toilet paper. Use RV toilet paper or other 1-ply paper that easily dissolves in water.

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