RV Accordion Door Alternatives: 8 Genius Solutions

RV Accordion Door Alternatives

Many RV manufacturers use folding or accordion doors to separate interior rooms because they are compact and lightweight. However, many campers detest these doors because they are flimsy and ugly. Below are 8 genius RV accordion door alternatives that are more attractive, but still practical for RV living and travel. …

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Minimalist, Modern RV Décor: 17 Delightful Pieces

Modern RV Décor

Many full time RVers are designing their RVs with a modern minimalist, aesthetic including white walls and clean lines. Even with a simple design, it is important to have a few key pieces that personalize your design. If you live in an RV, it is also important that these items …

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17 Dazzling 12 Volt LED Lights for RVs

12 volt LED lights in RV

12 volt LED lights are the best type of fixtures to use in RVs for several reasons. 12V lighting runs off of the battery, so it can be used when shore power is unavailable. LED lights also use less power than regular bulbs, so they help prevent battery drain. 12 volt …

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RVs with Modern White Interior Décor (No Painting Required)

As the RVing community expands to the younger generation, weekend campers and full time RVers alike are looking for modern interiors. A quick scroll through the RV life hashtag on Instagram shows that RVs can be decorated in any style. However, these social media worthy renovations require extensive time, resources …

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RV Master Bedroom Remodel: 5 Easy Updates

RV Master Bedroom Remodel

After spending years viewing all of the beautiful RV master bedroom remodels on Instagram, I was ready to update our ugly, brown bedroom. I held off for years because I have never been particularly handy or crafty. However, once I dove into the RV renovation process I was able to …

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