10 Best Small Toy Hauler RVs (Garage RVs Under 30 Feet)

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Many RV campers dream of owning a toy hauler RV either for the hauling capacity or the awesome back porch. However, many toy hauler RVs are big and expensive, making them unrealistic rigs for most campers.

Here are the 10 best small toy haulers. All of these RVs have a garage, but measure under 30 feet in exterior length.

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Small Toy Haulers Under 25 Feet

For RV campers who are looking for tiny RVs that don’t require large tow vehicles, but still have room for adventure gear, these small toy haulers under 25 feet are the perfect solution.

Forest River No Boundaries NB10.6

Exterior Length: 13 feet, 10 inches

One of the tiniest toy haulers available is Forest River’s No Boundaries NB10.6. At less than 14-feet long and under 2000 pounds, this small toy hauler does not require a large tow truck.

The simple interior includes storage cabinets, a lounger that converts into a bed and two small tables. The open floorplan allows plenty of room for small toys, and the trailer has a 1,973 pound cargo carrying capacity.

A rooftop tent also provides additional sleeping space. Since interior space is limited, the NB10.6 offers a huge awning and an outdoor kitchen complete with pantry storage, a 12 volt refrigerator and a cooktop.

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InTech Flyer Discover

Exterior Length: 18 feet, 0 inches

Another small toy hauler designed for adventure is the InTech Flyer Discover. A soft tip-out houses the bed, and an optional second tip-out can provide additional sleeping space.

The lightweight aluminum trailer can be towed by most mid-size SUVs and small trucks. The net cargo carrying capacity is 2,450 pounds and most of the interior space is open for toy storage.

The interior of the Discover also includes a galley kitchen with a large sink, a two-burner cooktop, a refrigerator and storage cabinets. A roof rack provides space to transport additional adventure gear.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH

Exterior Length: 21 feet, 8 inches

The KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH is the smallest toy hauler with a bathroom inside. At just under 22-feet long, the Sportsmen Classic comes with everything you need for a successful camping vacation.

The interior of the RV includes a two-piece bathroom, a flip-out sofa, front bunk beds and a kitchen with a sink, cooktop, microwave and refrigerator.

With a cargo length of 9 feet and 1,740 pounds of cargo carrying capacity, the Sportsmen can hold a variety of gear. A pull-down screen on the ramp door opening allows campers to enjoy the views without letting bugs inside.

Forest River Wildwood FSX 175RTK

Exterior Length: 21 feet, 9 inches

Another great small toy hauler RV is the Forest River Wildwood FX 175RTK. The Wildwood has a full three-piece dry bathroom.

There is a queen-sized bed in the front of the RV and 72-inch long sofa for lounging and sleeping. Even though this RV is small it has, plenty of storage space. In fact, there is 13 feet of open floor space from the garage door to the bed.

Several upgraded features, including a rear patio and a 200 watt solar panel, come standard on the Wildwood. Click here to see more tiny RVs with bathrooms.

Genesis Supreme 19SS

Exterior Length: 24 feet, 4 inches

The Genesis Supreme 19SS is a great toy hauler for campers who want space to stretch out, but still want a small RV. With 14.5 feet of cargo space and 2,860 pound cargo carrying capacity, the Supreme has plenty of room for all of your toys.

The cargo space includes two flip-up sofas and two removeable tables, so travelers have a great space for hanging out while camping.

The interior of the RV also houses a double bed and a full kitchen with a range, a sink, a microwave and a refrigerator. As an added bonus, the three-piece bathroom even has a small tub for washing dogs and kids.

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Small Toy Haulers Between 25 and 30 Feet

If you are in the market for a small rig, but want extra sleeping, cooking and lounging space, check out these small toy haulers that are over 25 feet.

Grand Design Momentum G Class 21G

Exterior Length: 26 feet, 11 inches

The Momentum G Class 21G by Grand Design is a high-end toy hauler in a compact size. With a single slide-out, the 21G floorplan has a private queen bedroom with plenty of clothing storage.

The trailer also has a full galley kitchen, a three-piece bathroom and two lounge chairs. In the garage area, Happi-Jac sofas provide extra sitting and sleeping space.

The cargo area is 14 feet long, and the trailer also has a 30 gallon fuel station onboard. The full size ramp also doubles as a patio space.

Cruiser RV Stryker ST 2313

Exterior Length: 27 feet, 6 inches

The Cruiser RV Stryker ST 2313 is another great small travel trailer toy hauler. One unique feature of the Stryker is the sliding king-sized bed.

The feature allows campers to slide the bed to one side of the room to create more floorspace when they are getting ready for the day. The bedroom in the Strkyer connects directly to a three-piece bathroom.

The main room contains a full galley kitchen, and there are sofas and a power queen bed in the garage area. The cargo area is just over 13-feet long and the cargo carrying capacity is 4,472 pounds.

Forest River Shockwave 2450RLX

Exterior Length: 28 feet, 2 inches

Another small toy hauler by Forest River, the Shockwave 2450RLX is a great option for campers traveling with sports gear. The front of the Shockwave trailer houses a queen bedroom and a three-piece bathroom.

The cargo area includes an electric bed with an electric pass-thru dinette below. So, your sleeping and eating space are all contained within a small area. In the middle of the RV, there are two chairs and a kitchen with a 3-burner cooktop, a refrigerator and a sink.

With a cargo carrying capacity of 5,000 pounds, the Shockwave is able to carry plenty of gear. The rear door can also be converted into a porch with the optional playpen rails.

Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 24OURS

Exterior Length: 28 feet, 6 inches

The Keystone Outback Ultra-Lite 24OURS is a small toy hauler with a unique floorplan. Instead of a rear garage, the cargo ramp is on the side of the trailer.

Inside, the front garage houses flip-down bunk beds, creating a spare room for families traveling with children. The rear of the RV contains a slide-out with a king-sized bed.

The interior of the RV also has a full galley kitchen with a pantry, a three-piece bathroom, a dinette booth with seating for four and sleeper sofa. With the front garage, the toy hauler has a lower cargo carrying capacity of 2,189 pounds.

Heartland Lithium 2414

Exterior Length: 29 feet, 2 inches

The largest trailer on our list of small toy haulers is the Heartland Lithium 2412, which measures at just under 30-feet long. In the front of the trailer is a private bedroom with a walk around king-sized bed.

The bedroom is connected to a three-piece bathroom, and there is a full galley kitchen in the main room. Two fold-up sofas provide extra seating in the garage area.

Durable Diamond flooring in the garage and entry provides an extremely durable surfaces for driving in toys. The cargo area is 14-feet long with 8-foot high ceilings, and the cargo carrying capacity is 4,208 pounds.

Thanks for reading our guide to the best small toy haulers. We hope you found the perfect RV for your adventures.

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Which of these small toy hauler RVs is your favorite? Share your pick with us in the comments section below.

Happy Camping!

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