Top Snowbird RV Parks for Young People

Young RV Snowbirds

This is a guest post by the Outdoorsy Content Team. Outdoorsy is the most comprehensive platform for outdoor travelers to rent RVs in the United States.  Check out their site for RV rentals and great destination recommendations.  When we first started looking for winter reservations, we had trouble finding any …

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Comparing RV Internet Options

RV internet

Having quality internet in your RV is essential for digital nomads who rely on computers to support full-time RVing.  The two main RV internet options with reliable service are satellite and mobile hotspots.  Below are the pros and cons of each option.  Before selecting your RV internet plan, you should calculate exactly how may …

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Setting Up and Leveling a Fifth Wheel RV

Leveling a Fifth Wheel

When you are new to RVing the task of parking and setting-up your RV at a new destination can be daunting.  Don’t fear, the process only takes about 30 minutes and you will master the set-up and breakdown before your know it.  In the meantime, here is a step-by-step guide …

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Being a Good Campground Neighbor

RV neighbors

One of the joys of being on the road, is meeting new people from all over the country.  However, with the close proximity of sites and lack of privacy at RV parks, there are bound to be some tensions.  Here is a rant (I mean list) on how to be a good …

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Hooking-Up Checklist for RVers

RV Hook Up

Preparing for your first trips in the RV can be nerve-wracking.  Have you put everything away safely? Did you forget to turn anything off? To help ease that anxiety, I have created a checklist of things to do before you head out.  Of course, not every item on the checklist will …

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Planning your RV Route

Once you’ve bought the RV, downsized your stuff and determined how to afford life on the road, the real fun begins.  Now you get to start planning your adventure. A few points of advice on planning your first couple of stops: Explore your Hometown First: While you may be very …

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