10 Things To Do in Los Barriles, Mexico

Things To Do in Los Barriles Mexico

Baja California Sur is a paradise for every type of vacationer. You can easily fly down for a quick getaway or spend months RVing down the Baja Peninsula. Los Barriles, Mexico is quickly becoming a favorite destination away from the crowds of Cabo. We recently spent a month in the …

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RV Camping in Baja Mexico: A Complete Guide

RV Camping in Baja Mexico

The Baja California Peninsula is an outdoor lover’s dream with stunning mountains, beautiful beaches and vast desert landscapes. RV camping in Baja, Mexico is the best way to explore all that the peninsula has to offer. This guide details all of the logistics needed to plan an awesome RV road …

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10 Absolute Best Luxury RV Resorts in Florida

Luxury RV Resorts in Florida

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, it is time for RV couples and families to start heading south to warmer climates. Florida is my personal favorite RV snowbird destination offering blue seas, sandy beaches and extensive cultural activities. Here are ten luxury Florida RV Resorts where you can spend …

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9 RV Cat Litter Box Storage Ideas

RV Cat

Bringing your feline family members along on your travels is one of the best parts of RV living. However, finding a place to store your RV cat’s litter box is challenging in a tiny space. Here are the six best ways to hide a litter box in an RV.

Best Gifts for RV Owners in 2021: 31 Delightful Ideas

Best Gifts for RV Owners

RV camping, travel and living have become a popular way to travel among Americans. Unfortunately, RVing requires a significant amount of specialized gear and supplies. While gifts for RV owners do not need to be utilitarian, they should be practical for travel and camping. Below are the 30 best gifts …

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8 Unique RV Parks You Need to Visit

Unique RV Parks

RV parks are often cramped, generic and downright boring. However, more campgrounds are offering fantastic and unique amenities to entice RVers. Below is our list of the 8 most unique RV park experiences. With unusual features ranging from a drive-in theater to wildlife sightings, every type of camper can find …

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8 Best RV Coffee Makers (Power your Road Trip)

Camp Coffee

Storage space is limited in RVs, making it difficult to travel with standard household appliances. However, RVers do not have to give up their morning coffee. While a full-size coffee pot is not realistic in many trailers and motorhomes, there are plenty compact RV coffee makers on the market. Here …

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