Encore RV Resorts & Memberships: A Complete Guide

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Encore RV Resorts are resort-style RV parks in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. Encore is owned by the same company as Thousand Trails and some Thousand Trails memberships offer access to Encore RV Resorts. Keep reading to learn all about Encore RV Resorts memberships, features and locations.

Encore RV Resorts Overview

Pool at Encore RV Resorts
Encore RV Resorts Offer Premium Amenities

Encore RV Resorts consists of over 70 campgrounds with resort-style amenities across the southern United States. Encore RV Resorts are open to the public, but some Thousand Trails members also receive free stays at Encore properties.

All Encore RV Resorts offer full RV hookups and premium amenities, such as swimming pools and sports courts.

Since all of the Encore Resorts are located in destinations with warm climates, the resorts are often marketed to snowbird RVers using the slogan “Winter Differently.”

Encore RV Resorts and Thousand Trails

Woman standing in front of Thousand Trails campground sign.
Encore and Thousand Trails are Owned by the Same Company

Thousand Trails and Encore RV Resorts are both part of the Equity Lifestyle Properties family of resort communities. Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “ELS.”

All campers can book reservations at Encore Resorts and Thousand Trails campgrounds on their combined website, RV on the Go. Members of Thousand Trails who have access to Encore RV Resorts can also make reservations through the Thousand Trails website.

Encore RV Resorts Membership

Airstream RV parked at RV resort.
The Trails Collection Includes Access to Encore RV Resorts

Encore RV Resorts does not have their own membership program. However, Thousand Trails’ Trails Collection gives members access to free stays at Encore RV Resorts.

There are two options for gaining access to Encore’s resorts through a Thousand Trails membership: the Trails Collection add-on and the Adventure membership. Read our guide to Thousand Trails for a detailed breakdown of all membership options.

Trails Collection Add-On Overview

The Trails Collection is a popular add-on that can be applied to any Thousand Trails membership.

Members who purchase the Trails Collection receive access to camping at over 100 additional RV parks, including Encore RV Resorts across the country. Adding the Trails Collection to a Thousand Trails membership cost $330 per year.

Trails Collection Add-On Benefits

  • Free camping at 100+ RV parks and resorts
  • Stay up to 14 nights during each stay
  • Must be out of Trails Collection 7 days between stays (Elite members can go from a Thousand Trails park to a Trails Collection park and vice versa with no time in-between)
  • Reservations are available 60 days in advance of stay

Adventure Membership Overview

The Adventure is Thousand Trails’ newest membership level. It cost the most of any Thousand Trails membership, but it also has significantly more perks.

The biggest advantage of the Adventure membership over other Elite memberships is the included Trails Collection Plus, which offers extended stays and a longer booking window at Trails Collection campgrounds.

This upgraded Trails Plus add-on is only available as part of the Adventure membership and cannot be purchased separately. An Adventure membership costs $16,595 plus annual dues of $630.

Adventure Membership Benefits

  • Stay up to 21 nights at Thousand Trails and Trails Collection campgrounds (including Encore RV Resorts)
  • Can move from campground to campground with no time out of the system
  • Access to all Thousand Trails and Trails Collection campgrounds nationwide
  • Book Thousand Trails reservations 180 days in advance
  • Book Trails Collection reservations 90 days in advance
  • Option to buy four extension weeks during non-high use periods for $29 each at Thousand Trails parks
  • Option to buy two extension weeks during high use periods for $99 each at Thousand Trails parks
  • Book two holidays at a time
  • Five free weeks standard cabin rental
  • 10 free weeks in upgraded getaway cabins
  • Two years free RPI RV campground membership
  • Six $500 vacation credits to use with RPI
  • High use restrictions apply: Stays are limited to two weeks for high use parks during peak season, but members can still move park to park; Only two Thousand Trails reservations are allowed on the books at high use parks

Encore RV Resort Locations

Encore RV Resorts and Thousand Trails Map
Thousand Trails and Encore RV Resorts Map: Encore Resorts are the Blue Dots

As noted earlier in this article, Encore RV Resorts are all located in southern U.S. destinations with warm winter climates. There are Encore RV Resorts in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

More specifically, there are 38 Encore Resorts throughout Florida, 20 resorts throughout Arizona, 12 resorts in southern Texas and 1 resort near Palm Springs, California.

Age Qualifications for Encore RV Resorts

Older couple standing by RV with dog.
Some Encore RV Resorts have Age Restrictions

Since many Encore RV Resorts are marketed to snowbirds, some of the resorts do enforce age restrictions.

All but one of the resorts in Arizona, all of the resorts in Texas and a handful of the Florida resorts are age-qualified. These age-qualified resorts have a minimum check-in age of 55 years old.

Some Encore RV Resorts will make an exception to the age requirement for a small portion of their campsites. If you are interested in staying at an Encore Resort, but do not meet the age requirements, simply call the resort to see if they are willing to make an exception.

FAQs about Encore RV Resorts

Is Encore RV Resorts affiliated with Thousand Trails?

Yes, Thousand Trails and Encore RV Resorts are both part of the Equity Lifestyle Properties family of resort communities. Some Thousand Trails memberships include access to free camping at Encore RV Resorts.

Does Encore RV Resorts have a membership program?

Encore RV Resorts does not offer a separate RV membership. However, Thousand Trails members with the Trails Collection add-on or an Adventure membership have access to free camping at Encore RV Resorts.

Other RV Memberships

If you are shopping around for RV camping memberships, there are several other RV clubs to consider. Start by reading our summary of all the RV memberships available.

Then read our complete guides to Coast to Coast and RPI RV membership programs. For most RVers (and all full time RVers), it makes sense to join more than one RV club to maximize your savings and experiences.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to Encore RV Resorts. We hope you learned everything you need to know for your next camping vacation.

Do you have other questions about Encore RV Resorts? Drop them in the comments section below.

Happy Camping!

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