Mastering Weekend RVing: 10 Tips for Perfect Short Trips

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RV weekend warriors get their name from all the work they do to enjoy camping for just two days out of the week.

We are super luck to be be full-time RVers, but we often go camping with weekend warrior friends. During these getaways, we often watch these part-time RV friends waste precious time working when they should be camping.

So, here are my top 10 tips to make every minute of your weekend RV trips count. Ready to become a master of weekend RVing?

Let’s jump right in!

Limit your Campsite Setup

Fifth wheel RV parked at RV park campsite.

You can always pick out the weekend warriors at the campground by the amount of gear they have. The complexity of a camper’s outdoor setup seems to be inversely related to the amount of time they spend at the campground.

If you’re a weekend warrior, it’s time to streamline your outdoor camping routine. All the hours you spend setting up big pieces of furniture and cute decorations, could be spent actually enjoying your trip. A few camping chairs and maybe a grill are all you need.

If you really want to have an awesome RV patio, consider reserving a seasonal campground stay, where you can leave things out all summer.

Pick RV Parks Based on Amenities

Woman in hot tub at RV resort campsite.

The last thing you want to do is arrive at the campground on Friday evening, just to jump back in the car on Saturday morning. Booking an RV park with the right amenities will keep you entertained without adding any additional travel.

If you want to fish, book a campground with a fishing pond. If the kids want to swim, book a campground with a swimming pool. If you want to hike, book a campground inside a state or national park. You get the idea.

Staying at the campground doesn’t have to be boring. There are RV parks with all sorts of amenities, including golf courses, onsite water parks and even private hot tubs!

Prepare Camping Meals in Advance

Pre-made pasta salad for camping in tupperware.

Meal prep is the key to a relaxing weekend at the campground. Trust me, you don’t want to spend your precious getaway time chopping veggies.

Whip up some meals before you hit the road. Think easy reheat jobs like lasagna, or pre-marinated BBQ goodies, or ready to eat meals like pasta salad.

The less time you spend in the RV kitchen, the more time you can spend with your feet up by the campfire. Plus, not using your RV oven will help keep the rig cool during the summer.

Book a Site with Full Hookups

Sewer hose at full hookup RV campsite.

Waiting in line at the dump station is the last thing weekend warrior RVers want to do on Sunday afternoon. Safe yourself the headache and book a full hookup campsite.

Then, you can dump at the site while you are packing up to leave without any extra time wasted. Having your own dump station also means everyone can take long showers without worrying about water consumption.

Camp Close to Home

Fifth wheel RV hitched to truck

Another great way to save time is to camp as close to home as possible. Short travel days mean more time at the campsite every weekend.

Try to keep weekend trips within an hour’s drive of home and leave the long travel days for extended road trips.

Use an RV Travel Day Checklist

Woman entering RV on a rainy day.

In our eight years living in an RV, we’ve towed our fifth wheel thousands of miles and had hundreds of travel days. If we don’t use our checklist, we still forget to lock cabinets or turn off the propane.

Prevent headaches on the road by always using a travel day checklist when you arrive at and depart from a new campsite. We have a free, printable RV departure checklist you can use!

Prevent Problems before They Happen

Man on ladder going up to RV roof.

Speaking of preventing problems, regular RV maintenance is the key to happy camping. RV seals and appliances need to be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent issues.

Download our free RV maintenance checklist, and perform regular maintenance at the beginning and end of every camping season.

Pack a Tool Kit

Tool Kit

As much as every weekend RVer wants to prevent problems with their trailer or motorhome, it is not always possible. Things will break.

Having a proper RV tool kit in your rig will allow you address problems yourself without having to pack up and leave the campground. Here is a list of all the RV tools you need to own.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Kid inside RV

For some reason, it always seems to rain during our weekend RV getaways. We go camping to spend time outside, but being prepared for bad weather is super important, especially if you are camping with kids.

Bring movies, indoor games or coloring books to pass the time on stormy days. Also be sure to pack rain coats and waterproof shoes, so you can still play outside when it’s raining.

Request a Late Checkout in Advance

Small Class A Motorhome

The worst part of any weekend RVing trip is leaving, so try to extend your stay as long as possible.

When you book your reservation, ask if it is possible to get a later checkout. That way you won’t have to leave first thing Sunday morning.

Tired of Weekend RVing?

Sick of being limited to weekend warrior RV trips? The full-time RV lifestyle could become your new reality.

See our 25 steps to prepare for full-time RV living to learn more about how to get started!

Happy Camping!

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