25 Best RV Futons & Sofa Bed Replacements (That Aren’t Ugly)

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The furniture included in RVs is typically very functional, but not very aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, there are plenty of residential furniture option that are stylish, but lightweight enough for use in RVs.

Futons in particular are a great choice to replace an RV sofa bed because they provide needed guest sleeping space without adding too much weight. Below are twenty awesome RV futon options that are perfectly suited for a tiny home on wheels.

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Long RV Futons

All RV furniture should be lightweight, but some RVs have room for larger pieces. If there is sufficient space, longer futons are ideal as they can comfortably fit multiple adult guests.

All of the futons in this section are under 105 pounds and between 65 and 85 inches long. If you need a shorter futon, skip to the next section.

Zinus Armless Sofa

This sleek futon is a great mid-size length that will work in many RV spaces. Although the futon is shorter than most residential sleeper sofas, the armless design maximizes the sleeping surface. The turquoise color is bright, but not too bold.

Sleerway Futon with Cup Holders

The Sleerway futon is an affordable, but practical option for RVers. Available in light and dark grey, purple and red this couch works with neutral or bold interior design styles.

The fold-down cup holder is a handy feature for spaces without sufficient room for an end table. A fifth leg in the center of the futon provides added stability for guests sleeping on your couch.

DHP Jasper Coil Futon

DHP’s Jasper futon offers a classic look in a range of colors. RV remodelers can choose from neutral tones, including grey, camel and black, or bold colors such as yellow or orange.

Regardless of color, the futon features elegant wing-shaped arms and encased coils and foam seating for added comfort.

DHP Faux Leather Futon

Crafted in the mid-century modern style, this faux leather futon with wood legs will add warmth to any RV living room.

This sleeper sofa is available in camel (pictured) or black. The split-back design allows the futon to be converted into a lounger (one side down) or a full size bed.

Novogatz Velvet Memory Foam Futon

The Novogatz futon is long for most RVs and tiny homes, but is an awesome choice if you have a long wall or slide-out. The memory foam cushions add extra comfort for both everyday use and overnight guests.

The long, velvet futon is available in a variety of colors including light green (pictured), grey, mustard and pink.

Short RV Futons

Short futons that fit in slides-outs and other tight RV corners can be difficult to find. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and found five fabulous RV futons that are under 60 inches long.

When purchasing shorter futons, keep in mind that the average adult is taller than 60 inches, so these futons may leave your feet hanging in the air.

KD Frames Twin Lounger Futon

For really tight spaces, this twin-sized futon is a great way to add guest sleeping space for one adult. The wood frame can be positioned as a chair, lounger or bed. The mattress is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

Luck Live Pull Out Futon

Another great solution for extra RV sleeping space is a Futon. At just over 50 inches wide, this tiny futon will fit in almost any RV or camper.

This futon is also super practical for RV living with washable cushions and a storage box at bottom that can hold sheets and other items. There are also additional storage compartments in the armrest.

J&M Furniture Sofa Bed

Price: $599.99; Length: 52 inches

This premium sofa has an extra thick seat that folds out into a full size bed. The trifold design creates a much larger bed than typical compact futons (78 inches when fully extended).

The 52 inch width is exactly the size we needed for our fifth wheel’s slide-out, so I can confirm it is a very difficult size to find.

Antetek Sleeper Sofa

Price: $339.98; Length: 55 inches

The Antetek Sleeper Sofa has some unique high-tech features. The armrest is equipped with 2 USB ports to charge device. The adjustable backrest of the sleeper sofa has 3 different angles, which allows you to find a comfortable posture. The tiny futon is available in black, beige, grey and pink

Cubed 02 Deluxe Sofa


Price: $2145; Length: 58 inches inches

This sofa, which is just under 5 feet long, has a unique design that packs a full bed into a small sofa. In addition to the back folding down, the think cushion also folds out to create a 79 inch long bed.

The futon also features a no-zag spring and promises comfortable cushions that will stay even. The couch is available in dark grey and light grey and buyers can select metal or wood legs.

RV Futons for Kids

Futons can be a great multi-purpose solution for full time families with children. Whether they are used in the main living area or a bunkroom, futons can be used as a bed at night and then folded up to create more play space during the day.

All of the following futons were designed specifically for kids. If you are new to RVing with kids, also check out our guide to making road trips fun!

Paw Patrol Tiny Futon

For the littlest RV campers, this Paw Patrol sofa is a fun place to crash. The foam couch folds out into a single bed for toddlers. The bed is 39 inches when extended.

For easy maintenance, the cover is removable and machine washable. Similar couches are available with outer space and princess themed designs.

Loungie Flip Chair

This microsuede flip chair makes the perfect RV futon for kids or teens, as the chair easy folds out into a single bed. Of course, it comes it several fun colors including bright pink, purple and royal blue. It is filled with high quality foam for comfort and durability.

Delta Children Cozee 2-in-1 Convertible Sofa

For smaller children, the tiny Delta sofa is a great place to sleep. The fun sleeper sofa comes in a variety of prints including tie dye (pictured), dinosaur, unicorn and space prints. The sleeping space is 40 inches long when the futon is folded down.

DHP Ariana Kids Futon

DHP’s kids futon is a pint-sized couch (only 30 pounds!) with full-grown style. The tufted fabric and chrome legs will look great in any bunkroom. The futon comes in a variety of colors including teal (pictured), black and lilac.

Pottery Barn Teen Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofa for teens

Price: $399; Length: 47 inches

While this sleeper sofa from Pottery Barn is not technically a futon, it is a great RV sleeping option for kids and teens. The cushion of this legless sofa, folds out into a bed.

It is also perfect for RVs because it is super lightweight (only 25 pounds). The sleeper sofa is available in a variety of colors including shades of pink, blue and grey.

RV Futon Alternatives

If none of the above RV futons fit your needs, there are several other alternatives to create extra sleeping space in your tiny home on wheels. All of the below guest bed options are compact, lightweight and will sleep at least one adult.

Bed in an Ottoman

This deceiving foot stool actually houses a twin bed. When the bed is tucked away, the ottoman can easily be stored in any corner or used as a foot rest in the living room.

To turn the ottoman into a bed, simply remove the machine washable slipcover and unfold the cot hidden underneath. The slipcover is available in beige (pictured) and grey.

GIA Tri-Fold Convertible Chair

If you do not have sufficient room for a sofa or loveseat, consider a convertible chair. GIA’s tri-fold sleeper chair easily folds out into a twin bed. The comfortable cushions are filled with a high density foam.

Harper & Bright Floor Sofa

This lightweight, legless sofa is a great RV futon alternative. The adjustable backrest and double cushion can be folded into a variety of positions including a bed for two people.

Covered in a soft fleece fabric, the floor sofa is available in light blue (pictured), beige, black and red. Two pillows are included.

Giantex Folding Mattress

For a guest sleeping space without a whole new piece of furniture, try Giantex’s folding mattress. The queen size mattress can fit in your RV’s storage bay when folded and laid out in the living room when you have overnight guests.

Made with rebound sponge, the folding mattress is more comfortable than a blow-up mattress.

Cushy Form Folding Mattress

For an even more compact folding mattress, buy Cushy Form’s floor bed. The twin size folding mattress is 75 inches long when extended, so it is long enough for most adults. A free carrying case is included, so the mattress can be easily stored in your RV.

Using Residential Futons in RVs

When using residential furniture in an RV, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. Below are tips for buying furniture that is suitable for RV living and travel.

RV Door Width

Always measure your RV door width and check the package dimensions before ordering any furniture for an RV. If the futon will not fit through your door, you will have to remove and reinstall one of the larger windows in your RV to place the furniture.

Fortunately, most furniture ordered online comes in pieces so the package is smaller than the assembled product.

Slide Width

When measuring furniture that will be placed in a slide-out, do not forget to measure the width of the slide. Many couches have slanted legs that will make the couch hang over the edge of the slide and sit unevenly.

Measure the size of the slide-out and make sure the distance between the furniture’s legs is shorter.

Securing Furniture for Travel

Standard RV furniture is bolted into the floor to prevent movement during travel. However, most residential furniture is not designed to be bolted down. RVers will need to come up with a way to secure all furniture during travel days.

An easy solution is to tie the furniture down with bungee cords or ratchet straps. Place felt pads on futon legs to prevent damage to your floors from any sliding.

Furniture Weight

Weight should always be a consideration when furnishing an RV. A good rule of thumb is that your new furniture should always weigh less than the original piece it replaced.

Never add weight to an RV without removing something of equal or greater weight. Fortunately, many of the recliners and tri-fold sofas that come standard in RVs are quite heavy, so residential futons are usually lighter.

Motorhome Furniture

Owners of drivable RVs also need to consider if they are removing seatbelts when adding furniture. Many motorhome couches double as travel seats with seatbelts.

It may not be possible (or legal) to add seatbelts to residential furniture. Always ensure your remodel is safe and complies with federal and state regulations.

The options for RV sleeper sofas and futons are endless. As long as weight and other factors are properly considered, any futon can become an RV futon.

Once you have your new futon in place, it is time to start planning adventures with friends and family. For some great RV travel ideas, check out our favorite USA road trips and the best RV parks in the country.

Where are you in your RV journey? Have you bought an RV, started a remodel or are you a road life veteran? Introduce yourself in the comments below!

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