10 Absolute Best Campfire Cooking Kits for 2024

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There is truly no better feeling than enjoying time around the campfire with your friends or family. When cooking over a fire, it is essential to have the right campfire cooking tools in order not to ruin the experience. Below are the 10 best campfire cooking kits to prepare yummy meals outside!

Considerations when Buying a Campfire Cooking Kit

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When selecting campfire cooking equipment for your adventures, consider the following factors.


If you plan to take your campfire cooking gear on camping or RV trips, you should definitely consider the weight. A cast iron pan is great for cooking over a fire, but no one wants to haul a 5 pound skillet to their walk-in campsite.

Campers who need a lighter weight campfire cooking kit should consider an aluminum or stainless steel set.


The durability of the equipment is another key factor to consider in your purchase decision. Your campfire cooking kit will be exposed to the elements and packed in your car or RV for travel. Look for sets made from high-quality, rust-proof materials.

Cleaning Requirements

Finally, check out the cleaning requirements before purchasing any outdoor cooking equipment. Many campfire chefs will not have access to a dishwasher, so it is important to find gear that is easy to wipe clean with just water.

Best Campfire Cooking Kits

Wealers Camping Cookware 11 Piece Mess Kit

This super compact campfire cooking kit is perfect for backpackers and other campers who want a lightweight set. Made of aluminum, the entire kit weighs just 1.5 pounds and fits in a small mesh bag.

Although the kit is small, it has plenty of gear to cook meals for a few people. The set includes 2 pans, 2 pots, 3 bowls, a ladle, a spoon and a cleaning sponge.

To save space, the pots and pans come with foldable handles. These small handles are heat resistant, but not melt-proof so they shouldn’t be directly exposed to campfire flames.

Wealers Compact Stainless Steel Camping Cookware Set

Also made by Wealers, this stackable campfire cooking set is made of stainless steel. The basic set includes 2 pots and 2 pans, which fit neatly into the included carrying case. The full set weighs just 6 pounds.

The pans have heat-resistant, foldable handles, while the pots have attached loop handles so they can easily be hung over the fire. This kit also includes 2 lids, which each fit 2 of the pots or pans, so every item can be covered.

The stainless steel cooking equipment is super easy to clean and durable. However, it is still reasonable priced at around $75.

Stanley Base Camp Cook Set

For families who love cooking over a flame, the Stanley Base Camp Cook Set is the best complete campfire cooking kit. In addition to a pot and pan, the set includes plates, bowls, cooking and eating utensils, a cutting board and a drying rack.

Even though the kit is large, it is still lightweight at just under 6 pounds. The kit nests together, so all the cooking equipment and dishware fits into the largest pot.

Made of 18/8 stainless steel this outdoor cooking set is strong, scratch-proof and rust-proof. It is also easy to clean.

Stanley Adventure Fry Pan Camp Cook Set

While the Stanley Base Camp set is perfect for a family of 4, the Stanley Adventure Fry Pan Camp Cook Set is the best campfire cooking kit for 2 people. The tiny set includes a frying pan, plates, cutting board, utensils and a spatula.

All the cooking equipment and accessories nest into each other, with a locking handle on the pan to keep everything in place as you drive or hike.

Made with 18/8 stainless steel, this camping pot will never rust or break. It is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning after your camping trip.

Stanley Adventure Kettle Camp Cook Set

Camping couples who want an even smaller cooking setup should consider the Stanley Adventure Kettle Camp Cook Set. The tiny kit weighs less than a pound and is super compact for backpacking or camping.

The set consists of a stainless steel pot, which doubles as a kettle, and 2 insulated cups, which can also be used as bowls. A venting pot lid allows campers to easily strain liquid when cooking pasta or other easy camp meals.

The set nest together for easy storage, and the locking handle extends for cooking but folds over the lid to save space when traveling.

Fire-Maple Feast 4 Camping Cookware Set 

Another great nesting campfire cooking set is the Fire-Maple Feast 4. Made with hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the Feast 4 is the perfect balance of lightweight and long-lasting outdoor cookware.

The set includes 2 pots with lids, a fry pan, bowls, a cooking paddle, a sponge and a kettle. The pots and fry pan feature foldable, locking handles, and the entire set weighs just 2 pounds.

The,frying pan features a wave design which works great for pancakes, grilling or even frying meats and veggies over a fire.

Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camping Cooking Set 

For campfire chefs who care more about flavor than weight, the Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cooking Set is the solution. The set includes a skillet, a Dutch oven, a saucepot, a trivet, a griddle and a lid lifter tool.

All of the pieces in this cast iron outdoor cooking set are heat safe up to 500 degrees and come with a non-stick coating.

Although the set is not lightweight (it totals almost 40 pounds), it does come with a storage box so it can easily be transported to your campsite.

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All Kit

The Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All is perfect if you love to cook on cast iron, but want a more compact campfire cooking set. The nested set includes a 14-inch griddle, a 6.8-quart skillet and two heavy duty handles for maneuverability and heat safety.

While compact, this cooking kit is still heavy and weighs almost 30 pounds. The set is pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil.

Lodge has been making cast iron cookware in Tennessee since 1896. With over 120 years of experience, their cast iron is known for its high quality design, lifetime durability and cooking versatility

CampMaid Dutch Oven and Tools Set

Dutch ovens are one of the best campfire cooking methods and the CampMaid Dutch Oven Set is the best complete outdoor Dutch oven camping kit. The feature of the set is a 12-inch, pre-seasoned Dutch oven made of cast iron.

In addition to the oven, the set includes a lid lifter, a flip grill, a wood holder, a kick stand, heat safe leather gloves, a collapsible chimney and a carrying bag. These accessories allow you to turn your Dutch oven into a grill, steamer, barbeque or pizza oven

While the set does fit into the compact carrying bag, it is still heavy at almost 35 pounds.

You can cook tons of stuff in a Dutch oven, including awesome tacos. Click here to see our favorite camping taco recipes.

Solo Stove Bonfire Cooking System

If you need a campfire cooking set that comes with the fire, consider buying Solo Stove’s Bonfire Cooking System. This cooking set includes attachments for the Bonfire fire pit, which is smokeless, stainless steel and portable.

The cooking kit includes a a stainless steel hub that elevates the cooking surface 8 inches above the fire pit. Campers can select from a grill top, griddle or wok to place on the hub. All of the cooktops are made from cast iron.

Campers who want a unique cooking kit, can also purchase the Bonfire Pi Fire, a pizza oven attachment.

Campfire Cooking Kit Add-Ons

While the above campfire cooking kits are amazing, they do not include everything you need to cook and eat a delicious meal. Consider adding these accessories to your campfire cooking set to up your outdoor cooking game!

Stainless Steel Skewers

Skewers makes grilling vegetables and meat over the fire much easier, because they prevent chunks of food from falling into the fire We love stainless steel skewers because they are reusable and rust-proof.

Foldable Campfire Grill

A campfire grill provides a clean, elevated surface for cooking over a fire. The legs of these grills fold up for easy and compact storage.


A campfire tripod allows you to hang your pot or Dutch oven the perfect distance from the flames. The Lodge Tall Boy Tripod features an adjustable chain and all-steel construction strong enough to hold a heavy Dutch oven.

Camp Sink

Tent campers who do not have access to a kitchen, should consider a camp sink for easy clean up. A collapsible sink with a plug for easy draining is the perfect solution for cleaning your campfire cooking kit.

Spice Kit

These campfire cooking kits are great, but the fire alone won’t make your food taste great. Pack your favorite spices and seasonings in a portable spice kit.

Campfire Cooking Tips

Best RV for Family of 4

Follow these tips to make the most of your campfire meals! Then, check out our favorite campfire meals for your next camping trip.

Don’t Cook in the Flames

Placing your food directly in open flames will lead to burnt meals. Instead, let the wood burn down to hot coals before using the fire for cooking. Use a tripod or campfire grill to keep the food over the fire.

Start Early

As noted above, it is best to cook over coals. However, building a fire and burning it down takes time. Start building the fire at least an hour before you plan to put dinner on.

Use a Thermometer

Controlling the temperature of a fire is more difficult than setting the temperature on an oven. To ensure meat is properly cooked, used a instant read meat thermometer to check the internal temperature before serving.

Be Ready to Put the Fire Out

Keep a bucket of water and bucket of sand on hand to quickly dampen the flames if your campfire gets out of control.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to the best campfire cooking kits. We hope you are fully prepared to cook some delicious meals on your next camping trip!

For RVers who plan to cook inside and outside, also check out our essential RV cooking tips and our guide to the best RV dishes and cookware.

Happy Camping!

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