4th of July RV Decorations (15 Patriotic Decoration Ideas)

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The 4th of July is one of the most popular camping holidays for Americans. Decorating your RV for the 4th of July is a great way to show your patriotic spirit and make the campground more festive. Read on for 15 fun 4th of July RV decorations.

Exterior 4th of July RV Decorations

Show off your patriotic spirit with these exterior 4th of July RV decorations! Turn the campground red, white and blue. For year-round decorations, see our list of 21 unique RV campsite decorating ideas.

4th of July Yard Sign

Yard signs are an easy way to decorate any RV campsite. This waterproof 4th of July sign spells out “U.S.A” and has a cute “Happy Independence Day topper.”

4th of July Campsite Flag

A cute alternative to a yard sign is an American-themed garden flag. We love this adorable 4th of July campsite flag featuring a golden retriever decked out in red, white and blue gear. The flag is double-sided and can be placed on any standard garden flag stand.

See more funny RV garden flags to hang after the holiday.

Firework Solar Lights

Some of my absolute favorite RV decorations are these festive solar lights. The lights are red, white and blue and shaped like a firework. The set of two lights come with solar panels that automatically charge during the day and automatically glow at night.

Hanging Star Ornaments

Another adorable way to decorate your RV campsite for the 4th of July is to hang star-shaped, red, white and blue ornaments. This set includes 16 waterproof stars that can be hung from your RV awning or a tree on your campsite.

Red, White and Blue Tablecloth

Most RV campsites come equipped with a picnic table, so a themed tablecloth is an easy, but impactful 4th of July RV decoration. This tablecloth features blue stars, red stars, fireworks and American flag patterns to create a festive 4th of July atmosphere.

Don’t forget to buy some tablecloth clips to hold your decorations in place!

Small Stick Flags

American flags are a simple, but beautiful 4th of July decoration. Deck your campsite out for the holiday with this set of 50 stick flags. Line your driveway with flags and hand out extras to neighbors who forgot to pack decorations.

Interior 4th of July RV Decorations

Ideally, most of your 4th of July camping vacation will be spent outside. These interior 4th of July RV decorations will keep the holiday spirit alive even if rain or heat chases you inside.

4th of July Placemats

If your RV has a dinette booth or dining table, these star-covered 4th of July placemats are the perfect indoor decoration. The placemats are machine washable, so they can easily be cleaned after any spills.

4th of July Table Runner

A matching table runner will further elevate your interior 4th of July RV decorating. This small table runner is just 3 feet long, making it perfect for small RV dining tables. It is also machine washable.

Red, White and Blue Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are a perfect way for RVers to decorate for every holiday. Simply switch out the covers on your throw pillows to match the holiday or season. The extra covers can easily be stored in any RV drawer or closet.

USA Banner

This U.S.A banner is another one of our favorite 4th of July RV decorations. The banner is made from natural burlap and can be used inside or outside. It is only six and a half feet long so it will fit in most RV living rooms.

Wooden Signs

Painted wooden signs are another way to add festive cheer to your RV interior. These adorable 4th of July signs are just six inches wide, so they will fit almost anywhere in your camper or motorhome.

4th of July Golf Cart Decorations

Many campers travel with golf carts and many RV parks have 4th of July parades. When decorating your RV for the holiday, don’t forget to outfit your golf cart for the parade!

American Flag Seat Cover

Protect the golf cart seat and add some holiday flair with a seat cover. This blue and white striped seat cover is the perfect design for 4th of July celebrations. The material will also keep the seat from getting too hot in the summer sun!

American Flag Windsocks

To add some movement to your 4th of July golf cart decorations tie American flag windsocks to the back of the cart. The flags will wave in the wind as you cruise through the RV park’s holiday parade.

Windsocks also make great 4th of July RV decorations. Simply hang them from your RV awning or a nearby tree.

Red, White and Blue Garland

Another way to get your golf cart 4th of July ready is to string garland around the roof and poles. This red, white and blue metallic garland in the perfect choice for Independence Day.

Underglow LED Strip Lights

Our final recommendation for July 4th decorations is an LED strip light to illuminate the bottom of your golf cart. The lights can be set to seven different solid or flashing colors, including red, blue and white.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to 4th of July RV decorations! We hope you have a fantastic camping trip.

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Happy Camping!

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