The Best Small Couples Camper (Happily Married Couples Only!)

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My husband and I have lived in an RV since 2016. Our first RV was a 34-foot fifth wheel. We loved this RV and enjoyed it for many years, but we quickly knew our next RV should be smaller. A smaller RV can go more places and fits better with our minimalist lifestyle.

In our quest for the best couples camper, we spent two years searching, attending RV shows, and touring hundreds of RVs. After seeing all of our possible options we decided the Forest River Ibex 20MDS is the perfect RV for two people.

The Best Small Couples Campers

After a 2-year search for the best couples camper under 25 feet, we purchased the Forest River Ibex 20MDS because it had a functional floor plan, was reasonably priced, and included off-grid features that were important to us.

Facts and Figures

Ibex Couples Travel Trailer

The Ibex 20MDS is 22 feet, 11 inches long, 8 feet wide, and has a GVWR of 7,560 pounds. The fresh, black, and gray water tanks all hold 30 gallons.

My husband is 6 feet, 7 inches tall and his head doesn’t touch the ceiling anywhere in the camper.

The Floorplan

The Ibex 20MDS floorplan is perfectly designed for a (happily married) couple. It has just enough space for two people to live and work comfortably.

The front of the trailer has a queen-sized Murphy bed with a couch underneath. This dual-purpose space provides a comfortable sleeping area that doesn’t use much space. We did have to replace the Murphy bed mattress to make the bed comfortable.

Couple sleeping with eye masks on in RV Murphy bed.

The center of the trailer houses the dinette and kitchen. A unique feature of this couple’s camper is the kitchen bar. The kitchen has a raised counter with two barstools, the perfect place to sit and chat while the other person cooks. The raised bar also provides extra prep space for cooking.

Beside the kitchen is the dinette, the heart of this tiny home. The dinette is where we eat most of our meals and work for several hours every day. Since we run a business together and do not have many meetings, it is not a problem for us to work in the same space.

Couple working at dinette inside RV.

Finally, the rear of the RV is a large bathroom. This bathroom was another major selling point. Despite the trailer being under 23 feet long, the bathroom has a full-size shower and a huge storage closet.

While this floorplan is super practical for 2 people, it does not offer much personal space. Therefore, this couples camper is only ideal for happy couples who do not mind sharing small spaces.

Important Features

A few additional features made us believe this trailer was the best couples camper under 25 feet. First, were the off-grid capabilities. We purchased a trailer with the Beast Mode Package, which included 200W solar panel and a 2000W invertor.

One of the main reasons we wanted a smaller RV was to access more boondocking locations, so having these features was non-negotiable for us. We also replaced the house batteries with Lithium-Ion batteries.

We also loved some of the interior design features. The RV has stainless steel appliances, carpet-free floors, butcher-block-style countertops, and light-colored cabinets. All of these features make the inside of the RV feel bright and modern.

The one design feature we disliked is the map on the underside of the Murphy bed, but that is easily covered with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Couple watching TV with dog inside RV camper.

The Price

The final deciding factor in selecting the best couples camper was the price. We also considered the Lance 1985, which had a similar floorplan (minus the kitchen bar) but was even smaller. However, the Lance was significantly more expensive.

The Ibex was cheaper than the Lance everywhere we looked, but after searching far and wide and negotiating we got an even better deal on our trailer. See my top RV buying tips to get the best deal on your next RV.

More Great 2-Person Travel Trailers

The Ibex 20MDS is the best couples camper for my family. However, many other great 2-person travel trailers exist for couples with different needs.

Best Couples Camper for Work

Airstream Flying Cloud Interior.

The Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office is an ideal camper for digital nomad couples who work from their RV. Located in a separate room in the rear of the trailer, the corner office includes windows, a desk, a comfortable office chair, and plenty of storage.

The office space also doubles as a guest bedroom with a fold-out twin bed. The 30-foot trailer also has a private bedroom, a full bathroom and kitchen, a dinette, and a sofa.

Click here to see more RVs with built-in office space.

Best Couples Campers for Short Adventures

Designed for outdoor adventure, the HIKE 100 H1316MB is the perfect camper for couples to take on short adventures. It is less than 16 feet long, but its integrated 2-inch accessory receiver and side-mounted roof ladder make it perfect for transporting bikes or other gear.

Inside, the H1316MB has a Murphy bed in the back of the RV, so couples have a sofa to relax on during the day. A folding table sits in front of the couch so the area can also be used for dining. Overhead cabinets and nightstands provide additional storage space. It also has a wet bath and a small kitchen.

This camper is also super lightweight so it can be towed by smaller vehicles.

Best Bougie Couples Camper

Kitchen in a Brinkley Model Z fifth wheel.

For fancy couples who do not lead a minimalist lifestyle, the Brinkley Model Z 2900 is the perfect camper. This fifth wheel is just under 33 feet long, so it is not enormous but it has more than enough room for 2 people.

It has a separate bedroom, which allows for more personal space. The fifth wheel also has a large bathroom, a beautifully equipped kitchen, a dining table, and a large living area with two couches.

Brinkley RVs are known for their modern interiors and attention to detail. Thoughtful touches in the 2900 include a pull-out pet feeding station, an entry closet for coats and shoes, a dual trash bin cabinet, and a built-in spice rack.

Happy Camping

Once you find the perfect couples camper for you and your significant other, it is time to stock it with essential camping gear. Check out our list of 26 must-haves every RV owner needs.

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