10 Easy, Modern RV Dinette Replacement Ideas

Many RVs come with built-in dinette sets complete with a bulky table and ugly, upholstered chairs. Fortunately, RV dinettes are easy to remove, so campers can create a more functional space. Here are 10 RV dinette replacement ideas, including more modern dining tables and complete space makeovers. RV Dinette Replacement …

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Painting RV Cabinets the Easy Way (No Primer Needed)

Painting RV Cabinets

Painting the cabinets in your camper is an easy way to brighten up the standard dark interior. Most RV remodelers recommend sanding the cabinets and applying multiple coats of primer, but there is an easier method. But I didn’t want to do all of that work! In this article, I …

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Small RV Remodel Ideas: 11 Easy RV Renovations

Anyone who has camped in or shopped for RVs knows that most RV interiors are ugly. The hideous design of most RVs has driven a huge surge in RV renovations. Like many RVers, we wanted to update our RV to feel more like a home, but we lacked construction and …

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8 Fun DIY RV Modifications for Cats

RV Mod for Cats: Custom Window Perch

Many RV travelers and full-time RVers take their cats on the road. However, limited space at campgrounds and safety concerns often confine cats to the inside of the camper. Fortunately, there are great ways to turn an RV into a playground for your kitties. Below are 8 unique RV modifications …

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How to Remove RV Decals: A Complete Guide

Vinyl decals are placed on most RV exteriors to display the manufacturer’s brand name and create a graphic design. However, RV decals do not tend to age well as they fade and may start to peel when left in sun or exposed to the elements. Also, many RVers just want …

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RV Ceiling Ideas: 15 Jaw-Dropping Updates

RV Ceiling Ideas

Many nomads are renovating their RVs, and turning them into beautiful tiny homes on wheels. However, there are a few areas of the RV that are often overlooked during the renovation process. The ceiling is one of these areas. Most RV ceilings are a boring color, like beige, and many …

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25 Best RV Futons & Sofa Bed Replacements (That Aren’t Ugly)

RV futon

The furniture included in RVs is typically very functional, but not very aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, there are plenty of residential furniture option that are stylish, but lightweight enough for use in RVs. Futons in particular are a great choice to replace an RV sofa bed because they provide needed guest …

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RV Wallpaper Ideas: 9 Swoon-Worthy Projects

RV Wallpaper Ideas

Renovations are necessary if you want to take your RV from 90s brown to modern home. However, RV remodels are time consuming, difficult and expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple projects that can elevate your RV’s style without requiring a full gut job, and wallpaper is one of those …

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